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The M.A. by Coursework programme is structured around course requirements with no dissertation requirement. Students will be expecting programmes to involve attendance at formal classes, seminars, laboratories and written examinations. As part of the assignments, some modules also require the candidate to undertake a project.

Master of Arts (Chinese Culture and Language) Coursework Program

To provide a comprehensive and high quality program for students interested in Chinese literature, history, philosophy, language, and issues related to overseas Chinese communities. Students from various backgrounds are welcomed to apply. This program will also provide graduate training for Chinese Language teachers, editors, journalists, and other relevant professionals that use Chinese as a major language medium.

Program Structure

2 modules 8 modules 10 modules

Students will have to read 10 modules in total and are not required to write a dissertation.


A fulltime candidate must take at least three modules in a semester and may take up to a maximum of five modules in a semester

Minimum candidature: 1 years
Maximum candidature: 3 years


Minimum candidature: 2 years
Maximum candidature: 4 years

Graduation Requirement

  1. Masters candidates will read a total and maximum of ten modules, out of which two are essential modules, one on Chinese history and literature (CHC5101) and another on Chinese linguistics (CHC5102).
  2. A candidate who fails an essential module may be permitted to retake the same essential module in a subsequent academic year. Each essential module can only be retaken once. A candidate who fails an elective module may be permitted to either retake the same elective module, or replace the failed module by taking another elective module in a subsequent semester in his/her course of study. Candidates will be allowed to repeat one-third of the curricular requirements not exceeding three modules, whichever is lower.
  3. However, the student will have to pay at 1/10 of the tuition fees per module for any retake or replacement module.
  4. Candidates must pass ten modules (including 2 core modules) as well as attain a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.00.
  5. Where applicable, obtain satisfactory grades (at least grade C) in the graduate English modules conducted by the Centre for English Language Communication at intermediate level



  • Semester I: August – November/December
  • Semester II: January – April


Please refer to the teaching schedule here (Current students-> Graduates->modules offered).

Study Trips

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