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CNM CATI’s Lab (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) is equipped with 7 interviewing stations (including the supervisor’s station) and uses the SPSS Interview CATI software with multilingual facilities. The lab facilities both telephone and web methods of survey research.

What is Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI)?


CATI is a telephone surveying method in which the interviewer follows the pre-loaded scripts in the software application. A CATI session generally operates in the following way:


  1. A computerized questionnaire is administered to respondents using the telephone.
  2. The interviewer sits in front of a computer screen and dials the telephone number.
  3. When contact is initialized, the interviewer reads the questions presented on the computer screen and documents the respondent's replies directly into the computer.
  4. Interim and update reports can be compiled instantaneously.
  5. The software has built-in branching logic, which will skip questions that are not relevant or probe for more details
  6. If a connection is not established, the record is either placed in a queue for re-dialing at another time or removed from the queue and marked as unreachable.
  7. The web version is available to complement the telephone interview if respondents prefer to answer at their own pace.


For more detailed information on the usage and booking of CATI’s Lab, kindly email to Ms Satveer Kaur at cnmstk@nus.edu.sg.