Information correct as at 19 September 2018.

Code Module Name Semester 1 Semester 2
NM1101E Communications, New Media and Society Y Y
NM1101X Communications, New Media and Society N Y
NM2101 Theories Of Communications and New Media Y Y
NM2103 Quantitative Research Methods Y Y
NM2104 Qualitative Communication Research Methods Y Y
NM2201 Intercultural Communication Y N
NM2203 Social Media in Communication Management N Y
NM2207 Computational Media Literacy *NEW N Y
NM2207Y Computational Media Literacy *NEW N Y
NM2208 Principles of Visual Communication Y N
NM2209 Social Psychology of New Media Y N
NM2212 Visual Design N Y
NM2213 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design Y N
NM2216 User Centred Design Methodologies N N
NM2219 Principles of Communication Management Y N
NM2219Y Principles of Communication Management Y Y
NM2220 Introduction to Media Writing Y Y
NM2301 Persuasive Communication: Theory and Application N N
NM2302 New Media and Mobility N Y
NM2303 Fake News, Lies and Spin: How to Sift Fact from Fiction Y Y
NM3202 Governance and New Media N N
NM3203 Copyright and New Media N Y
NM3204 E-Learning N N
NM3205 Digital Culture and Art N N
NM3207 Philosophy in Communications and New Media N N
NM3209 Designing for Interactivity N N
NM3210 Cybercrime and Society N Y
NM3211 News Reporting and Editing Y N
NM3213 Digital Humanities N N
NM3214 New Media and Science Communication N N
NM3215 Advertising Strategies Y Y
NM3216 Game Design Y N
NM3217 Design for Strategic Communications Y Y
NM3219 Writing for Communication Management N Y
NM3221 Mobile Augmented Reality Interaction Design N N
NM3222 Interactive Storytelling N Y
NM3223 Non-Linear Visual Narrative N N
NM3224 Culture Industries N N
NM3226 Location-Based Interactive Experiences N N
NM3227 Critical Game Design N N
NM3228 Interactive Sequential Art N N
NM3229 Data Visualization N N
NM3230 Photographic and Video Storytelling Y Y
NM3231 Physical Interaction Design N N
NM3232 Strategic Communication: Concepts N Y
NM3232Y Strategic Communication: Concepts Y Y
NM3233 Strategic Communication: Applications Y N
NM3234 Leadership, Organisations and New Media N Y
NM3235 Corporate Social Responsibility: Research and Practice N N
NM3236 Ethics in Communication Management N N
NM3237 Health Communication N Y
NM3237Y Health Communication Y Y
NM3239 Retrieving, Exploring and Analysing Data *NEW Y N
NM3240 Digital Media and Political Communication Y N
NM3550Y Communications and New Media Compulsory Internship Y Y
NM3551 FASS Undergraduate Research Opportunities N Y
NM4102 Advanced Communications and New Media Research(Formerly known as NM4101) Y Y
NM4202 Global Communication N N
NM4203 Infocom Technology Policy Y N
NM4204 Media Ethics N Y
NM4206 Media and Communications Regulation Y N
NM4207 Managing Communication Campaigns N N
NM4208 Designing for an Integrated Communications Environment N N
NM4209 Advanced Game Design N Y
NM4210 User Experience Design for Virtual Reality N Y
NM4211 Online Journalism N N
NM4212 Media and Representation N N
NM4213 Digital Economies N Y
NM4217 Advanced Communication Campaigns N N
NM4218 Knowledge Management: Approaches and Critique N N
NM4219 New Media in Health Communication N Y
NM4221 Writing in Health Communications Y N
NM4223 New Media and Organizations N N
NM4224 Sound and Interaction N N
NM4225 Design Fiction Y N
NM4226 Interactive Media Design Capstone Project N N
NM4227 Playable Art Y N
NM4228 Crisis Communication N N
NM4229 Cultural Communication and Creative Expression N N
NM4230 Communication for Social Change N Y
NM4231 Advanced Photographic and Video Storytelling N Y
NM4238 Software Studies N Y
NM4239 Digital Propaganda and Public Opinion N Y
NM4401 Honours Thesis Y Y
NM4660 Independent Study Y Y
NM4881A Topics in Media Studies: Social Media Y N
NM4881B Postcolonial Approaches to Media and Communication Y N
NM4881C Critical Theory and Cultural Studies in New Media N Y
NM4881D Media, Rhetoric and the Public Sphere N Y
NM4881E Photography, Visual Rhetoric and Public Culture Y N
NM4883B Enthomethodolgy for New Media N N
NM4883C Communication and Asian Holistic Healthcare N N
NM4883D New Media Production and Public Engagement Y N
NM4883E Health Communications and Social Marketing N N
NM4883F Financial Journalism Y N
NM4883G Financial Communications N N
NM5201 State and Civil Society in The Information Age N N
NM5204 Computer-Mediated Environments Y N
NM5205 Cognition and Media N N
NM5205R Cognition and Media N N
NM5207 ICTs and Development N N
NM5209 Interactive Media Arts N N
NM5210 Interactive Media Design Research (Formerly known as Critical Interactive Media Design Issues) N N
NM5212 Theories of Public Relations N N
NM5214 Design for Open Science N N
NM5215 Design Knowledge for Interactive Media N N
NM5216 Culture, Communication and Health N N
NM5217 Designing for Prosocial Behavior N N
NM5660 Independent Study N Y
NM5771 Networked Society N N
GEM1036/GEH1001 Globalization and New Media Y Y
GEM2027/GET1008 Public Speaking and Critical Reasoning Y Y
GEH1061 Representation and Media Y Y
GES1031 Culture and Communication in Singapore Y Y
GES1032 Singapore, the Campaign Nation N N
GES1033 Who Moved My OB Markers Y N
GET1033 Exploring Computational Media Y N
GET1035 Critical Perspective in Advertising Y Y
GET1038 Communication in Small Groups N Y
FMA1203C Smart Cities N Y
FMA1204C Saving Face Y N

CNM reserves the rights to make changes when necessary. Correct as at May 2015.


Y = Module is being offered in that Semester, N = Module is not being offered in that Semester.


Code Module Name Semester 1 (Aug - Dec) Semester 2 (Jan - May)
NM3224 Culture Industries N Y