Department of Chinese Studies 中文系

Chinese Religions Research Group


The Chinese Religions Research Group aims at promoting academic research and activities on Chinese religions, including Buddhism, Daoism, popular religion, and sectarian religions from antiquity to contemporary times. We welcome faculty members and graduate students from the Department of Chinese Studies or NUS community, who conduct research or share our interest on Chinese religions to join us. With its emphasis on Chinese religions, the group will facilitate academic discussions that deal with religious literature, history, and philosophy.

In principle, members of the group will meet once a month. Activities include:

  1. Presentations by faculty members and graduate students on their current research and findings;
  2. Talks by visiting scholars;
  3. Seminars and international conferences.



Name 姓名
Professor Kenneth Dean 丁荷生教授 Daoism and Popular Religion
A/P Lee Cheuk Yin 李焯然副教授 Daoism, Popular religion,
Jesuits activities in Ming, Islam in China
A/P Su Jui Lung 苏瑞隆副教授 Daoism and Popular religion


Name 姓名
A/P Su Jui Lung 苏瑞隆副教授 Daoism and Popular religion


Name 姓名
A/P Koh Khee Heong 许齐雄副教授 Ming-Qing intellectual history,
Local history of Ming north China
A/P Ong Chang Woei 王昌伟副教授 Intellectual history of later and
late imperial China
A/P Lam Lap 林立副教授 Ci poetry and Ci studies
A/P Lee Chee Hiang 李志贤副教授 Tang History, Contemporary Tang History,
Contemporary Singapore Religion
A/P Lo Yuet Keung 劳悦强副教授 Chinese Intellectual History
A/P Yung Sai Shing 容世诚副教授 Chinese religious drama, Cantonese
opera and print culture

Alumni Members:

Name 姓名
Dr Xu Liying 徐李穎博士 Popular Religion, Academic Director
of Daoist School, Singapore,城隍
Dr Zhou Yanfei 周雁飛博士 Buddhism and Buddhist Literature,
Director of the Life Science of the
Orient 东方圆满生命科学机构
Dr Zhu Yi 朱溢博士 Associate Research Fellow,
Fudan University,复旦大学副研究院
Dr Sim Chuin Peng 沈俊平博士 Head, Chinese Library, NUS
Library 国大中文图书馆馆长
Dr Ngoi Guat Peng 魏月萍博士 Assistant Professor, NTU 南大中文

Alumni Members:

Ms Lee Siew Peng 李秀萍
Ms He Yanran 贺晏然
Mr Kang Ger-wen 康格温

MA Students:

Ms He Xuan 何璇

Research Areas & Thesis Topics

1) Ph.D. Students:

Zhu Yi 朱溢 “The Evolution of the Propitious Rituals
in Tang and Song China”
A/P Lee Cheuk Yin
Yee Sok Kiang 余淑娟 “The Mulian Play in the Jiulidong Temple in Singapore:
A Case Study of Chinese Religious Drama”
A/P Yung Sai-shing
Lee Siew Peng 李秀萍 中国南方三山国王研究 A/P Lee Chee Hiang

2) Master Students

Tang Xiaojuan 唐晓娟 “A Study of Dejiao in Singapore” 新加坡德教研究 A/P Su Jui Lung
Lee Chern Sin, Benedict 李承勋 An analysis of the spread of Catholicism in
Shaanxi during the Ming-Qing period
A/P Ong Chang Woei, Dr Koh Khee Heong
Lee Lin Chiang 李林江 An analysis on the relationship between the gentry elites,
monasteries and the Luo sect in Late Ming China
Cheng Yuyao 程瑜瑶 A Research on Stories of Retribution in Yijian Zhi
A/P Su Jui Lung
Goh Yu Mei 吴玉美 A Study of the Yiguandao in Singapore
A/P Su Jui Lung
He Xuan 何璇 A Study of the Legends and Religious Tradition of Lü Dongbin
A/P Su Jui Lung

Events and Activities

Date Event Speaker
21 April 2017 ⑴先秦兵书研究
解文超副教授(中国劳动关系学院 )
二阶堂善弘教授(关西大学文学部 )
24 March 2017 道教的疾病观和医疗仪式—
14 Nov 2016 Fengshen Yanyi 封神演义and
the Ritual Challenge to
Literature: A View From the Village
(Jointly organized with Island Society)
A/P Mark Meulenbeld (University of
Wisconsin-Madison, Visiting
Associate Professor at NUS,
Department of Chinese Department)
23 Aug 2016 斋匪怎会变拳匪?1900年浙江省温
3 Jun 2016 现代人的生命伦理与意义治疗
3 Jul 2015 形式的遵守:对于《论语》6.25
14 April 2015 明清至现代广州地方庙宇:碑刻、
31 March 2015 我对道教研究前沿问题的看法
13 Feb 2015 Temple Culture and Spirit Mediumship
in Singapore and Taiwan: The Ritual
Process, Religious Evolution, and
Spiritual Believes
Dr Fabian Graham
5 Aug 2014 A Study of the Baoshan qixiang
Sect with a focus on the Si’en
Xiaoyi Cult(in Mandarin)
Professor Chung Yun-Ying
(Chair, Department of Chinese
Linguistics & Literature, Yuan
Ze University, Taiwan)
17 April 2014 Conspiracy’s Truth: The Zen of
Narrative Cunning in the Platform
Sutra (in English) 阴谋论的事实:
Professor Alan Cole (Lewis &
Clark College, Oregon, USA)
8 April 2014 Introduction to Indology and
Buddhist Studies (in Mandarin)
A/P Liu Zhen (Fudan University)
19 March 2014 Five Religions as One: the Relation
between the Three Religions and
Western Learning at the end of the
Ming Dynasty in Zhao Han’s Lan yan
(in Mandarin)(Jointly organized
with Department of Chinese Studies
and Ming-Qing Research Group)
Professor Li Shih-Hsüeh
(Institute of Literature
and Philosophy, Academia Sinica,
李奭学教授(台湾中央研究院中国文哲研究所 )
13 March 2014 The Legend of the Herd boy
and the Weaver Girl and its
Spread in East Asia (in Mandarin)
(Jointly organized with Department
of Chinese Studies and Island Society)
Professor Ye Tao (Institute of Religion,
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China)
6 Aug 2013 Open the Altar, It Will Speak: A Ritual
Framework for Local History (in English
(Jointly organized with Department of
Chinese Studies)
A/P Mark Meulenbeld (Department of EALL
University of Wisconsin at Madison; Visiting
Senior Research Fellow, Asia Research
Institute, NUS)
19 April 2013 The Mazu Cultural Tourist Festival
in Macau and the Relationship between
Taiwan and China (in Mandarin)
Dr. Chan Kwok Shing (Hong Kong Baptist
8 March 2013 The Features and Development of
Local Taiwanese Religions
(in Mandarin)
Professor Cheng Chih-ming
(Fu Jen Catholic University University)
14 Aug 2012 The Cult of Lord Guan and Morality
Books since the Qing Dynasty
(in Mandarin) (Jointly organized with Island Society)
Dr. Yau Chi-on
(Hong Kong Chu Hai College)
16 Mar 2012 Ming-Qing documents on East-West
Cultural Interaction at the Vatican
Archives in Rome (in Mandarin)
(Jointly organized with Ming-Qing
Research Group)
Professor Zhang Xiping
(Director, Research Center for
Overseas Sinology, Beijing Foreign
Studies University)
17 Feb 2012 On the Formation and Development of
the Chinese Belief in Stars and
Constellations (in Mandarin)
Professor Hsiao Teng-fu (Department
of Applied Chinese Language, National
Taichung University of Science and
Technology, Taiwan)