Marketa Dolejsova is a food designer and researcher born in Prague and currently based in Singapore. In her work, she uses critical and speculative design methods to question techno-centric promises of digital food cultures and data-driven food lifestyles. Along with the HotKarot&OpenSauce food lab, she explores themes around data cuisines, digital commensality, and edible storytelling. With the Fermentation GutHub network, she addresses issues around food sharing economy and speculates about microbiome networking in the Internet of Microbes. In the last few years, she has been following the DIY soylent community of nutrition hobbyists experimenting with powdered-based quantified diets. She received her MA at Charles University Prague, Czech Republic (thesis on Posthuman tendencies in Performance Art); at CNM, she writes her doctoral thesis about Design Research through Edible Speculation. She has previously worked as an art curator and production manager on commercial as well as non-profit projects.