Outgoing Exchange Students

Language Preparation Programme

First year students enrolling at NUS who do not have prior knowledge of French, German or Korean but are interested to go on the Student Exchange Programme ("SEP") to Austria, Belgium, France, German, South Korea or Switzerland, are encouraged to apply for the Language Preparation Programme during the summer before starting at NUS. Students in the Language Preparation Programme ("LPP") are guaranteed four semesters of language modules in their particular language (French, German or Korean) at the Centre for Language Studies and are also eligible to apply for language immersion awards during the summer between their first and second years. LPP students are then required to go for SEP in the country where their LPP language is spoken to put their language skills to use.

Programme Details

The French, German and Korean Language Preparation Programme ("LPP") is designed to prepare students for the Student Exchange Programme ("SEP") in French, German and Korean-speaking countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and South Korea.

Outline of Programme for French, German and Korean Languages

Time Period




Year 1

Semester 1

French 1

German 1

LAK 1201
Korean 1

Semester 2

French 2

German 2

LAK 2201
Korean 2

Term Break

Language Immersion* in France or Switzerland

Language Immersion* in Germany

Language Immersion* in South Korea

Year 2

Semester 1

French 3

German 3

LAK 3201
Korean 3

Semester 2

French for Academic Purposes

German for Academic Purposes

LAK 3203
Korean for Academic Purposes

Year 3

Semester 1 and/or Semester 2

SEP in Belgium, France or Switzerland

SEP in Austria, Germany or Switzerland

SEP in South Korea


LPP Language Courses

Since the LPP is only for students without prior knowledge of the language, all LPP students take the same series of classes their first two years at NUS.

For the French/German/Korean languages, each language module comprises 52 contact hours per semester. There will be 2 lectures weekly (2 hours per session). Class attendance is compulsory and no additional tuition fee will be charged for these modules, which will be taught by the NUS Centre for Language Studies (CLS).

For further information on the language modules, please refer to the list of language modules.

Optional Language Immersion

The language immersion during the term break between the first and second year is not compulsory but students are highly encouraged to apply to further develop their language skills outside of a classroom setting. Students in the LPP may apply for the French Language Immersion Award or German Language Immersion Award administered by International Relations Office (IRO). Those who do not receive these awards can still participate in the CLS Language Immersion Programme on a self-financing basis.

Language Study without SEP

Students who are merely interested in learning French, German or Korean but who have no intention of going to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland or South Korea for SEP should NOT apply for this programme. You should instead register separately for French, German or Korean as a module when you matriculate in NUS.

Language Study without LPP

Students who do have prior knowledge of French, German or Korean are still eligible for SEP to countries where this language is spoken and are still eligible to apply for language courses at CLS. These students should contact CLS to arrange for a language placement test to enroll in intermediate or advanced-level language modules.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Students registered in the respective LPPs are encouraged to go for SEP in the countries as specified in the table below.

  2. Language Spoken



    Belgium, France and Switzerland


    Austria, Germany and Switzerland


    South Korea

  3. Students must obtain at least a "C" or "S" grade in their language module in order to be pre-allocated the next module. Those who fail to achieve the minimum grade will not be allowed to remain in the LPP..
    Students are advised to refer to their respective Home Faculty's website on the eligibility of the S/U option for language modules.
  4. Participating in the LPP does not guarantee students an SEP placement. LPP students are still expected to apply and compete for SEP as per the normal application process.


  1. The French, German and Korean LPP is open to all successful NUS undergraduate applicants who have received an offer letter from Office of Admissions and matriculating in the current Academic Year. LPP is suitabe for first year students preparing for SEP in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland or South Korea. Please note that due to certain restrictions in programme structure, students enrolling in the following faculties and/or departments are not eligible for participation in the LPP: Accounting, double degree programmes with the School of Business, Law, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing and Medicine.
  2. Applicants must have good "A" level (or equivalent) results and CCA records.
  3. Applicants should have NO prior knowledge of the language they intend to study.
  4. Students with prior knowledge of French but who are interested to go on SEP in a German-speaking country are eligible for the German LPP; the converse applies for students who have prior knowledge of German but who are interested to go on SEP in a French-speaking country.
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