Department of Chinese Studies 中文系

Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

1. Wan Boo Sow “雲 茂 潮 ” Graduate Scholarship in Chinese Studies
Eligibility Information Award Value
  • Singaporean (with at least one parent being a Singapore-born citizen) graduates
  • MA by research (full-time)
  • CAP => 4.0 in their Honours
  • Bilingual
  • Recipient's studies and thesis must be related to specilaized research in all aspects of Chinese language, literature, history, philosophy and culture.
  • Scholarship holder will be assigned to assist in the daily operation of the Wan Boo Sow Research Centre for Chinese Culture

Tenable for one year

Scholarship Details

Please email your application to

2. FASS Graduate Scholarship in Chinese Religions by Taoist College 道教学院國大文学院宗教研究生奖学金
Eligibility Information Award Value
  • Singaporean / SPR
  • Full-time graduate programme at Department of Chinese Studies
  • No bond but required to give a presentation at the Taoist College (Singapore) on their research
  • Present a copy of their thesis to the Donor for its collection
  • Recipients are required to present their findings
    within and outside the University (at the University's sole discretion) and to acknowledge receipt of the Scholarship in presentations and publications.
Up to 3 awards a year

1 PhD scholar
2 Masters scholars
Scholarship Details

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3. Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan Scholarship 新加坡龙溪会馆奖学金
Eligibility Information Award Value
  • Singaporean citizens who are of Hokkien descent
  • Master of Arts (Research) Students
  • CAP => 3.5
  • Bond-free
$20,000 / scholarship

  Up to 2 awards

Application Period:
15th May - 1st November

Scholarship Details

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4.Han Tan Juan (Han Shanyuan) Award
Eligibility Information Award Value
  • Full Time CH/CL Honors Students and Graduate Research Students
  • Priority given to Singaporean & SPR
Award recipients will be required to:
  • Research & write a thesis on a topic related to Singapore / Documentary literature
  • Present the findings within or outside the University (At the Department's sole discretion)
  • Acknowledge receipt of the prize in presentation and publication


  • Conduct a guided tour to historical or cultural sites in Singapore


  • Public Talk on similar themes
Up to $2,500 / scholarship

Up to 3 awards per academic year

Please email to apply for the award.