Language Modules

The Centre for Language Studies teaches thirteen languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Spanish, Tamil, Thai and Vietnamese. Currently it offers a number of language modules ranging from elementary to advanced levels.

*Click on the respective language image to view the full description of each module including pre-requisites, preclusions, workload, course coordinator and modular credits.

The Centre for Language Studies has reached an agreement with Yale-NUS College for a limited number of places in its Spanish language to be offered to FASS and cross faculty students (Year 1 to 3). Yale-NUS College is the provider of this module. Students can bid for YLS1201 through CORS.  The module description and timetable for Spanish language can be found here. FASS students can only count Spanish modules towards their UE requirements.  Hence, they may exercise the S/U option for this module if they have not reached the maximum S/U limit applicable to their cohorts.

Either Bahasa Indonesia or Thai or Vietnamese is required for students majoring in Southeast Asian Studies; French or German is required for European Studies majors; and Japanese for Japanese Studies majors. Other Arts and Cross-Faculty students may choose to read language modules as Unrestricted Electives outside of their major or as Breath modules outside their faculties respectively. Arts graduate students who need to learn a foreign language for the purpose of their studies or research may apply through their departments.

There are no pre-requisites or qualifying test for Level 1000 language modules. But these modules are meant only for students without any prior knowledge. Those who have learned the language through formal and informal means (incl. through external courses, self-study or an extended stay in the target language country) must contact CLS to take a placement test.

Students may face disciplinary action by the University for making a false declaration.