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Upcoming Internship Programme - Jan to Jun 2017*

*Exact dates will be announced soon 


CNM’s Industry Advisory Council (IAC) has emphasized the importance of internships as it allows students to gain career-related work experience. To offer students such an opportunity, CNM has a structured internship programme for its undergraduates. The CNM Internship programme matches qualified students with employers who offer meaningful and relevant internship positions. Since its inaugural batch of two students in January 2007, the number of students pursuing internships has increased steadily. The number of employers interested in participating in the CNM Internship programme has also increased over the semesters, offering excellent learning opportunities for CNM students.

The CNM Internship programme has two types of internships: a six-months internships with credit and a three-months internships without credit.

The former takes place yearly from January to June and July to December, while the latter is held during the May to July recess. Students are required to complete a minimum of 24 weeks and 12 weeks respectively.

Planning for internships

Embarking on a six-month internship requires careful planning from the freshmen and sophomore years as students need to take a leave of absence from the University. In general, employers prefer six-month interns as it gives them ample time to train students and assign more job responsibilities. However, students who do not wish to commit a full semester can opt for the shorter three-month internship during the holidays.

7 Steps for planning for the 6 mths internships:

1. Read up about CNM's Internship Programme on the Website.
2. Find out more about the types of industries/companies and internship opportunities available.
3. Explore options of extending candidature by one semester, reading additional modules during subsequent semesters or doing special semesters.
4. Read CFG1000 Setup Module or have successfully completed CFG1001 HeadStart Module
5. Attend Internship Briefing
6. Make arrangements to extend candidature or read more modules during subsequent semesters and/or more modules during special semester (N/B: you can arrange to do these either before or after the internship).
7. Apply for 6 Month Internship at Company/Agency.

Students must attend the career preparation workshops organized by the department if they want to obtain internships through CNM. These workshops would be held throughout the year and students are advised to check the website for the schedule.

Internship opportunities

Students are generally attached to companies in the fields of new media, communications, public relations, advertising and media design. In addition to the list of companies maintained by CNM, students can seek out their own internship opportunities, although they will need to obtain approval from the department prior to start their internship.

For-credit Internships Application Requirements

As CNM sends only a select group of students for internships, students need to demonstrate their strong desire and drive to excel in the internship. Internships are offered on a competitive basis, and only suitable applicants are short-listed. Nevertheless, the final decision to hire the intern lies with the employer, as the student would have to match the employer’s requirements.

Students must satisfy the following prerequisites before they can apply for internships:

Note: Additional prerequisites may apply for certain employers.

NM3550 & INM3550 Application Procedure

Checklist of required application documents:

  • Completed CNM Internship application form
  • Completed and signed Letter of Consent and Undertaking
  • Resumé and list of NM modules read and grades obtained
  • Recommendation from a CNM lecturer or tutor to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students may wish to download the following application forms and supporting documents,.

CNM will invite short-listed students for an interview. Selected students will then be interviewed by the employers. Once the employer notifies the successful candidates, the student will be matched to a CNM academic supervisor.

Assessment and supervision of NM3550 & INM3550

The internship will involve an academic supervisor overseeing the student to provide him/her with continuous advice. There is also a worksite supervisor who will supervise/manage the intern at the company. Students are required to keep a weekly journal that will be vetted by the worksite supervisor on a monthly basis before submission to the academic supervisor. At the end of their internship, students have to submit a project report for grading .

Frequently Asked Questions

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