CLS Language Immersion Programmes

The Centre organizes various immersion programmes to provide opportunities for students to practice the learned language and immerse in the local culture of the target countries. Various immersion programmes are available as follow:


Language immersion programmes have become popular avenues for accelerating students’ language proficiency. It provides the students with real life and hands-on experience, through which knowledge can be gained effectively. Learning a language cannot be separated from learning its culture. Hence, through an immersion programme, students are given the opportunity to really immerse in and understand the culture.In addition, the programme promotes bonding among the participants as well as with their host families. Relationships nurtured through this programme provide students with valuable contacts for future work, academic or social networking purposes.The Bahasa Indonesia Programme at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has carried out LIPs at several Indonesian universities for students who have studied the Indonesian language for at least 2 semesters. For further detail of the Programme please visit the Bahasa Indonesia Programme website. (

Students making "Wayang Kulit" (Shadow puppet) from the buffalo skin


Have you ever imagined savouring a crispy chicken chop the size of your face, or, standing on the top of the world’s tallest building, Taipei 101, gazing the breath-taking night view?  Join us to “Walk the Talk” in our immersion programme to Taipei.   You will be able to plunge into the native Mandarin-speaking environment both inside and outside of the classroom, have close contact with the Taiwan-styled hospitality, and be embraced by the one-of-a-kind natural beauty in excursions.  If these are not enough to convince you, consider the improved linguistic and cultural proficiency, international friendship, and priceless memories to last for a life time.  
2011 Cultural trip at Yingge                                                                      Group photo with the teacher


Language immersion programmes are very popular with students who wish to widen their horizons and discover their identity in a foreign language culture. For many years, our students of French make the exciting decision to purchase their plane tickets, pack their bags and embark on an adventure to the city of Montpellier in the South of France for their immersion. As their teachers, we advise, motivate, help them navigate the complexities of the French train systems, as well as provide them tips on places to visit and great culinary experiences to explore. While some are apprehensive prior to departure, they always come back happy with a newfound confidence in their knowledge and a feeling of autonomy and independence. The experience allows them to excel in French in their upper modules and open doors to them in the future.
The French Language Immersion Programme available to students after French 2 level allows them to get a taste of the summer sun, sea breeze and festivals in the South of France while learning French on daily basis and discovering the French culture through excursions organised by the French school. For more information on the immersion please visit the French Language Immersion Programme page (attach URL link!programme-dimmersion/cgh1)

Group photo during an excursion                                                      Opportunity to interact with locals



The German language sections offers two language immersion programmes. Each programme includes a 50 hours language course, homestay, excursions and cultural programmes. Both courses usually begin at the end of May, one week after the exams, and last for three weeks.Our partners in Germany are Wipdaf at Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universtät Münster and SLI of Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.The language immersion programmes are open to all NUS German language students who have completed and passed the module LAG2201 German 2.

Course fees about 1100 – 1200 €: include language course, homestay, transportation, excursions, weekend trip and activities, 2 meals per day.






  Freiburg                                                            Münster   


Doshisha University

This two-week programme is open to students who successfully completed LAJ2201 or LAJ2202.  Doshisha University is located in the beautiful city of Kyoto, and students have lots of opportunities to explore traditional culture in Japan and Kyoto. For more details. Please visit Doshisha website (attach URL link:

             Students went for excursion during the immersion                                      Group photo with the lecturer

Tamagawa University
The three-week programme is open to students who successfully completed LAJ2203 (Japanese 4) and above.  Tamagawa University is located in the western part of the metropolitan area of Tokyo-city. This programme is project work-based with various opportunities for interaction with local people. For more information about Tamagawa university and the programme, please visit Tamagawa University website (attach URL link

Waseda University

Three weeks Japanese Language Summer Scholarship Program is open to Japanese language students at all levels. This is good for students who want to excel the language ability and to experience a life in Tokyo. For more details, please visit Waseda University website. (

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
12 days Japanese Language Winter Scholarship Program at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology is open to intermediate level students majoring in Science and Engineering.

                             Excursion                                                                             Student in tradtitional costumes
This special programme is offered every summer only to the NUS students who completed LAK2201 at NUS since 2009.
The Korean immersion course consists of language classes and cultural events. During the 3-weeks of immersion programme, there are 3-hours of language classes in the morning, followed by cultural activities such as cooking, dance or pottery class. The immersion also includes excursions to several Korean cities and places of interest as well as a home-stay programme for students to experience the Korean life style.

Homestay with host family                                                                      Students attending a cultural class


The Thai language immersion programme, organized by the Thai language programme at the Centre for Language Studies, National University of Singapore, aims to further enhance students’ language proficiency and communicative competence.  Through participation in authentic communicative tasks, culture-based classroom activities and fieldtrips conducted by a partner university in Thailand, students will acquire a better understanding of sociolinguistics and pragmatics aspects of the Thai language as well as develop intercultural communicative competence.
Conducted twice yearly, in July and December, the three-week immersion programme is currently held at the Language Centre, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Chiang Rai, Thailand. In addition to interactive and hands-on classroom activities, students will be engaged in cultural and historical excursions in the neighbouring provinces.  Through the visits and rich opportunities to interact with local people and Thai buddies, students will gain an understanding of the Thai society and observe how the language is used in real life contexts. They will also acquire communication strategies which will support their language learning and language use.
Additional Information:
Students wearing Chiang Rai Rajabhat University                                                   Excursion
school uniforms are trying Thai traditional dance


The Vietnam Immersion Programme is organised annually for Vietnamese language students who have finished Vietnamese level 1 and above with the following objectives:
1)         To give the student participants exposure to authentic Vietnamese language environment
2)         To give the student participants exposure to Vietnam, Vietnamese culture and ways of life
The Vietnam Immersion Programme includes two parts:
Part 1: Two weeks of intensive Vietnamese language study at the University of Humanity and Social Sciences (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City). The students will have Vietnamese language classes with Faculty of Vietnamese Studies. 
Part 2: One week of excursion around Vietnam will help the students learn more about the Vietnamese language (e.g. different regional accents, dialects, language registers), Vietnamese geography and Vietnamese cultures. The students will visit destinations of cultural and historical importance such as Hue – the last royal capital of Vietnam, the thousand-year-old capital Hanoi, and UNESCO World Heritage site Halong Bay. This excursion will enable the students to learn and appreciate the diversity of Vietnam.
You can visit our Vietnamese Language Programme Facebook Page ( and blog ( for more information.

Visit to a historical site Cu Chi Tunnel                         At front gate of the University of Social Sciences and Humanity