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This monthly column is one of CFPR's many initiatives to inform public opinion by disseminating research outputs to the general public or lending an academic opinion to pressing issues of the day. Starting August 2016, members of the CFPR Team are invited to write for the Chinese newspaper's column which comes out every first Sunday of the the month.

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7 Jan 2018 | Superstition, Show-off and Housing Prices

Professor Liu Haoming and Dr Song Chang Cheng share their surprising findings about the relationship between superstition and housing prices in Singapore.



3 Dec 2017 | Slender Women and Overweight Men: Gender Differences in the Educational Gradient in Body Weight in South Korea

Dr Lee Yeonjin shares her findings about gender differences in education gradients playing a role in obesity in South Korea.



5 November 2017 | Is it Possible to have Both Longevity and Good Health?

Dr Feng Qiushi discussed whether one can have both a long life and also maintain good health to the end. He noted that there is no simple answer but one should clearly pursue this attainable goal.



1 October 2017 | Active Ageing in China: The Importance of Community Environment

Dr Ko Pei Chun stressed the role of the community in promoting active ageing in China, and enhance social participation and quality of life in later life.



3 September 2017 | An Overview of China’s Left-behind Children

Dr Hu Shu gave a demographic overview on internal migration & left-behind children in China, and discussed the impact of parental migration on their well-being, as well as its policy implications.



6 August 2017 | How to Prevent Dementia?

Dr Feng Lei shared his findings on the risk factors for dementia as well as early prevention measures to promote cognitive health.



2 July 2017 | Donation Behaviour in Singapore Older Adults

Dr Yu Rongjun shared his research findings whereby greater generosity in later life may provide emotional gratification and a sense of purpose for older adults.



4 June 2017 | Fathers as Active Caregivers

CFPR Director Prof Jean Yeung discussed the various factors affecting Asian fathers’ involvement as active caregivers. Dr Hu Shu translated the article to Mandarin.



7 May 2017 | Raising Bilingual Children: Advantages, Challenges and Strategies for Success

A/P Leher Singh shed light on how bilingualism influences early child development. Her team's studies at the NUS Infant and Child Language Centre suggest that learning two languages may endow children with greater linguistic flexibility and open their systems up to learning additional languages.



2 April 2017 | What do children bring to parents?

Dr Mu Zheng discussed the differential influences of parenthood on mothers and fathers regarding their labour force participation, income, and time use patterns. She argued that mothers faced much greater difficulties than fathers in juggling their roles as career women and parents, particularly in the Asian context.



5 March 2017 | Is Filial Piety a Reliable Basis for Intergenerational Support?

A/P Tan Ern Ser highlighted that love, rather than filial piety, was a more reliable basis for intergenerational support.



5 February 2017 | What Does Successful Ageing Mean?

Dr Feng Qiushi, CFPR steering committee member, discussed the perceptions of successful ageing among Singaporean elderly.



1 January 2017 | Are We Pushing Our Children Too Hard in Academics?

In the 6th article of our monthly column at Lianhe Zaobao, Dr Ryan Hong, CFPR Research Associate, discussed the impact of intrusive parenting on the development of maladaptive perfectionism in children with respect to academic achievement.


4 December 2016 | Marriage and Divorce among Malays in Singapore: ‘Nurture’ Rather than ‘Nature’ as Key to Building Intact and Resilient Families

The 5th article of our monthly Lianhe Zaobao column elucidated on the role of marriage preparation courses in Muslim marriages and divorce in Singapore.
A/P Maznah Mohamad, CFPR steering committee member and Dr Suriani Suratman from the Malay Studies Department were our guest writers for this article.



6 November 2016 | Network Inequality: An Under Researched Dimension

In the 4th article of our monthly column at Lianhe Zaobao, Dr Vincent Chua, CFPR steering committee member, discusses the under researched dimension of network inequality in Singapore.



2 October 2016 | Asian Women’s Gender Role, Work-family Balance, and Mental Health

In the 3rd article of our monthly column at Lianhe Zaobao, Prof Catherine Tang, Deputy Director of CFPR, shared the findings of her study about the influence of gender roles on work-family balance and mental health of Asian women.



3 September 2016 | Being a Good Grandparent: Comparative Intergenerational Relationships in Japan and Singapore

Sharing the 2nd article in our monthly column at Lianhe Zaobao. Here, A/P Thang Leng Leng, Deputy Director of CFPR, compares conceptions of what constitutes a good grandparent between Singapore and Japan.



14 August 2016 | Living Alone: Trend of One-person Households in Asia

CFPR Director Prof Jean Yeung was featured in the first issue and she shared findings about the growing trend of one-person households in Asia.



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