Department of Chinese Studies 中文系

Ming-Qing Studies Research Group


The Ming-Qing Studies Research Group brings together faculty members and current and former graduate students of the Department of Chinese Studies, NUS, who do their research on all aspects of the Ming-Qing period. We also maintain contact with ex-members who have left Singapore to take up positions in other regions. With its emphasis on intellectual and cultural history, the group aims to facilitate academic discussions that fuse history, literature and philosophy. It also encourages research that uses the Ming-Qing as a pivotal point for connecting the middle period with the modern era.

In principle, members of the group will meet once a month. Activities include:

  1. Faculty members and graduate students sharing their current research and findings
  2. Talks by visiting scholars
  3. Seminars and international conferences

Research Areas

  1. History
  2. Religion
  3. Literature
  4. Linguistics
  5. Politics and other cultural and socio-economic issues of Ming-Qing China



Name 姓名 Research Area
Prof Ong Chang Woei
王昌伟教授 Intellectual history of later and late imperial China
A/P Lee Cheuk Yin
李焯然副教授 History and culture of the Ming Dynasty
A/P Koh Khee Heong
许齐雄副教授 Chinese intellectual history, Ming history


Name 姓名 Research Area
A/P Lo Yuet Keung 劳悦强副教授 Chinese intellectual history
A/P Yung Sai-Shing 容世诚副教授 Chinese Drama, Chinese literature and print culture
A/P Su Jui-Lung 苏瑞隆副教授 Popular religions and Taoism
A/P Wong Sin Kiong 黄贤强副教授 Political Culture of Modern China
A/P Lam Lap 林立副教授 Ci poetry and Ci studies
A/P Xu Lanjun 徐兰君副教授 Late imperial and modern Chinese literature

Friends of the Research Group:

A/P Li Cho-ying Socio-cultural history National Tsing Hua University
Dr Sim Chuin Peng Print Culture of Ming China NUS
A/P Ngoi Guat Peng Ming Neo-Confucianism Sultan Idris Education University
Dr Chong Kwok Wing Song-Ming political history NIE
A/P Wang Jinping Song-Ming social history NUS

Graduate student members


Events and Activities

Date Event Speaker
9 Sept 2019 明清時期的書院及其文獻 鄧洪波教授 (湖南大學嶽麓書院歷史系教授)
2-3 Nov 2018 “多元视角下的明清社会与文化”学术研讨会议程
International Symposium on Ming Qing
Society and Culture from Multi Perspectives
(与复旦大学文史研究院联办 Jointly organized
with National Institute for Advanced
Humanistic Studies, Fudan University)
More details
6 Aug 2018 「聪明正直」- 唐宋时期四川民间信仰的变容
Dr Song Chen, Bucknell University
25 Jan 2018 人群组织历史的探索:以明清社会为中心
A/P Ho Shu-Yi,
National Taipei University
5-6 Dec 2017 “多元视角下的明清历史”学术研讨会议程
International Symposium on Ming Qing History
from Multi Perspectives
(与复旦大学文史研究院联办 Jointly organized
with National Institute for Advanced
Humanistic Studies, Fudan University)
More details
23 Aug 2016 斋匪怎会变拳匪?1900年浙江省温州府
Revisiting the boxers’ incident
of Zhejiang Wenzhou in 1900
Dr. Lo Shih-chieh,
National Taiwan University
28-29 Dec 2015 文化多元:明末清初的社会与宗教国际研讨会
Cultural Diversity: Religion and Society
in Late Ming & Early Qing China
More details
18 Dec 2015 晚明商业文化中的才子与佳人:读〈杜十娘怒沉百宝箱〉
The talented male and beautiful maiden
in the commercial culture of late Ming
Professor Hsu Hui Lin,
National Taiwan University