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CFPR Lunchtime Seminar Series

All talks are free and open to the NUS community and general public.
Registration is required. Simple lunch will be provided.
Unless noted otherwise, seminars and workshops are held at 12pm in Ventus Evans Room, VT-02-01C, at NUS Kent Ridge Campus.


24 Aug: Lineage Networks and Primary Schools in Rural China
by Associate Professor Felicia F. TIAN, Department of Sociology, Fudan University


31 Aug: Does Adversity Affect Long-Term Financial Behaviour? Evidence from China’s Rustication Programme
by Assistant Professor FAN Yi, Department of Real Estate, School of Design and Environment, NUS, PhD, London School of Economics


7 Sep: Social Norms and Fertility
by Assistant Professor YI Junjian, Department of Economics NUS, PhD in Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Past Seminars


20 April: Development of China’s Social Governance: From Structure Change to System Construction
by Professor LI Youmei, Chairperson of the Chinese Sociological Association, First Vice President of Shanghai Academy, Professor of Shanghai University, Vice Director of the Higher Education Advisory Board for Sociology under the Ministry of Education, expert on the discipline review panel under the National Social Science Fund of China, judge for the important bid invitation projects in social science under the Ministry of Education, Chairperson of Shanghai Sociological Association, Vice Chairperson of Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, Editor-in-Chief and Director of the Editorial Board of Chinese Journal of Sociology (CJS) and Director of the Research Centre for Local Governance..more


13 April: Mobile apps and the informal caregiving of elders in Singapore
by Associate Professor THANG Leng Leng, Deputy Director, Centre for Family and Population Research (CFPR), Department of Japanese Studies, NUS, Fellow, College of Alice and Peter Tan, NUS


6 April: Protecting and Perfecting the Muslim Family: Marriage and Parenthood Programmes in Malaysia and Singapore
by Associate Professor Maznah MOHAMAD, Department of Malay Studies and Department of Southeast Asian Studies, NUS and Dr Suriani SURATMAN, Senior Lecturer, Department of Malay Studies, NUS


14 March: Incentives, Contract Design and Pension Contribution: Evidence from Sri Lanka
by Dr SONG Chang Cheng, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, NUS, PhD, University of California, Berkeley


23 February: Family and Population Changes in Singapore
by Dr HU Shu, Research Fellow, Jointly appointed with Changing Family in Asia Cluster, Asia Research Institute (ARI), PhD, Sociology, National University of Singapore, 2015


2 February: Becoming Adult in Globalizing Shanghai
by Associate Professor SHEN Ke, Demography and Vice Dean of School of Social Development and Public Policy at Fudan University, Ph.D. in Economics, Peking University, 2011


26 January: Music as Medicine-Can singing together prevent cognitive decline in aging?
by Dr FENG Lei, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Medicine, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine PhD, National University of Singapore


Past Seminars and Workshops


24 November: For Money or for a Life: A Mixed-Method Study on Migration and Time Use in China
by Dr Mu Zheng, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, NUS


17 November: The New Modality and Cost-effective Approach in Functional Brain Imaging - Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)
by A/P Roger Ho, Associate Professor and Consultant Psychiatrist, Department of Psychological Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS


10 November: An Explorative Study on Internet-related Addictions among Adolescents and their Parents in Singapore:
The Relationships with Family Factors

by Dr Yvaine Koh, Postdoctoral Fellow, Asia Research Institute and CFPR, NUS


27 October: Childhood, Emotion and Public Life
by Dr Vinnarasan Aruldoss, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sussex University


20 October: Effects and Mechanisms of Mindfulness-based Interventions: A Research Overview
by Dr Keng Shian-Ling, Assistant Professor, Division of Social Sciences (Psychology), Yale-NUS College


4 October: Development Implications of Asia's Changing Demography
by Prof Gavin Jones, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University; Associate, Murdoch University


22 September: A New Map of Life: Social Innovation and the Longevity Revolution
(joint with FASS Health Cluster)
by Mr Marc Freedman, Founder and CEO of


15 September: Who Has Bequest Motives?
by A/P Liu Haoming, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, NUS


8 September: Tykes, Tablets, and Tantrums: Investigating Pre-schoolers’ Digital Media Use and Parental Mediation Strategies
by Prof Lim Sun Sun, Professor of Media & Communication, Head of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Singapore University of Technology and Design


25 August: The Mommy Effect: The Impact of Parenthood on Employment and Gender-Role Attitudes
by A/P Jessica Pan, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, and Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies, NUS


21 April: From Young Pioneers to Little Red Soldiers: Internationalism and the Making of Mao’s Children
by A/P Xu Lanjun, Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Studies, NUS


31 March: Exploring the Relation between Immigrants and Native Workers: New Evidence using Firms, Occupations and Employment Flows
by Dr Ken Ueda, Postdoctoral Fellow, CFPR and Department of Economics, NUS


30 March: Living Arrangements and Old-Age Psychological Health: Evidence from Myanmmar, Vietnam, and Thailand
by A/P Bussarawan Puk Teerawichitchainan, School of Social Sciences, SMU


24 March: Hurdles and Hopes: An Ecological Analysis of Migrant Children in China
by Dr Gu Xiaorong, Postdoctoral Fellow, Asia Research Institute, NUS


17 March: Problems (and Possible Solutions) for the Recent Crisis in Psychological Research
by A/P Mike Cheung, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, NUS


10 March: Effects of Bilingualism on Language Development in Singaporean Children
by A/P Leher Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, NUS


3 March: Impact of Changing Population Age Structure of Asian Countries on Labour Market (joint with Asia Research Institute)
by Professor Leela Visaria, Honorary Professor, Gujarat Institute of Development Research


17 February: India's Family Planning Programme: Past, Present and Future (joint with Asia Research Institute)
by Professor Leela Visaria, Honorary Professor, Gujarat Institute of Development Research


10 February: Maternal Education and the Multidimensionality of Child Health Outcomes
by Dr Kriti Vikram, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, NUS


3 February: Who benefits from Children in Highly Gendered Society? Exploring the Role of Children's Education in Parental Survival in South Korea
by Dr Lee Yeongjin, Postdoctoral Fellow, Asia Research Institute, NUS


19 January: Distinguished Public Lecture on Family and Population
Postindustrial Low Fertility in Europe and East Asia: Lessons for Singapore
(jointly organised with Global Asia Institute)

Professor Mary Brinton, Reischauer Institute Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Harvard University


18 January: One Egalitarianism or Several? Two Decades of Gender-Role Attitude Change in Europe
Seminar (joint with NUS Department of Sociology) by Professor Mary Brinton, Reischauer Institute Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Harvard University


13 January: Separate & Unequal: Hukou, School Segregation, and Migrant Children's Education in Urban China
by Professor Wu Xiaogang, Professor of Social Science, and Director, Center for Applied Social and Economic Research (CASER), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Past Seminars and Workshops


25 November: CFPR Year-End Celebration


18 November: Too Hot to Hold: The Effects of High Temperatures during Pregnancy on Endowment and Adult Welfare Outcomes
by Mr Zihan Hu, Masters student, and Mr Teng Li, PhD student, Department of Economics, NUS


11 November: Doing Research on Class in Singapore
by A/P Tan Ern Ser, Dept of Sociology; Academic Adviser, Social Lab, Institute of Policy Studies, NUS


1 November: Workshop: Recent Demographic and Family Changes in China
(joint with Chinese Academy of Social Science, CASS)
moderated by Prof Wei-Jun Jean Yeung, Provost's Chair Professor, Department of Sociology, CFPR Director and ARI, NUS


28 October: Studying Maternal and Child Health in Birth Cohorts
by A/P Chong Yap Seng and Dr Soh Shu E.
A/P Chong Yap Seng is the Executive Director, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS), A*STAR; Director, Singapore Centre for Nutrition Sciences, Metabolic Diseases, and Human Development (SiNMeD), A*STAR-NUS; Vice Dean (Academic Medicine), Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS; and Senior Consultant, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, NUH.
Dr Soh Shu E is a Research Scientist, SICS, A*STAR; Department of Paediatrics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS.


21 October: Developmental Trajectories of Maladaptive Perfectionism in Middle Childhood
by Dr Ryan Hong, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, NUS


14 October: Dragon Babies: Fortune of Birth and Life Outcomes
by Dr Tan Poh Lin, Assistant Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS


13 October: Women's Empowerment and Son Preference in Southeast Asia: What Matters Most?
(joint with Asia Research Institute)
by Dr Ly Phan, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU


7 October: Rooted in Relations of Power: Care as Politics
by Dr Ann E. Bartos, Lecturer, Department of Environment, University of Auckland


30 September: 'A rite of passage’? National Citizen Service and the Geographies of Youth Citizenship
by Dr Sarah Mills, Senior Lecturer, Department of Human Geography, Loughborough University, UK


16 September: Marriage, Migration and Ethnic Boundaries in Indonesia
by Dr Ariane Utomo, Research Fellow, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University and Visiting Senior Research Fellow, ARI, NUS


5 September: Occupational Choice, Matching and Earnings Inequality
by Prof Aloysius Siow, Goh Keng Swee Professor, Dept of Economics, NUS; Professor of Economics, University of Toronto


19 August: Aging in Asia: Demographic Trends and Implications
(joint with Dept of Japanese Studies and Health Cluster)
by Prof. Keiichiro Oizumi, The Japan Research Institute, Dr. Sung-won Kim, Meijigakuin University, and Dr. Seonhee Choi, Institute of Social Science, Hyupsung University


8 April: The Effect of Adult Children's Hours Worked on Elder Support: A Natural Experiment in Korea
by Dr Erin Hye-Won Kim, Assistant Professor and Dr Lee Changjun, Research Associate, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS


16 March: Nonstandard Work and Fertility: A Comparison of the United States and Japan
(joint with ARI)
by A/P Martin Piotrowski, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Oklahoma


11 March: Aging and Wisdom: Age-related Changes in Economic and Social Decision Making
by Dr Yu Rongjun, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, NUS


26 February: Social Exclusion and Cognitive Impairment of the Elderly in China
by Ms Yang Yi, Department of Sociology, NUS


19 February: Workshop: Impact of Individual Behavioral Addiction on the Family
(joint with Department of Psychology)
moderated by Professor Catherine Tang, Department of Psychology and Deputy Director, CFPR, NUS


15 February: Issues and Policies on Health and Welfare Services for the Elderly in Japan
(joint with Department of Japanese Studies and FASS Health Cluster)
by Dr Motoyuki Yuasa, Associate Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Juntendo University


29 January: The Role of Cognitive Ability and Personality Traits for Men and Women in Gift Exchange Outcomes
by Professor John Ham, Provost's Chair Professor, Department of Economics, NUS


22 January: Thermal Comfort and Marital Relations: Evidence from China’s Heating Policy
by A/P Liu Haoming and A/P Junhong Chu, Department of Economics and Professor Ivan Png, Distinguished Professor, Professor of Strategy and Policy, Economics, and Information Systems, NUS


15 January: Accumulation with Social Fragmentation? Building the Neo-liberal Family
(joint with the Asia Research Institute)
by Professor Jonathan Rigg, ARI Director, Department of Geography, NUS

Past Seminars and Workshops


20 November: Religion and Son Preference in India and Bangladesh: Comparing Hindus and Muslims on Son Preference and Sex Differentials in Child Health
by Dr Abhijit Visaria, Postdoctoral Fellow, ARI & CFPR, NUS


16 November: Income and Wealth Inequality in China
by Professor Yu Xie, Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor, Sociology Department and Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, Princeton University


13 November: China Family Panel Studies (CFPS)
by Professor Yu Xie, Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor, Sociology Department and Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, Princeton University


6 November: Methodology Workshop: Longitudinal Studies in the Social Sciences
by Professor Jean Yeung, CFPR Director


30 October: Migration and the Social Structural Correlates of Adolescent Fertility in Vietnam, 1989 to 2009
by A/P Kim Korinek, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Utah and Visiting Senior Research Fellow, ARI & CFPR, NUS


23 October: Complex Households and the Distribution of Multiple Resources in Later Life: Findings from a National Survey
by Dr Juyeon Kim, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Seoul


16 October: The Competitive Earning Incentive for Sons: Evidence from Migration in China
by Dr Yi Junjian, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, NUS


9 October: Filial Piety from Afar: Migration, Gender and Elderly Care in China
by Professor Susanne Y P Choi, Professor, Department of Sociology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


2 October: What Will it Cost You Today? Gendered Discourses of Parenting in Singapore's National Environment Campaign
by A/P Michelle Lazar, Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, NUS


23 September: Fear of Solitary Death and its Impact Factors in Japan's Aging Society
(joint with Department of Japanese Studies, FASS)
by A/P Florian Kohlbacher, Associate Professor, International Business School Suzhou, Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University


18 September: Implication of Retirement Age Extension for Human Capital in China, 2015-2050
by Dr Feng Qiushi, Assistant Professor, CFPR and Department of Sociology, NUS


4 September: Aging in East Asia: Multilevel Perspectives on Determinants of Social Relationships and Mental Health
by Dr Ko Pei-Chun, Postdoctoral Fellow, ARI and CFPR, NUS


26 August Workshop: Exploring Collaborative Research Opportunities at the Intersection of Family, Gender and Social Change
(joint with the Asia Research Institute)


21 August: Migrants' Transition to Adulthood in China: Marriage and Job Trajectories on the Origin-education-gender Intersections
by Dr Mu Zheng, Postdoctoral Fellow, ARI and CFPR, NUS


20 March: Family Income and Wealth Dynamics and the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis
by Professor Frank Stafford, Professor of Economics and Research Scientist, University of Michigan


12 March: Opportunities and Challenges of Doing Ethnographic Research on Intergenerational Relations
by Dr Kristina Goransson, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Lund University


27 February Workshop: Secondary Data Analysis in Asia


6 February: Migrant Care Workers in Italy and Taiwan: A Comparative Study
(joint with Asia Research Institute and Migration Cluster, FASS)
by Dr Ko Chyong-Fang, Research Fellow and Director, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


3 February: A Tale of Two Chinas: Aging and Family Change in Rural and Urban China
by Professor Merril Silverstein, Marjorie Cantor Endowed Professor in Aging, Syracuse University

Past Seminars and Workshops


01 December: Launching an Academic Career: What You Need to Know and Do
(joint with ARI)
by Prof Frank Furstenberg, Zellerbach Professor of Sociology at University of Pennsylvania


28 November: Demography as Destiny: A Demographic Perspective on Asian Development
(joint with ARI and Sociology)
by Prof Gavin Jones


27 November: Intergenerational Relations in Aging societies: A Future Perspective
(joint with ARI)
by Prof. Frank Furstenberg, Zellerbach Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania


20 November: Re-conceptualizing Child Support as an Expressive Resource and a Form of Labour: Lessons from the Australian Case
(joint with ARI and SSRC)
by Dr Kristin Natalier, Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at University of Tasmania


07 November: The Success Frame and the Achievement Paradox: The Children of Chinese Immigrants and Vietnamese Refugees in Los Angeles, USA
(joint with ARI)
by Prof. Zhou Min, Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor of Sociology at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)


17 October: Who Participates in After-school Tutoring and Who Benefits from It? A Cross-national and Inter-grade Analysis
(joint with Sociology)
by Prof. Huang Min-Hsiung RF/Prof & Deputy Director, Institute of European and American Studies from the Academia Sinica in Taiwan.


10 October: Immobilized Migrancy: Family, Labor and the Law for Migrants in the Gulf
(joint with Sociology)
by A/P Pardis Mahdavi, Associate Professor at Pomona College and Visiting Senior Research Fellow at ARI


07 October: Inventing the Authentic Self: American Television and Chinese Audiences in Global Beijing
(joint with ARI)
by Dr Gao Yang, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Singapore Management University (SMU)


29 August: Parental Migration and Adolescents’ Transitioning to High School in Rural China
by Ms Hu Shu, a PhD Candidate from the NUS Department of Sociology and currently a Research Associate at the Changing Family cluster at ARI


20 August: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: The Impact of Caregiving on Chinese Older Adult's Life Satisfaction
(joint with Health Cluster)
by Dr. Bei Wu, Pauline Gratz Professor of Nursing at Duke University


5-6 May Workshop: Youthful Futures? Aspirations, Education and Employment in Asia


17 April: The Global Diffusion of Inequality Since 1970 (joint with Department of Sociology)
by Salvatore Jason Babones, Department of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Sydney


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