The Centre for Language Studies views teaching and research as the twin pillars of its endeavour to create an impact on both the university landscape and the international language education community. Quality research will lead to continuous improvements in the quality of teaching in the CLS and contribute to the professional development of its staff. To create a healthy research culture and to facilitate the translation of research into better practice, it actively encourages staff as well as invites international scholars of good standing to deliver lectures and conduct seminars and workshops under its auspices.
  • The CLS engages in research in second and foreign language education. It focuses on both theoretical and applied research with the dual aim of contributing new insights to these disciplines and establishing a reputation for good quality and innovative teaching approaches.
  • As part of its efforts to innovate, the CLS encourages the study of the application of new technologies to second and foreign language teaching and learning as well as their impact on teaching methodology, curriculum development and learning processes.
  • The CLS recognizes the obvious contributions of various related academic disciplines such as psychology, language acquisition, linguistics, literature and cultural studies to language teaching and associates itself with research in these disciplines which helps to shape the methodology and contents of its language curriculum.