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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option for Language Modules

From Cohort 2014 onwards, students are eligible to exercise the S/U option for all levels of language modules regardless of whether the modules will fulfil their major or UE requirements.

Offer of Spanish Modules by Yale-NUS

The Centre for Language Studies has reached an agreement with Yale-NUS College for a limited number of places in its Spanish module to be offered to FASS and cross faculty students (Year 1 to 3). Yale-NUS College is the provider of this module. Students can bid for YLS1201 through CORS. The module description and timetable can be found here. FASS students can only count Spanish modules towards their UE requirements.  Hence, they may exercise the S/U option for this module if they have not reached the maximum S/U limit applicable to their cohorts.

SEP/LPP Registration

For more information on SEP/LPP please click below

Placement Test

Student who wish to read a module at the Centre for Language Studies and have knowledge of the language, please sit for the placement test to be placed in an advanced level. The notice and instruction for the placement test is shown below. Please click on the preferred language for more details. (Notice will be put up a month before the test so kindly re-visit the page).

If you have any queries, please contact the relevant staff of each language in the notice. Please note that registration is a must for Japanese and Korean placement test. Please submit the survey forms by the requested date.




Ms Ong Meng Choo
Ms Low Lee Enn


Ms Yuen Sau Yoong

For Japanese and Korean placement test, please submit the 2 survey forms.

- Online Registrationy Form
To bring along a copy of this Survey Form and submit during the test

KOREAN - Online Registration form
To bring along a copy of this Survey Form and submit during the test


Ms Lela Kaur







Ms Lim Min Chin


Name Date
ZA ONDEKOZA - Featuring Taiko - Japanese Drums 15 September 2017
Talk Concert - The K-Wave you've known so far, is it a myth or truth? 11 October 2017
CABS2017 8 December 2017
CLaSIC2018 4-6 December 2018


The Centre would like to congratulate the following staff for their achievements.

Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) 2016/17

Ms Cho Jin Hee

Faculty Teaching Excellent Awards - 2016/17

Dr Chan Kwang Guan Daniel
Ms Cho Jin Hee
Ms Indrianti
Dr Izumi Walker
Mr Nagami Masanori
Ms Sasiwimol Klayklueng

FASS Outstanding Service Award 2017

Ms Ong Meng Choo

FASS Service Award 2017

Ms Lela Kaur
Ms Low Lee Enn


National Day Awards 2017 - Public Service Medal (PBM)

Ms Lela Kaur

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