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      About CLaSIC

CLaSIC is a biennial conference, organized by the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) of the National University of Singapore (NUS), aims to bring together academics, researchers and professionals from Asia and beyond for a productive and rewarding exchange of insights, experiences, views and perspectives on current and future developments in foreign language teaching and learning. The conference serves a platform for participants to report on current research and practices in foreign language education and related disciplines. It will also provide an avenue for the discussion and critical examination of new and innovative concepts and approaches expected to have an impact on future practices.

The inaugural CLaSIC was held in December 2004 at the National University of Singapore and was a resounding success. The second CLaSIC in December 2006 echoed its success with around 180 participants from all over the world.

Feedback on the last two conferences:

- The committee has done a fantastic job and I've found all staff very helpful and generous. I particularly  enjoyed the different areas covered in the parallel sessions from Teacher Education to ESL, or EFL plus the CALL component, very useful and enriching.   (CLaSIC 2004) 

Excellent organization, food and staff. (CLaSIC 2006)

- I truly enjoyed the sociability of this conference – the chance to interact with a wide variety of professionals from diverse locations addressing different conditions & language. This diversity is one of the most attractive featured of CLaSIC, and will encourage me to return. (CLaSIC 2006)

- Thank you very much for all the efforts made for such a great conference. I realy enjoyed it and learned a lot. So, I wish you the best of everything for the great job you did. (CLaSIC 2006)

- Thank you very much for yours. It's a great job. Hope to see you all soon. (CLaSIC 2006)

- It was such a great conference for me to meet people from Japan and at local.  I hope that I will come to the conference in the next year. (CLaSIC 2006)

- Thank you very much for all your help at the conference. I enjoyed it every minute, from both the academic and the personal point of view. (CLaSIC 2006)

- Many thanks again for a very enjoyable conference and for all your kind hospitality. I enjoyed it all from start to finish, from both an academic and a social point of view. (CLaSIC 2006)

- We really hope to see you again in the next CLaSIC conference. (CLaSIC 2006)

- I would like to congratulate you on the success of the conference. I had a great time attending CLaSIC 2006 this year.  (CLaSIC 2006)

The upcoming CLaSIC 2008 will be held on 4 - 7 December.

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