If you are planning to participate in an exchange programme and want us to map a language module for you, you have to provide us with the following information.
  1. Module title and code
  2. Module description
  3. Detailed course content
  4. Course syllabus (progression) and grammar
  5. Course Structure (number of hours; weekly and total)
  6. URL to course website or email from course coordinator
For students who are going for the exchange programme during Semester 1 or 2, you have to to submit an online module mapping request through NUS Student Integrated Information System (myISIS).

For students who are going for a local exchange programme or summer programme, you are required to fill in the application form below if your faculty does not have one. FASS students are to forward the completed form with the required information to Ms Lee Pei Ying at

Students from other faculties are required to submit their applications through their Home Faculties. CLS will correspond with the Home Faculties on the mapping requests.

You are advised to plan and submit the form as early as possible before you leave for exchange. All mapping requests are subject to approval even if you may have already taken the module Please note that there is a block out period for review from Round 0 of CORS bidding to end of week 4 of each semester. Please click to download the Mapping Form (doc).