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Research @ CNM

CNM's research covers a wide variety of topics, which consist mostly of those related to New Media and Society, Communication Management and New Media Art and Design.


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Lecturer Research Interest
  • Culture & Health
  • Health Communication & PR Campaigns
  • Structural (in)Access to Health Care
  • Health in Marginalized Spaces
  • Use of Technology for Health among Hard to Reach Population
CHANG, Leanne
  • Health Communication and Program Evaluation
  • Female Information Seeking Behavior
  • Citizen Participation in Health Programs
  • Communication for Social Change
  • Free Culture and Open source

  • Remix Theory and Practice

  • Internet Economics, Law and Policy

  • Computer-Mediated Communication

  • Online Collective Action

  • Social Media

  • Social Network Analysis

  • Network Science

  • Big Data and Web Mining

CHIANG, Jing Ying
  • Digital and Interactive Imaging
  • Interactive Sequential Art
  • Interactive Visualization
  • New Media Art
  • Visual Communication
  • Visual Narrative
CHO, Hichang
  • Electronic Commerce and Organisational Trust
  • Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Computer - Supported  Cooperative    Work (CSCW)
  • Internet Advertising and Marketing
  • Leadership in Multi-Cultural Organisations or Electronic Work Groups
  • Social Network Analysis
DUTTA, Mohan
  • Culture-Centred Approach
  • Culture and Health
  • Immigrant Health
  • Globalisation and Health Inequalities
  • Resistance
  • Communication for Social Change
  • Participatory Communication
  • Ethnography
FOONG, Pin Sym
  • Persuasive Technology
  • Health Informatics
  • Digital Memories
  • User Experience
  • Design
GUI, Kai Chong
  • Media Globalization
  • Cultural Industries
  • Popular Culture
  • Media Representations
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
HOOFD, Ingrid
  • Understanding the contemporary relationship between new media activism and online politics, the aesthetics of new technologies, and neo-liberal globalisation, from a critical and feminist perspective.

  • Using critical frameworks to understand the transformation of Higher Education in Asia on the level of institutional and pedagogical strategies.

  • Re-interpreting and -assessing the value of the work of philosopher of technology Jean Baudrillard in light of contemporary feminist theory in the humanities

KERA, Denisa
  • Biologging and Social Networking over DNA
  • Interfaces for Personal Genomics and Biodata
  • Map Mashups, Widgets and Microapplications
  • Web 2.0 Phenomena and Culture of Open APIs
  • Digital Art and Aggregation, Recycling and Visualisations of Data
  • Heritage and Location based Media
  • Synthetic Biology and STS
LIM, Sun Sun

ICT use by young people and families in Asia, focusing on:

  • Socio-Cultural Influences on Technology Domestication
  • Media Literacies for the Digital Age
  • 'Deviant' Media use by At-Risk Youths
LIN, Julian
  • Adoption and diffusion of information technology, particularly in examining the competing new media, technologies and models
  • Factors affecting New Media Use (e.g., Mobile Devices, Blogs, Messengers, and others), and their social implications
  • Factors affecting the credibility of messages and different communication media technologies
LEE, Seow Ting
  • Public Relations
  • Health Communication
  • Media Ethics
  • Civic Engagement
  • Media Effects
  • Peace Communication
MCGEE, Kevin
  • Interactive Digital Media Design
  • Design of Computer Tools
  • Design of End User Programming Environments
  • Intelligent and Adaptive User Interfaces
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Science
  • Psychology of Partnership, Improvisation, and Play
  • User Studies of Interactive Digital Media
MITCHELL, Alexander
  • Computer-Supported Cooperative Work/Play/Learning
  • Experimental Gameplay
  • Game Studies
  • Interactivity
  • Narrative and Play in Interactive Media
  • Qualitative Research Methodologies for Interaction Design
  • Situated/Ambient Interaction
NATHAN, Francesca
  • Health Communication
  • Science Communication
  • Player-driven creative mutation of computer game characters and online game worlds
  • Philosophical interest in virtual control and freedom of movement in game space brought to bear on game modification,  art and activist games
  • Serious military games, the city as networked playspace and Situationist ludic approaches to urban spaces
  • Community Informatics
  • Digital Divide
  • ICTs and Development
  • Youth and Technoculture in Asia
  • New Media, Civil Society and Social Movements
  • Mobile Phones and Marginalized groups
WYSE, Lonce
  • Communication in Collaborative Performance
  • Psychology of Electroacoustic Music
  • Analysis Methods for Electroacoustic Music
  • Sound Synthesis and Composition
  • Musical Interfaces
  • Sonification
YEW, Choon Loong, Jude
  • Social Computing Systems
  • Design for Open Collaboration and Sharing
  • Moral Affordances
  • Environments for Creative Production and Performance
  • Content Sharing Networks
  • Data Analytics for Social Good
ZHANG, Weiyu
  • Understanding the intersection between new media, civic engagement, and youth in Asia
  • Discovering emerging behavior patterns in the era of new media (e.g., multitasking with media).

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