Although students are strongly encouraged to look for internships on TalentConnect, they are nonetheless allowed to source for internships on other job portals. Internships found on portals other than TalentConnect are considered self-sourced internships. Self-sourced internships require the department’s approval before they are accepted.

To have a self-sourced internship be approved, please write in to with the following information:

  • Name of internship position​
  • Company Name
  • Internship job description
  • Start and end dates of the internship
  • Name and email of a contact person from the company

In the meantime, please urge the employer to create a TalentConnect account and make the job posting as soon as possible. If they require guidance, please write in to





Alongside internship, students are required to read MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which will either be Level 2000 or 3000 modules. MOOCs are only offered to students who are doing their compulsory internship, and are pre-determined by the department every semester. Prior to the start of the internship, students are given the option of reading either a minimum of one or a maximum of two MOOCs during their internship. Each MOOC is worth 4 Module Credits, which count toward the NM Major.


Because MOOCs are often a customised version of an ordinary module, students are encouraged to check for the relevant alerts on the module's IVLE space. This information is important because students may reserve reading that particular module until their compulsory internship comes along.


MOOCs have been designed to be interactive, where most lessons are hosted online. MOOCs will also have a manageable amount of face-to-face sessions, which will be conducted in the evenings.



The Compulsory Internship Programme is coded as NM3550Y, and is worth 12 Module Credits. If a student chooses to read one MOOC, then the total number of Modules Credits for that semester is 16. If the student chooses to read two MOOCs, then the total number of Module Credits for the semester is 20. These Module Credits count toward the NM major. 




Students are encouraged to take charge of their study plan and candidature. For students who intend not to study any MOOCs and/or plan to overload, they are reminded to work out their study plan ahead of time so as not to risk delaying graduation and failing to graduate on time. Students are also strongly encouraged to closely follow their proposed study plan. 


Past batches of students who have went for the internship programme have given feedback that they found it difficult to manage an evening MOOC class on top of the internship.


To request for an exemption, students may write in to Please send in a study plan of all the modules that the student has taken thus far, not just NM modules, from Semester 1 to graduation in the following format:


Programme: Single Major [B.A.] or Single Major [B.Soc.Sci.(Hons)]
Advanced Placement Credits (if applicable): XX MCs

Sem 1 AY18/19:

1 Level 1000 NM module: 
- NM1101E (4 MCs)

2 Level 1000 FAS module: 
- FAS1101 (4 MCs)
- EL1101E (4 MCs)

Total MCs (semesters): 12 MCs

Total MCs (all semesters): XXX MCs




Students may choose to do an overseas internship with NUS Overseas College (NOC) instead of through the Compulsory Internship Programme. In this case, the overseas internship module code will be TR3202. The CIP will be mapped to the NOC internship. Students should contact and inform the CIP team about their intention to undertake an NOC internship such that their names will be taken off the CIP list.


Students should have planned their entire academic plan (i.e. from Year 1 Semester 1 to graduation) and have had their plans checked by the NOC coordinators before going on NOC.


Mapping of TR3202 to NM3550Y is automatic and does not require students to handle any administrative procedures. An extra semester is needed for TR3202 to be mapped onto NM3550Y, which the NOC coordinators should have informed the students about.

However, please take note that NM3550Y may not be mapped in the event that students do not fulfil the responsibilities and assignments required of them by the overseas company. Thus, students are strongly encouraged to take their overseas internships seriously and complete any assignments on time.

FAQ for Students


Can I complete CIP in Year 1/2/4?

CIP must be completed in Year 3 Semester 1 or Year 3 Semester 2. Students are not advised to take CIP in any other year, barring special circumstances.

Please write in to immediately if CIP is not able to be completed by Year 3 Semester 2.


Can I start or end my CIP earlier or later than the stipulated dates?

The stipulated start and end dates are a minimum guideline to fulfill the required twenty weeks. Thus, students are allowed to extend their internships beyond that. In fact, many companies ask for six-month internships. This would be considered a private arrangement between the employer and the student.

For instance, if a student is to go for the 8 Jul – 24 Nov CIP, they may opt to extend their internship by beginning on 1 May and/or ending on 31 Dec.

However, although students are allowed to start earlier, they are not allowed to start any later than one week from the official start date.


How do I register for MOOCs?

An email will be sent out near the end of April/November to request for students’ MOOC choices.


I have ___ activity that prevents me from starting CIP on time. Can I start later?

Students may start CIP no later than one week from the official start date. Take note that CIP is a mandatory programme and a graduation requirement. All other non-compulsory activities should be scheduled around CIP.

Students may wish to negotiate with employers for one or two days off to fulfill non-compulsory activities instead of delaying CIP.


My company is offering me a stipend lower than $1000. Is this allowed?

On average, the stipend is about $1000, however there are companies that may offer lesser.


Who will be my academic supervisor?

The academic supervisor is Dr Jinna Tay.


Can I use my current FAS2551 internship/other internship to fulfil CIP?

Students are allowed to use internships they are currently undertaking to fulfil CIP. This would be considered an extension of their current internship. Thus, students are encouraged to negotiate the details with their employers.

However, the internship has to be captured on TalentConnect. Thus, employers will be required to post the job on the portal. For further queries, please contact