Our students produce a wide variety of interesting work on an eclectic range of salient and timely topics relating to media, communications and the social aspects of technology. One of the key projects of CNM students is the honours thesis where students develop their own research questions, conduct independent fieldwork and analyse their data under close guidance from their supervisors. In other CNM modules, students also undertake other research projects such as product proposals and business plans.

Honours Theses from previous batches of students is listed here.


Criteria for NM4401 Honours Thesis

NM4401 Honours Thesis (15 MCs) is Optional. The Honours Thesis/Project is not compulsory for the Honours Degree. Students who do not read the Honours Thesis/Project can read with the Independent Studies Module (ISM) or other level-4000 modules in their respective majors, if they wish.

From 2007 Cohort Onwards:

  1. To read the thesis, students must declare an Honours track of which they must have completed 110 MCs, including 60 MCs in the major.
  2. Read & pass NM4102;
  3. Obtain the minimum standards at the point of registration:
    Minimum SJAP of 4.0 and CAP of 3.2

Project selection:
Students may select a topic by examining the list of faculty research interests. Alternatively, students may devise their own projects and locate a supervisor.

Thesis is assessed by two academic staff. 
** Please note your thesis should be printed double-sided. If you do not comply with this requirement (i.e., still printing your thesis one-sided) , your thesis will result in an automatic 5-point deduction
Please keep the style (bold).


Guidelines & Forms

Honours Thesis Proposal AY2017/18 (Semester 2)
Honours Thesis Proposal AY2018/19 (Semester 1)
DERC Requirements
Honours Thesis Guidelines
Honours Thesis Evaluation Criteria (Humanities)
Honours Thesis Evaluation Criteria (Social Sciences)
Ethical Review Guidelines
Honours Thesis Briefing Session
Honours Thesis Approval Form


Important Dates

Honours Thesis Deadline for those allocated NM4401 in AY2017/2018 (Semester 2)

20 Apr 2018, 5 pm
Submission of Honours Thesis to supervisor


Honours Thesis for AY2018/2018 (Semester 1) 
Registration starts AY2017/2018 (Semester 2)

31 Jan 2018
Submission of Honours Thesis Proposal to supervisor
20 Feb 2018     
Submission of Honours Thesis Proposal to CNM General Office
15 Nov 2018, 5 pm
Submission of Honours Thesis

Honours Thesis for AY2018/2019 (Semester 2)
Registration starts AY2018/2019 (Semester 1)

31 Aug 2018
Submission of Honours Thesis Proposal to supervisor
12 Sep 2018
Submission of Honours Thesis Proposal to CNM General Office
18 Apr 2019, 5 pm
Submission of Honours Thesis