Research Talks


Date  Time Venue Title


20 Jan 2016  3 PM  CNM Meeting Room Researching New Media in Asia: Some observations on 'context' Dr Ramaswami Harindranath
27 Jan 2016 3 PM  CNM Meeting Room

Large Screen as Intimate Interfaces: From Media Convergences and Creative Clusters to Cultural Participation and Transnational Publics

Dr Arun Vishwanath
03 Feb 2016 3 PM CNM Meeting Room

Spearphishing: The Single Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity and How We Can Combat It

Assoc Prof Audrey Yue
05 Feb 2016 3 PM CNM Meeting Room Science Communication at the Grassroots Level in Maharashtra, India  Mr Anant Deshpande
10 Feb 2016 3 PM  CNM Meeting Room  Digital Naturalism: Creatign a Design Framework to Support Digital Field Biology  Dr Andy Quitmeyer
12 Feb 2016 2 PM CNM Meeting Room  Promises and Performances of Satellite Communication Technology for Development in India Dr Binod C. Agarwal
17 Feb 2016 3 PM  CNM Meeting Room

Unpacking Public Sentiment Towards the Government: How Government Strategies Affect Public Engagement, Cyncism and Word of Mouth Behaviour in South Korea

 Dr Soojin Kim
17 Feb 2016                                                     4.15 PM                                     CNM Meeting Room New Media and Political Communication: How to Express and Respond & Why it Matters  Dr Ji Won Kim                                                                                                                                                          
04 Mar 2016 10.30 AM CNM Meeting Room Bandwagon or Boomerang? Examining How Peer Influence Affects Online Political Judgements Rachel Neo
04 Mar 2016 12 noon CNM Meeting Room Rasa and The Process of Finding Fit in Managing Type 2 Diabetes Among Javanese Women  Dr Dyah Pitaloka
09 Mar 2016 3 PM CNM Meeting Room Communication and the M.I.N.D. in Virtual Reality Environments: Communication, User Performance and Brain Activity Dr Frank Biocca
09 Mar 2016 4.30 PM CNM Meeting Room Social Media in the Lives of Senior Citizens: Uses and Effects of Facebook Dr Eun Hwa Jung
16 Mar 2016 3 PM CNM Meeting Room Moving Towards Learning: Uncovering the Secrets of Kinetic Learning Dr Lu Weiquan

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