The NUS Students’ Communications and New Media Society aims to be the voice of the CNM student body, and the bridge between the CNM Department and students. 

We work towards bringing in and creating relevant opportunities for CNM students to connect and gain exposure to various sectors in the media industry. 

The Society also organizes social events to bring students closer together, in hopes of building a CNM family.  We welcome students and staff, be it majors, minors, tutors or professor.

We work closely with the CNM Department, both to grow CNM Society and the CNM Department.

The following is a summary of the various activities that we conduct throughout the academic year:
Dialogue Sessions with the CNM Department - Regarding curriculum changes Industry Visits – to companies such as Microsoft and MediaCorp Social Activities – Paintball session, cable skiing, welcome tea, CNY gathering and Christmas gathering.


CNM Society - 12th Executive Committee Members




 Galicia Deanne Beatrice Aquino 





 Jolene Dayle Alethea Quek Xin Yun

 Vice President




 Crystal Toh Sihui

 General Secretary




 Lim Rui Jia Olivia

 General Secretary




 Chong Feng Ling Jasmine

 Project Director




 Mancini Tan

 Project Director





 Nicole Lee Siew Ching

 Publicity Director





 Jasmine Moh

 Adhoc Creative 




 Crystal Tan Sze Xuan

 Publicity Director




 Veldas Lim Mui Cheng

 Creative Director




 Abigail Lim En Qi

 Creative Director

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