Double Degree Programme

The Double Degree in Business and CNM is offered jointly by the NUS Business School and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

In today’s global environment, the line separating communications & media studies and business is blurring, and often graduates from communications and media programs are expected to perform tasks that entail business training—e.g. market analysis, marketing campaigns—while business graduates are expected to know how to effectively communicate with a company’s publics, manage a crisis or chart out technology trends.

Likewise, in today’s converging media environment, communication professionals are expected to have a broad range of knowledge and creative skills—from critical thinking and excellent writing to the ability to create publications, websites and other interactive environments. Combined with modules in new media and communication management, CNM’s modules in visual and game design seek to enrich student’s experience and prepare them for this converging field.

The double degree program (DDP) offers six choices for students:

  1. BBA(Hons)/BSocSci(Hons) – a double honours degree programme
  2. BBA(Hons)/BA – a single honours double degree programme
  3. BSocSci(Hons)/BBA – a single honours double degree programme
  4. BBA(Acc.Hons)/BSocSci(Hons)- a double honours degree programme
  5. BBA(Acc.Hons)/BA- a single honours double degree programme
  6. BSocSci(Hons)/BBA(Acc)- a single honours double degree programme

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