Information correct as at 19 September 2018.

Y = Module is being offered in that Semester, N = Module is not being offered in that Semester.

Code Module Name Semester 1 Semester 2
CSA6101 Cultural Studies Theory And Analysis N Y
CSA6880 Topics in Cultural Studies in Asia Y N
NM5201 State and Civil Society in The Information Age N N
NM5204 Computer-Mediated Environments Y N
NM5205 Cognition and Media N N
NM5207 ICTs and Development N N
NM5209 Interactive Media Arts N N
NM5210 Interactive Media Design Research (Formerly known as Critical Interactive Media Design Issues) N N
NM5212 Theories of Public Relations N N
NM5214 Design for Public Engagement N N
NM5215 Design Knowledge for Interactive Media N N
NM5216 Culture, Communication & Health Y N
NM5217 Designing for Prosocial Behaviour N N
NM5660 Independent Study Y Y
NM5770 Networked Society N N
NM6101 Advanced Theories in Communications and New Media Y N
NM6103 Quantitative Research Methods in Communications and New Media N Y
NM6104 Qualitative Research Methods in Communications and New Media Y N
NM6202 Technological Embodiments N N
NM6203 Culture Centered Approach to Communication N N
NM6211 Political Communication N N
NM6660 Independent Study Y Y
NM6770 / CSA6770 Graduate Research Seminar N Y