We offer two types of internship programmes:

  • 6 months (24 weeks) programme which runs from Jan – Jun or Jul – Dec each year
  • 3 months (12 weeks) programme from May – Jul (during vacation) each year.

Internships help you develop job-specific skills, apply theory to practice and increase your chances of securing a job offer before graduating. We partner several organisations across the communication, new media, public relations, advertising, interactive media and related industries to create meaningful work experiences, that CNM students can benefit from.



Pre-requisites For 3-Month Programme

The 3-month programme that runs from May – Jul each year, does not have specific pre-requisites, as students do not receive modular credits for this. However, this short-term programme gives students a valuable peek into the industry that they are interested in, and gain some exposure.

If you are keen to participate in the 3-month programme, look out for an email announcement, which will usually be sent out sometime in Mar/Apr. Students can then email the internship co-ordinator and ask to have a look at the folder containing details of all internship openings. If suitable positions are found, students can email the employer directly with their resume and cover letter, expressing their interest for the position(s). Short-listed students will be contacted directly by the employer(s) for interviews and other selection activities.

Pre-requisites For 6-Month Programme

The 6-month programme can fall on either semester:

  • Semester 1: Jul – Dec
  • Semester 2: Jan – Jun

Students receive 8 modular credits for modules NM3550 and INM3550 upon completion. Additionally, students must satisfy the following pre-requisites:

  • Full-time student taking on NM Major
  • Read and pass a minimum of 80 MCs (minimum of 24 MCs from CNM)
  • NM3550 and INM3550 to be read concurrently
  • Must have read NM2220 and NM2219 and preferably NM3219 for communications related internships
  • Must have read NM2220 and NM2216 for Games or Interactive media related internships
  • Read CFG1000 StepUp Module or CFG1001 HeadStart Module or attended CFG Career Catalyst programme
  • Must not have been granted a Leave of Absence to participate in the internship
  • Additional prerequisites may apply for certain employers

The listed pre-requisites are only applicable to students who belong to cohorts before 2015. As a student, you are strongly encouraged to attend internship briefing sessions which we conduct in Semesters 1 and 2, to learn more about how you can maximise your internship opportunities.

Next Internship Briefing: The next briefing session will be held at the start of Sem 1 (AY2017/18), please check at a later date for more details.

Application Procedure

To apply for the 6-month programme, send the following documents to cnmbox10@nus.edu.sg:

  • Completed CNM Internship Application Form
  • Completed and signed Letter of Consent and Undertaking
  • Resume [View the suggested resume format here. Refer to Page 24 for a sample cover letter and Page 29 for a sample resume]
  • List of NM modules read and grades obtained
  • Recommendation from a CNM lecturer or tutor to be sent directly to cnmbox10@nus.edu.sg

We reserve the right to reject applicants, and will only invite short-listed students for an interview. During the interview, students may express their preferences. Thereafter, we will match students to potential employers and internship positions. Employers will then be sent details of qualifying students, who will short-list students for their own interviews and selection process.

Supervision and Assessment

Students participaitng in the 6-month internship programme are assigned a worksite supervisor as well as an academic supervisor. The worksite supervisor will guide and mentor the student at the workplace, and is responsible for the final feedback on the student's performance during the 6 months. The worksite supervisor will also vet weekly journals that are submitted on a monthly basis to the academic supervisor.

The academic supervisor, on the other hand, will be in touch with the student throughout the internship and provide the student with guidance, especially in the context of applying theory to practice. The academic supervisor will also assess and grade the submissions, including the final report.

Assessment Criteria

Criteria Item Weightage
Initial Report (500 words) 10%
Monthly Journals 40%
Final Report (3,000 words) and Presentation Slides 40%
Feedback from Workplace Supervisor 10%


The department recommends a minimum monthly allowance of $1000. No CPF contributions are required.

Tuition Fees

During the course of internship, regular semester fees remain applicable, as students receive module credits for their participation in the internship programme. Consequently, students are not allowed to earn module credits if they have been granted a Leave of Absence to perform their internships.

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