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Since our inaugural training in 2015, we have trained over 280 participants from:

  • ▸ Government Agencies
  • ▸ Voluntary Welfare Organisations
  • ▸ Private Companies
  • ▸ University Staff and Students
  • ▸ Hospitals
  • ▸ Research Companies

The participants include directors, managers, executives, researchers, specialists, analysts, faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, research fellows, undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Hear what they say about our training programmes


Social Research Methods: Survey, Experiment & Fieldwork Dr Feng Qiushi

"Dr Feng was knowledgeable and exceptional in the delivery of the planned content. The delivery was interesting and not at all dry as one would expect such a course to be. I also appreciated his sharing of examples especially from his own work. There was also a strong theoretical foundation to the course and I appreciated that because too much of data without understanding the origins can be an issue sometimes."

"Prof Feng was very clear and engaging in his delivery of the course - helped make a topic that could be very dry a very interesting one! Also gained many new insights even though I am social science-trained. Enjoyed his humour and use of personal examples to illustrate concepts. Content of course also has a practical / applied slant so that it can be applied at the workplace."

"The Professor was very insightful, showcased real life examples. The SPSS portion was useful. The overview of both quantitative and qualitative methods was just right - not too detailed and technical yet not too shallow."

Introduction to Qualitative Research Prof Vineeta Sinha

"The teaching style of Prof Vineeta was really good! Approachable, open to questions, a wealth of experience. Lots of interesting examples. She actually answers the questions!"

"1) Having an introductory view on qualitative research. 2) Contents are pitched at a suitable level. 3) Rich experience of facilitator; interactions between learners and facilitator during lunch and tea breaks."

"Prof provided lots of real life examples which are useful & conducted a demonstration of how to conduct a life story interview."

Quantitative Data Analysis I with SPSS A/P Paulin Straughan

"I think learning the fundamentals really helps, it allows me to appreciate the purpose of using what kind of statistical tools for what purposes. I wish that I have a lecturer like A/P Paulin for my University Statistics Course. I would have scored even better than A-."

"The practical teaching of SPSS, the explanation of how to apply it to policy/research questions, and how to determine the validity of the results."

Quantitative Data Analysis II: Multivariate Regression Dr Vincent Chua

"Dr Chua explains complicated types of analysis in a very clear and understandable way. He gives sufficient examples for us to try on our own and gives ample time for feedback to questions asked during class. I have a better understanding of how to interpret interaction effects of logistic regression."

"The instructor is good at making concepts easy to understand, with logical flow and increasing difficulty. the examples used are very helpful as well."

"Theory followed by lots of hands-on practice exercises was very useful in helping to understand how to apply the theory."

Multilevel Modeling with R A/P Mike Cheung

"The close, guided application of linear and multilevel regression in R; the lecturer was understanding of the class's varied experience with statistics and analysis, and made the class a comfortable one. The primer into regression and R was very useful as well, as not all of us are trained as statisticians or economists."

"The hands on experience was useful. The lecturer and teaching assistant were very approachable to answer any queries. The examples used were very clear to illustrate concepts."

Longitudinal Data Analysis Dr Eric Fesselmeyer

"Instructor was able to explain the intuition and implementation of the various econometrics methods in a clear and concise manner. The hands-on exercises are also helpful in providing concrete examples to aid understanding and apply theory to practical work in STATA. Finally, his notes are also easy to understand and a valuable source of reference for my future research."

"The intuition and techniques are broken down and easy to understand. Not too technical which might make it too difficult to understand and use."

"Dr Eric is very approachable and is able to apply the concepts which he had taught to actual examples."

"The professor is a good instructor and I liked that there were so many data exercises that provided hands-on experience."


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