Y = Module is being offered in that Semester, N = Module is not being offered in that Semester.
Code Module Name Semester 1 Semester 2
NM5201State and Civil Society in The Information AgeYN
NM5204Computer-Mediated EnvironmentsNY
NM5205Cognition and MediaNY
NM5207ICTs and DevelopmentNN
NM5209Interactive Media ArtsNY
NM5210Interactive Media Design Research (Formerly known as Critical Interactive Media Design Issues)NN
NM5212Theories of Public RelationsYN
NM5214Design for Public EngagementNY
NM5215Design Knowledge for Interactive MediaNN
NM5216Culture, Communication & HealthNN
NM5217Designing for Prosocial BehaviourNN
NM5660Independent StudyYN
NM5770Networked SocietyNN
NM6101Advanced Theories in Communications and New MediaYN
NM6103Quantitative Research Methods in Communications and New MediaNY
NM6104Qualitative Research Methods in Communications and New MediaYN
NM6202Technological EmbodimentsYN
NM6203Culture Centered Approach to CommunicationYN
NM6211Political CommunicationYN
NM6660Independent StudyYY
NM6770Graduate Research SeminarNY