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The M.A. by Coursework programme is structured around course requirements with no dissertation requirement. Students will be expecting programmes to involve attendance at formal classes, seminars, laboratories and written examinations. As part of the assignments, some modules also require the candidate to undertake a project.

Master of Arts (Chinese Studies) Coursework Program

The curriculum is designed to provide a high quality and comprehensive learning experience for students with a multi-disciplinary Chinese Studies background.

Program Structure

Level 5000/6000 + Level 4000
At least 8 modules

2 modules from another department/faculty
At most 2 modules

Students will have to read 10 modules in total and are not required to write a dissertation.


A fulltime candidate must take at least three modules in a semester and may take up to a maximum of five modules in a semester

Maximum candidature: 1 years
Maximum candidature: 3 years


Maximum candidature: 2 years
Maximum candidature: 4 years

Graduation Requirement

  1. Masters candidates are required to take at least ten modules.
  2. At least 75% of the total modular credit (MC) requirements must be at level 5000 or 6000. Up to 25% of the total MC requirements may be at level 4000.
  3. A candidate may offer more than the minimum necessary number of modules but assessment of whether the candidate has met the degree requirements will be based upon the best ten modules, except for module(s) for which the candidate received a ”Fail” grade. Candidates must pass the practicum/project (where applicable) as well as attain a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.00.
  4. Where applicable, obtain satisfactory grades (at least grade C) in the graduate English modules conducted by the Centre for English Language Communication at intermediate level

*Coursework students are not required to read CH6770 Graduate Research Seminar
*Master of Arts (Chinese Studies) coursework students may opt for the Independent Study module subject to approval by the Department. Students should discuss with their proposed supervisors and obtain approval from the Graduate Coordinator before applying for the module. Please note that ISM application will not be approval in the first semester.


  • Semester I: August – November/December
  • Semester II: January – April


Please refer to the teaching schedule here (Current students-> Graduates->modules offered).

Study Trips

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