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I'm happy and grateful to have learnt so much from this module. - Muhammad Hirman Abu Bakar

I like the emphasis on speaking in the second half of the course. In the learning of a language, speaking is the most important skill to me. I like how the grammar was taught: It was not too overwhelming for us but we learnt enough about it to make grammatical sentences. I am really enjoying Arabic lessons and I’m going all the way with the language. I'm really looking forward to the day when I become fluent in it. - Yue Jie Zheng Bryan

There is a good mix of writing, listening and conversational skills that were taught. We even had time to learn a bit of grammar which helped when we were crafting our composition. In just one semester, we were at least able to join our letters with ease, string proper sentence structures, and speak basic Arabic. This is the coolest module I'm taking this semester. I'm so pleased with how much we've learned and how far we've come. To finally be able write a piece of composition in Arabic is a great achievement for me. - Sheriza Bte. Faisal

I liked that I am comfortable in communicating comfortably in passable Arabic at the end of the course. This ultimately means that I liked that the course had equipped me with the grammatical and vocabulary aspects I would need to communicate simply in Arabic. I can even teach it to my mom at home!:) I also loved that we were such a compact class. But I really wished I could have gotten to know everyone better. Insya-Allah, we can do that in higher Arabic classes:) - Balieh Al-Khadhra

This must be one of the best and fun modules I have ever taken; the only module where I can make mistakes and laugh myself silly. - Muhammad Fahmi B Ismail

Having taken two other language courses, this module stands out due to its various learning tools incorporated, i.e. online websites, listening on ivle, coursepack). Different visuals have greatly aided the learning and memorizing of Arabic words and allowed a more enjoyable learning process. - Chan Oi Leng Priscilla

I enjoyed our Arabic conversations we had with our peers. They are highly engaging and entertaining at the same time, hence facilitated our learning process. LAR1201 is a highly entertaining module and I am willing to recommend it to my peers! (I really mean it.) - Muhammad Fahizul Mansor

I like how systematic the lessons are, which makes vocabulary learning much easier. Even grammar seems much more manageable because there’s good flow from one lesson to the next; in addition the things that we learnt were used again and again so we remember instead of memorise. I also like that at the end of each theme we are asked to have a conversation and write a short composition, it’s a good way to recap both grammar and vocabulary. - Faqeehah Bte Muhammad Harun

Bahasa Indonesia

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Basic Chinese

The quality of this course is good! - Satoshi Tsumura, LA1201CN/01

It has been fun learning Mandarin, especially with an international class. - Xu Jie Shuang, LA1201CN/01

Learn Mandarin, it is an asset! - Nadia Tan, LA1201CN/01

I think the course is very well conducted. I have learned a lot in a relatively short time. - Abbie Vogel, LA1201CN/01

I am able to speak Chinese now. - Gu Zhi Ping, LA1201CN/01

I am learning how to read and write Chinese, something I have always wanted to do. - Annie Niou, LA1201CN/01

The learning is very interactive with enough attention given to everyone. - Martin Yulanto, LA1201CN/01

Take this course if you really want to learn Mandarin. - Rally, LA1201CN/01

I will definitely recommend it to my friends. - Chen Kim Yew, LA1201CN/01

This class is very interesting and helpful! - Jean Paul, LA1201CN/02

The teacher is very responsive to the students and well-prepared. - Tracy, LA1201CN/02

Basic Chinese has helped to improve my spoken Mandarin and increasing my Chinese vocabulary. - Noora, LA1201CN/02

You ought to take this module! - Cahyadi, LA1201CN/02

I like this course. - Feria Harsono Lim, LA1201CN/02

Highly recommendable if one wants to acquire basic Mandarin. - Sherylene, LA1201CN/02

This course is really relevant and interesting. - Kim Jeong Yeon, LA1201CN/02


Although the hours may seem long, but overall, the programme is interesting and effective. Also, I like the constant interaction between tutors and students. Interaction among course mates is also increased due to the many group exercises, games and projects. Hence, even though learning a new language is no easy task at all, the perks provided by the positive aspects of the programme makes learning not such a tedious experience. - Lee Si Wei, Faculty of Arts and Social Science

German courses make for a learning experience that is very, very different from the courses in my 'native' faculty, Engineering. Because the courses are optional for most people, a lot of effort has gone into making them as much fun as possible. In fact, the two-hour class tends to be a very refreshing change from routine. - Parth, Faculty of Engineering

Mark Twain once claimed that it would take a gifted person 30 years to learn German. In CLS, you will do it a little bit faster. You'll discover whether Hegel makes any sense in the original German. It is also the language of Kant, Goethe, Schopenhauer, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Kafka, Einstein... need I say more? - Tan Lui Hai, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

German is not as difficult as one might think. With the wonderful German courses provided by the Language Learning Center, learning German is really great pleasure rather than torture. Nothing is so enjoyable as to feel the beauty of the language. - Liu Xuejing, Faculty of Science

I find it very fun to learn German, especially when I found out that there are a lot of German words that are exactly the same as Indonesian ones and have the exact same meaning (Mantel, Beton, Gratis, Paket, Komentar are just few examples), and I would like to find out more! - Triana Kumalasari, School of Computing


This is one of the best modules I have taken, maybe it will be even better if we get to go on a trip to Malaysia.

The class is small hence teacher and student had more interaction.

Great atmosphere in class because of the small group; it is best to learn language when you know everyone in class so you are less afraid to talk and practice the language.

Working in groups during tutorials. RIANG! (happiness!)

Have recommended and encouraged all my friends to learn Malay.

Learning not only the language but also the culture of the Malays.


I think that the Viet course is very interesting and fun. The contents of course are relatively well planned for us students to grasp the basic grammar and vocab of the Viet lang. Overall this course is not all that difficult, and has been very enjoyable. - Toh Meishan, SEASP student

Interactive and fun, Understand the country better, Satisfying. Feel a deep sense of achievement when you are able to express simple words and actions in Vietnamese as well. - Cross Faculty Student