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Note: Call for Papers, RC06 2019 in Greece, Deadline has been extended – to Feb. 9, 2019


Note: Call for Papers, Deadline - Feb. 28, 2019



17-19 May 2018: International Sociological Association (ISA) Joint Conference for ISA RC06 (Family) & RC41 (Population)
(co-organized with Global Asia Institute and Department of Sociology; sponsored by OUE Limited and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

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26-28 May 2016: International Sociological Association (ISA) RC28 Conference on Social Stratification and Mobility
(co-organized with the NTU School of Humanities and Social Sciences; co-sponsored by Global Asia Institute, Department of Sociology, Asia Research Institute and SMU School of Social Sciences)


1-2 March 2016: Long-Term Care for Elderly in ASEAN Plus 3: Research and Policy Challenges
(joint with the Asia Research Institute)


28 April 2015: Official Launch and Conference on Singapore Families and Population Dynamics
(supported by the Singapore Research Nexus, Asia Research Institute and NUS Department of Sociology)


4-5 February 2015: Educational Resilience among Asian Children in Challenging Family Environment
(jointly organized with the Asia Research Institute)


1-2 July 2014: Growing Up in One-parent Family in Asia
(Jointly-organised with Asia Research Institute)


5-6 December 2013: Living Alone: One-person Household in Asia


21 December 2012: Roundtable on Children’s Agency in Various contexts: Family, Health, Social Services and on the Streets


15-16 November 2012: Conference on Marriage in Asia: Trends, Determinants and Implications


11-13 July 2012: 3rd International Conference of Geographies of Children, Young People and Families (CGCYPF)
(Joint with Department of Geography)


21-22 July 2011: Transitioning to Adulthood: Marriage, Fertility, and Labour Force Participation



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