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Our monthly column "Population Matters" in The Straits Times is one of CFPR's many initiatives to inform public opinion by disseminating research outputs to the general public or lending an academic opinion to pressing issues of the day. Starting April 2018, members of the CFPR Team are invited to write for the column which comes out every first Monday of the the month.


17 May 2018 | Marriage, families under stress as norms change

For this month's article, CFPR Director Jean Yeung and Dr Hu Shu suggest the need for more open discussions on what Singaporeans view as desirable family norms and functions and have public policies adapted to accordingly, to tackle the issue of low fertility and marriage rates. Read more in their book Family and Population Change in Singapore: A unique case in global family changes



2 Apr 2018 | Want More Babies? Try Cutting Men's Work Hours

For our first article in the Population Matters column, Dr Kim Hye-Won, Erin puts forth evidences that suggest changing men's time use can help women better manage both work and family commitments, which is then likely to lead to increased fertility rates, even as their labour participation rates increase.




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