Leow Wei Yi


Wei Yi obtained his M.Phil. from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and BSc Econs from HELP Institute. Over a 16-year career, he has acquired experience in Information Technology, investments promotions, technical writing, academic research and advertising.


Asian Languages

Wei Yi is advanced in his Malay Language and will be undertaking Chinese Language to fulfil his language requirements in the programme.


Research Interests

In formerly colonized countries, agricultural science was usually among the earliest scientific research programmes instituted due to concerns defined by colonial ideology, such as economic competitiveness, the need to feed or control local populations and prestige in competition with other imperial powers. By studying the cases of Malaysia and Taiwan, Wei Yi seeks to compare the cultural and ideological orientations of the British and Japanese Empires with respect to agricultural research. He also aims to describe how, starting from their respective positions at independence, the different social, political and economic conditions of these countries led to expansion and evolution in the institutional arrangements for agricultural science.


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