e-FLT Journal

e-FLT - Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching

e-FLT, or the Electronic Journal for Foreign Language Teaching, is a peer-reviewed journal published by our Centre with the aim of disseminating scholarly information on research and development in Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning. It publishes articles and book reviews in English as well as in any of the nine languages taught in our Centre, namely Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, Tamil, Thai and Vietnamese. Its multilingual platform is a unique feature that will broaden its scope and allow it to reach out to academics, researchers, practitioners, and other professionals specializing in various languages. will appear twice a year, in June and December. It is published electronically in the Internet to allow it to reach a wider audience in Asia and the rest of the world, while keeping production costs to a minimum, making it possible to grant free access to all.

After its successful launch on 1 Dec 2004, e-FLT now moves into its fourth year. Volume 5, Number 1 of this online journal has appeared (date of publication: 1 June 2008). We would like to invite you and your colleagues to visit the journal's website and read the articles and reviews in the new issue. We would like to encourage you to register as a subscriber. Subscription is free, and all subscribers will be kept informed of the latest events, including the publication of the latest issues of the journal. Subscribers will also be entitled to participate in the journal's electronic forums.

Call for Manuscripts

e-FLT invites manuscripts in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, Tamil, Thai or Vietnamese on research, development or practice in Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning for its two issues in June and December 2005. Detailed submission information (scope, length, format, review procedure etc.) can be accessed on our website. Wherever possible, manuscripts are to be sent by e-mail as MS Word documents or in Rich Text format to the Editor, e-FLT, at