Code Module Name Semester 1 Semester 2
NM1101ECommunications, New Media and SocietyYY
NM1101XCommunications, New Media and SocietyNY
NM2101Theories Of Communications and New MediaYY
NM2103Quantitative Research MethodsYY
NM2104Qualitative Communication Research MethodsYY
NM2201Intercultural CommunicationYY
NM2203Social Media in Communication ManagementYY
NM2207Computational Media Literacy *NEWNY
NM2207YComputational Media Literacy *NEWNY
NM2208Principles of Visual CommunicationYN
NM2209Social Psychology of New MediaYY
NM2212Visual DesignNY
NM2213Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction DesignYN
NM2216User Centred Design MethodologiesNN
NM2219Principles of Communication ManagementYY
NM2220Introduction to Media WritingYY
NM2301Persuasive Communication: Theory and ApplicationNN
NM2302New Media and MobilityYY
NM2303Fake News, Lies and Spin: How to Sift Fact from FictionYY
NM3202Governance and New MediaYN
NM3203Copyright and New MediaNY
NM3205Digital Culture and ArtNY
NM3207Philosophy in Communications and New MediaYN
NM3209Designing for InteractivityNN
NM3210Cybercrime and SocietyNY
NM3211News Reporting and EditingYY
NM3213Digital HumanitiesYN
NM3214New Media and Science CommunicationNN
NM3215Advertising StrategiesYY
NM3216Game DesignYN
NM3217Design for Strategic CommunicationsYY
NM3219Writing for Communication ManagementYY
NM3221Mobile Interaction DesignYN
NM3222Interactive StorytellingNY
NM3223Non-Linear Visual NarrativeYN
NM3224Culture IndustriesYN
NM3226Location-Based Interactive ExperiencesYN
NM3227Critical Game DesignNN
NM3228Interactive Sequential ArtNN
NM3229Data VisualizationNN
NM3230Photographic and Video StorytellingYY
NM3231Physical Interaction DesignNY
NM3232Strategic Communication: ConceptsYY
NM3232YStrategic Communication: ConceptsNY
NM3233Strategic Communication: ApplicationsYY
NM3234Leadership, Organisations and New MediaNN
NM3235Corporate Social Responsibility: Research and PracticeNN
NM3236Ethics in Communication ManagementNN
NM3237Health CommunicationYY
NM3239Retrieving, Exploring and Analysing Data *NEWYN
NM3550Communications and New Media InternshipYY
NM3550YCommunications and New Media Compulsory InternshipYY
INM3550Extended Internship (Concurrent with NM3550)YY
NM3551FASS Undergraduate Research OpportunitiesYY
NM4102Advanced Communications and New Media Research(Formerly known as NM4101)YY
NM4202Global CommunicationNN
NM4203Infocom Technology PolicyYN
NM4204Media EthicsNY
NM4206Media and Communications RegulationYN
NM4207Managing Communication CampaignsYN
NM4208Designing for an Integrated Communications EnvironmentNN
NM4209Advanced Game DesignNY
NM4210User Experience DesignNY
NM4211Online JournalismYY
NM4212Media and RepresentationYN
NM4213Digital EconomiesYN
NM4217Advanced Communication CampaignsNN
NM4218Knowledge Management: Approaches and CritiqueNN
NM4219New Media in Health CommunicationYY
NM4221Writing in Health CommunicationsYY
NM4223New Media and OrganizationsNY
NM4224Sound and InteractionNN
NM4225Design FictionYN
NM4226Interactive Media Design Capstone ProjectNY
NM4227Playable ArtYN
NM4228Crisis CommunicationYN
NM4229Cultural Communication and Creative ExpressionNN
NM4230Communication for Social ChangeYY
NM4231Advanced Photographic and Video StorytellingNY
NM4238Software StudiesNY
NM4401Honours ThesisYY
XFA4403CNM Integrated Honours ThesisYN
NM4660Independent StudyYY
NM4881ATopics in Media Studies: Social MediaNY
NM4881BPostcolonial Approaches to Media and CommunicationNN
NM4881CCritical Theory and Cultural Studies in New MediaNY
NM4881DMedia, Rhetoric and the Public SphereYN
NM4881EPhotography, Visual Rhetoric and Public CultureNY
NM4883BEnthomethodolgy for New MediaNN
M4883CCommunication and Asian Holistic HealthcareNN
M4883DNew Media Production and Public EngagementYY
NM4883EHealth Communications and Social MarketingNN
NM4883FFinancial JournalismNN
NM4883GFinancial CommunicationsYY
NM5201State and Civil Society in The Information AgeNY
NM5204Computer-Mediated EnvironmentsNN
NM5205Cognition and MediaNN
NM5205RCognition and MediaNY
NM5207ICTs and DevelopmentNN
NM5209Interactive Media ArtsNN
NM5210Interactive Media Design Research (Formerly known as Critical Interactive Media Design Issues)NN
NM5212Theories of Public RelationsNN
NM5214Design for Open ScienceNN
NM5215Design Knowledge for Interactive MediaNN
NM5216Culture, Communication and HealthNN
NM5217Designing for Prosocial BehaviorNN
NM5660Independent StudyYY
NM5771Networked SocietyNN
GEM1036/GEH1001Globalization and New MediaYY
GEM2027/GET1008Public Speaking and Critical ReasoningYY
GEH1061Representation and MediaYY
GES1031Culture and Communication in SingaporeYY
GES1032Singapore, the Campaign NationYY
GES1033Who Moved My OB MarkersYY
GET1033Exploring Computational MediaYN
GET1035Critical Perspective in AdvertisingYY
GET1038Communication in Small GroupsYY
FMA1203CSmart CitiesYY
FMA1204CSaving FaceYY

CNM reserves the rights to make changes when necessary. Correct as at May 2015.


Y = Module is being offered in that Semester, N = Module is not being offered in that Semester.


Code Module Name Semester 1 (Aug - Dec) Semester 2 (Jan - May)
NM3224 Culture Industries N Y