Department of Chinese Studies 中文系

Level 5000 & 6000 modules

CH5209 Topics in Rhetoric 修辞学研究专题
CH5210 Chinese Lexical Semantics 汉语词汇语义学
CH5211 Seminar in Chinese Pragmatics 汉语语用学研讨
CH5212 Theories in Phonology (in English) 音系学理论(英语教学)
CH5213 Cognitive Linguistics & Chinese Language 认知功能语言学与汉语研究
CH5222 Topics in Modern Chinese Literature 中国现代文学专题
CH5223 Selected Authors 作家研究
CH5224 Prescribed Texts in Literature 文学专题
CH5225 Topics in SE Asian Chinese Literature 东南亚华文文学专题
CH5242 Selected Texts in Chinese Historiography 史学专题
CH5244 Topics on History of Modern China 中国近代史专题研究
CH5245     Seminar in Early Taoism  早期道教研究
CH5246    Seminar in Modern Taoism 近现代道教研究
CH5270 Chinese Cinema: 1922-1949 中国电影:1922-1949
CH5660 Independent Study 独立专题研究
CH5880 Topics in Applied Chinese Linguistics 应用语言学专题
CH6201 Topics in Chinese Linguistics 中国语言学专题
CH6202 Universal Principles and Chinese Grammar 普遍语法原则与汉语语法现象
CH6203 Grammaticalization and Chinese Grammar 语法化理论和汉语语法现象
CH6221 Topics in Classical Chinese Literature 中国古典文学专题
CH6224 Prescribed Text in Literature 文学专书
CH6225 Special Topics in SE-Asian Chinese Literature 东南亚华文文学特别专题
CH6226 Chinese Literary Theories and Movements 文学理论和文学运动
CH6227 Culture and Society through Literature 中国文学与社会文化
CH6241 Topics in Chinese History 中国历史专题
CH6243 Seminar in SE Asian Chinese Studies 东南亚华人专题研究
CH6245 Culture and Society in Chinese History 中国历史中的文化与社会
CH6246 Chinese History and Historians 中国的历史与史家
CH6248 Studies in Sino-SE Asian Interactions 中国—东南亚:社会与文化互动之研究
CH6251 Topics in Chinese Philosophy 中国哲学专题
CH6252 Intellectual Landscapes in Pre-Qin China 先秦思想景观
CH6261 Chinese Studies in the West 西方汉学研究
CH6262 Independent Study in Chinese Studies 汉学专题研究
CH6263 Translation: Formal, Cultural, Political 翻译:形式、文化、政治
CH6770 Graduate Research Seminar (essential module for research candidates) 论文研习班(修读研究课程的研究生必须修读的单元)

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