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A/P Mike Cheung

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Dr. Mike Cheung's research expertise is in the areas of metaanalysis, structural equation modeling (SEM), and multilevel modeling. He has published more than 40 papers in international journals and a book on integrating meta-analysis with SEM by Wiley. He received the Award for Excellent Researcher from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS at 2012. Dr. Cheung teaches undergraduate and graduate research methods and statistics at NUS. He also regularly gives workshops on statistics. Social Network Analysis. He has taught the graduate level quantitative data analysis course at the Department of Sociology in NUS for several years now. In 2013, he won a teaching award in NUS.

Dr Vincent Chua

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Steering Committee Member, CFPR

Dr. Vincent Chua got his PhD from the University of Toronto in Sociology. His research areas are in social networks and social capital, neighbourhood life, education, and ethnic stratification. His work has appeared in publications such as Social Networks, Social Science Research, Sociological Perspectives, Current Sociology, and International Studies in Sociology of Education, Comparative Sociology, Asian Ethnicity, American Behavioral Scientist, and the Sage Handbook of Social Network Analysis. He has taught the graduate level quantitative data analysis course at the Department of Sociology in NUS for several years now. In 2013, he won a teaching award in NUS.

Dr Feng Quishi

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Steering Committee Member, CFPR

Dr. Feng Qiushi has won faculty teaching award in 2014 and 2016. He has been teaching Social Research Methods for many years, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He received the PhD degree from Duke University with research fields of aging studies and economic sociology. Publishing extensively, Dr Feng now serves in the journal editorial board for BMC Geriatrics, Journal of Aging and Health, and Research on Aging, and Asian Population Studies. He is also the co-editor of the book series, Advance in Studies of Aging and Health, published by Springer. His research has been funded by UNPF, MOE of Singapore, and GAI of NUS.

Dr Eric Fesselmeyer

Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics

Dr.Fesselmeyer teaches Econometrics, Industrial Organization, and Housing Economics at the undergraduate and graduate level in the Economics Department of National University of Singapore. He has published several empirical papers in leading journals on housing issues and pricing behavior in the United States and in Singapore. Before obtaining his PhD, he spent several years with an economic consulting firm and the US Department of Justice where he analyzed the effects of mergers and antitrust behavior, while also teaching SAS and STATA to junior staff members.









A/P Narayanan Ganapathy

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Assistant Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Narayanan Ganapathy is also an Adjunct Professor of Law with the School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Dr Ganapathy’s research and teaching interests are criminology, sociology of crime and deviance, sociology of law and policing, juvenile justice, criminal gangs and domestic violence. Dr Ganapathy has won numerous teaching awards and was awarded the NUS Outstanding Educator Award in 2010. Dr Ganapathy has published extensively in various international journals and, is a member of the Editorial Boards of The European Journal of Criminology, The Asian Journal of Criminology and The International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice. As a criminologist, Dr Ganapathy has used a range of qualitative research methods such as participantobservation, in-depth interviews, casestudy, among others, to investigate phenomena such as gangs, domestic violence, policing and prisonization.

A/P Liu Haoming

Associate Professor, Department of Economics

Dr. Haoming Liu research focuses on topics in income inequality and mobility, demography, and Chinese labour market. His recent paper on quality-quantity trade-off won the 2015 Kuznets price of the Journal of Population Economics. He is currently working on intergenerational mobility in China and Indonesia, and the impact of air pollution on labour productivity, health and school performance. He has taught various courses that need in-depth data analyses, such as Labour Economics, Health Economics and Topics in Econometrics in both undergraduate and graduate level.










Prof Vineeta Sinha

Head of Department of Sociology
Concurrent Head of South Asian Studies

Professor Vineeta Sinha has been teaching at NUS for almost two decades. Her diverse teaching portfolio straddles undergraduate and graduate courses – which are methodological, theoretical and substantive. In addition to classroom teaching experience, she also has extensive experience of supervising and guiding student research – at Honours, Masters and PhD levels. As a researcher, Prof. Sinha has applied a range of qualitative research methods (ethnography, historical research and case study) in her own inquiries. As a practitioner, she has produced ethnographic knowledge and interpretation of the religious domain in the Diaspora. She obtained her M.Soc.Sci from the National University of Singapore and an M.A and Ph.D in Anthropology from the Johns Hopkins University.

Prof Paulin Straughan

Professor of Sociology (Practice),
Dean of Students,
Singapore Management University

Formerly from the National University of Singapore, Professor Paulin Straughan is a quantitative sociologist and taught the essential Data Analysis course for Sociology majors at NUS. Her research is in the area of medical sociology and health care systems with special focus on preventive health and the importance of social support networks in health-related issues, sociology of ageing, work and family. In addition to academic research, she is also a principal consultant to many commissioned projects that involve large-scale community-based surveys. She has won numerous teaching awards while in NUS.



A/P Eric Thompson

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Dr. Eric C. Thompson completed a PhD in sociocultural anthropology at the University of Washington and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of California Los Angeles. His work has appeared in the journals American Ethnologist, Urban Studies, Political Geography, Asian Studies Review, Contemporary Sociology, and Contemporary Southeast Asian Studies among others. Dr Thompson has taught qualitative research methods at the graduate and undergraduate levels for over ten years at NUS. He has published on methodology in the journal Field Methods and conducted seminars and training in research methods at universities and for policy-oriented researchers in Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

Dr Kriti Vikram

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Dr. Kriti Vikram is a Research Associate at the Centre for Family and Population Research. At NUS, Dr. Vikram has taught courses on Population and Society, and Social Determinants of Health and Mortality. Her research focuses on social determinants of health and well-being of children and families as well as fertility preferences and contraceptive use. She received her Ph.D. and M.A in Sociology with specialization in Demography and Life Course from the University of Maryland. She was on the project team for the India Human Development Survey, a longitudinal study of Indian households. She received the 2014 Robert W. Janes Commemorative Award that recognizes excellence in Sociology at the University of Maryland. Dr. Vikram has published in Demography and in Social Science & Medicine




Dr Yi Junjian

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Dr. Yi Junjian got his PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and then did a three year postdoc in the University of Chicago. His research focuses on economics on health and healthcare, labor and demographic economics, economic development, economics on human capital, and Chinese economy. Dr. Yi’s recent research papers have appeared in economics and demography journals, such as Economic Journal, Review of Economics and Statistics, and Demography. Dr Yi has taught Advanced Labor Economics courses and was highly rated for his teaching.








A/P Zhang Jin-Ting

Associate Professor, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability

Dr Jin-Ting Zhang has published extensively and served on the editorial boards of several international statistical journals. He is the author of a recent monograph: Analysis of Variance for Functional Data published by Chapman and Hall, 2014. He is also the co-author of Nonparametric Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data Analysis: Mixed-Effect Modelling Approaches (2006, Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) and the coeditor of Advances in Statistics: Proceedings of the Conference in Honor of Professor Zhidong Bai on His 65th Birthday, National University of Singapore, 20 July 2008. Dr. Zhang joined NUS at the end of 2000 and he has taught a number of modules, including Regression analysis, Generalized linear regression, Nonparametric regression Categorical data analysis, Computer aided data analysis, Computer intensive data analysis, and Bayesian statistics among others.

A/P Bussarawan Puk Teerawichitchainan

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Bussarawan (Puk) Teerawichitchainan is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and the Centre for Family and Population Research at NUS. Her research interests lie at the intersection of family demography, social gerontology, population health, and social stratification. She conducts research on these topics mostly in the context of Southeast Asia. Her current research examines the roles of family, policy, and social structure in explaining health and wellbeing of older persons in Southeast Asia. She uses methods of statistical analyses and a mixed-method approach combining population-level survey data with fieldwork and interviews. Prior to joining NUS in 2019, she was Associate Professor of Sociology in the School of Social Sciences, SMU. She taught research techniques workshop on mixed-methods research for doctoral students at SMU for multiple years.


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