Thesis Lists

In the Honours Thesis, students develop their own research questions, conduct independent fieldwork and analyse their data under close guidance from their supervisors.

The full text of these Thesis can be accessed at CNM General Office. For further information, you can email Ms Retna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any enquiries.

AY 2014/2015

Trudy CHUA Hui Hui 

Social Media, Beauty and Adolescence Girls in Singapore


CHIN EN Yu Keefe
Singaporean Youths and LAN Gaming Centers: Friends, Fun and a place to hang out

Raphael GOH
Homeschooling in Singapore: An exploration study on technology use

KWOH Hwee Bun
Deconstructing the addiction narrative: Computer involvement and Health of Singaporean Undergraduates

LEE Miao Qian 

 Eco chambers on Facebook: An information exchange and interactivity based analysis of prosocial and trolling communities


LIM Guan Liang Ivan 

Extending the social-mediated crisis communication model: The effect of crisis history and prior reputation on public response to crisis


LIM Jing Ci Jill 

Exploring the dichotomy between biomedicine and TCM : A critical perspective


LOH Sze Ming 

Pedagogy and Technology: A study of ICT initiatives in Singapore education.


TAN Chun Wui 

Travelling authentically through Instagram: Social Media user-generated content as disruption of Hermeneutic circles in Tourism


 Dawn TAN Jia Jun 

 Saying sorry: the relationship between perceived truthfulness of apology statements, Facebook’s network ties and post crisis purchase intention


TAN Kai En
Bromance representation: Reading masculinities in contemporary western television

TAN Peng Sing
The practice of everyday music: Locating online piracy in digital music consumption

WEE Li Yan Jeanette 

Exploration of Korean Pop culture dissemination through the internet and its influence on identity formation among Singaporean Youths


WONG Hui Shan 

The third person effect on couples: Assessing the effects of social media on self and their significant other


AY 2014/2015

CHIN EN Yu Keefe
Singaporean Youths and LAN Gaming Centers: Friends, Fun and a place to hang out

Raphael GOH
Homeschooling in Singapore: An exploration study on technology use

KWOH Hwee Bun
Deconstructing the addiction narrative: Computer involvement and Health of Singaporean Undergraduates

TAN Kai En
Bromance representation: Reading masculinities in contemporary western television

TAN Peng Sing
The practice of everyday music: Locating online piracy in digital music consumption

AY 2013/2014

Brendon Keefe AU
Finding out how to better protect the citizens of tomorrow: A culture-centered approach to HIV and University-age men in Singapore

CHONG Kai Yang
My Doctor, the Internet: Self diagnostics using the Internet among University Students in Singapore

Brandon DO Minh Thanh
The Effects of Multitasking with a Conversational Task on Product Attitudes in YouTube Advertisements

HE Yining
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Feminist Representation in New Media

Kenneth Kang
Relationship building strategies and outcome: An analysis of the use of face book by Singapore Political Parties and Politicians

KWOK Jia Xin
FOMO: Fear of Missing out on Social Media

LEE Shi Qi
Intersection between foreign media and young Singaporeans’ cultural identities

LIM Lee Ming
Entering Adulthood: A study of mobile communication between parents and their emerging adult children in Singapore

LIM Liu Xian
Understanding academic freedom in Singapore

NEO Yu Han
Beyond the Gutter Hypertextual Interactivity in Comics

Hanson NG Shui Jaet
The portrayal of cross-dressing actors on Singapore's mainstream Televsion

PHAM Thi Ngoc Bich
ICT Use of Migrant Vietnamese Students in Singapore to Connect with Left-behind Families and Friends

SIM Bao Jie, Louis
Preventive health behavior among baby boomers in Singapore: The role of family, peers and media

Valerie Vanessa TAN Lin Yin
The (dis)enabling of youths-at-risk in Singapore through Social Media and Technology: An Educators’ Perspective

TAN Pei Ling Jolene
Cyberactivism: Exploring the depths of new media within the LDBTQ community in Singapore

WONG Jia Yun
Greening the Gold: Framing the CSR-Luxury paradox on luxury brand websites

YIP Wai Yan
Social Comparison Effects on Singaporean Men's Body Image Ideals

AY 2012/2013

ANG Min Jia
The role of experience in sustained volunteerism among youths

HUYNH Quang Hung
Effects of healthy eating program on youths in Singapore

Rachel LEE Kar Yee
Hallyu Melayu: A closer look into K-Pop in Singapore

Joy NG Xue Qi
An experiment on music as a service (MASS) to fight digital peracy

Darren ONG Yan Shen
The poker broom: The online medium as resuscitator

Maria Daud ROWE
Negotiating and remembering “home”: The role of social media in migration

Shaikha Nurfarah bte SMHM
Living, breathing, perceiving Singapore: What the media has to do with it

TEO Jue-Ying Gwenth
Oh Xiaxue: Representation of women in Singapore

You-tube: Broadcast yourself to musical stardom: A qualitative study on your tube music scene

YOU Yingdan
Calendar scheduling at the workplace: Supporting co-ordination and continuous planning

ZHU Xueyin Melissa
Supergirls and femme fatales: The representation of strong female characters in the DC Universe

AY 2011/2012

Siti Suhailah B ABDUL WAHID
10 years trends in Republic Communications Journals: Themes and concepts

Sabrina Mercy ANTHONY
Facebook Election: Examining the impact of Facebook use on the political participation of youths during Singapore’s 2011 elections. CHEONG Kakit
America Hell Yeah: A critical analysis of pro Amewrican militainment in Call of Duty

CHIN Chainn Minn
An empirical study on female user’s engagement with fashion blogshop in Singapore CHUA Ai Ni
The impact of social and cultural factors on piracy

Aisyah HAMID
Mobile medication management system for elderly with polypharmacy

HOO Soo Yu Yvonne
Active Audiences: A study of Singapore’s Chinese TV drama

Nur Shereen KHAN
Democratizing social media for the youth: The government and media’s use of Social Media

KONG Pui San Joanna
Advertising on touch-screen mobile devices verses print media: Cognitive effects of tactile contact on brand loyalty

LER Ka Leng
Comparative study of science news coverage in Singapore English newspapers and major US newspapers

LIM Shi Mei
Fanvids in a social media environment and attitude formation

LIN Yongqing
A Gen Y_centric evaluation of Singapore’s National Education Programme (1983-2011)

LIU Xiaoxuan
A study of the relationship between consumers; expectations of MNC;s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and host cultures

NG Huay Min Sabrina
Online gambling in Singapore: A study on attitudes and motivations

NG Jin Wen
How does a social media platform encourage the crossing of private-public boundaries to easecollective action?

Juhairul Marzuk B NIZAMUDEEN

Revolution 2.0: A critical study on the role of social media during the Arab Spring of 2011

NUYEN Hoang Lien, Helen

Ethics of fast food advertising to children in Singapore

Muhammad Farkhan bin SALLEH
Interacting with familiar and unfamiliar strangers: Issues of trust on online food culltures

Lisa TAN Meiling
The impact of new media on contemporary Art in Singapore

TAN Zy Bridget
In a relationship with: A study of gender differences in displays of affection on facebook

AY 2010/2011

CHANG Yi Ping Hilda
Parental involvement in disease transmission prevention in Singapore: A hand foot and mouth disease study

EE Changshun Andrew
Singaporean Youth Gamers perception and leaadership in MMORPGS

GUAN Yanhua Eilyn
Media representation of the wedding industry (Spore context)How desires of brides-to-be are mediated in a consumerist culture

The strategic usage of information and communication techonologies in interpersonal relationship by women

LIM En Teck Sherwin
An assessment of the Healthcare information needs of women

NG Tee Lim
Social network analysis: How risks are perceived, framed and mitigated in new media platforms

NGUYEN Phuoc Thien
Media construction of childhood in Singapore through Singaporean childrens’ literature

SOH Li Yan Liyanna bte Johan
Why the Korean wave is still not ebbing: A closer look at remix culture in fandom

TAN Kian Boon
Blaming the A1: A study on human computer team dynamics and the sense of shared responsibilities in games

TAN Si Min Charmaine
Social activism and alternative media space in Singapore

TAN Xiu Fang
Culture heritage and real-time video streaming: Novel interfaces for exxploring Singapore’s heritage

Audrey TAN Yan Xi

Playtools and learning

Rachel TANN
Your friendly neighbhourhood iidol: A closer look at the relationship between K-pop idols and their fans in Singapore

THIANG Xuefang Stephanie
More than just friends in Cyberspace: The ethics of online dting

WEE Hian Huat
Understanding the strategic implications of digitalisation and media covergence. A political economy study of square mix

Rhoda WONG Wai Kuan
(Anti) Social Media

YONG Wei Ming
Singapore’s internet policies and political participation

AY 2009/2010

Md Fadzzli b ABD HAMID
Revisiting the theory of narcotizing dysfunction: A criitique of new media’s impact on social activisim on facebook

“Ladies & gentlemen – I have a confession to make” Electcronic care of the self and the evolution of the confessional to the Cyber sphere

FU Shujing Christine
How pervceicved control impacts user’s decision when responding to interactive advertising

Vicki HUANG Shi Ping
Body image perceptions from print images of the female body _ A Singapore perspecitive

LYE Zhi Le, Gifford Justin
Love is in the Game:The role of massively multiplayer online games in developing online romances

Jemima OOi Ai Ping
The feminization of technology: Marketing approaches and audience perceptions

Deeptti PATHAK
Use of social media in soocial activisim: Exploring user behaviour in employing “causes” application on facebook

Diviya Darshini SIVA
An analysis of: Factors influenmcing NUS Undergraduates’ pro-environmental behaviour

SWEE Hui En Grace
Americanised frames of marriage: A cultivation analysis of local women’s beliefs and attitudes

TEO Chung Xian
Towards an analytical framework for the development benefits of the affordances of Children’s virtual worlds: The Singapore context

TEO Hee Boon Daniel
Construction the severity of H1N1 in Singapore news media: A critical discourse analysis of Straits Times articles

VU Giang Thanh
Reputation as a measurement of the effectiveness of crisis response strategies in situational crisis communication theory (SCCT)

WOO Pui Mun Michelle
Unveiling the female cuborg: The illusion of empowerment through self-aestheticsation

Jarrod YEO Sam Ron
Edu – taining Singaporeans: The perceptions of dialogue and citizen approval of entertainment-education drama serials in Singapore

AY 2008/2009

CHUA K Lyn Charlene
Perceptions towards dengue prevention messages in Singapore

GOH Tong Jee
Of Abs abd fats: representation of female and fitness in Shape magazines

Yamada KEI
Journalism and Technology: Ethics in the Singapore Blogosphere

Michelle LEONG Ming Qian
Virtual Christ: Is an Online Church possible?

LI Zhiqiang Nicole
Game on! An exploration of the motivation of female video games in Singapore

Donald LIM Chin Hao
Role of electronic word of mouth in consumer behaviors: An Empirical testing of a multiple – Theory Model

LOH Weiye
With men and (w/o)men: A (male) feminist discourse on the representation of feminism by the old and new media Matthew

LOW Guang Wei
Web 2.0 and the Coporate World Sharon

LYNN Chu Yew Yee
Does fun make for better learning in serious games?

Eileen POH Jia Lin
Tourism representation on the Web: An analysis of Singapore Tourism Board’s website

Arlianny SAYROL
E-democracy in Malaysia: The role of online alternative and activist media in shaping the political processes

SEAH Xue Ling Nicole Rebecca
Strengthening the hegemony without censorship: A study of the lack of censorship towards alternative online media in Singapore

SEOW Hui Hong
The Avatar’s new clothes: self socialidentity and consumption in the metaverse

Jeremy SOR Yi Xiang
The fraying social fabric of Singapore: A content analysis of racism in local online forums Gerald

TAY Hong Yew
The lomographic movement

AY 2007/2008

CHEN Meihui
Knowledge-contributing Motivations of Wikipedians: An Integrated Framework of Theory of Planned Behavior, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations

GOH Chian Hao
The Phenomenology of Online Deindividuation: A Qualitative Study of Male Bloggers

GU Peiting
Carefree or Careful? A Discursive Analysis of Menstrual Product Marketing in Singapore

HO Chi Sam
Sexual minorities in The Straits Times

Ivy LAM Hui Ling
New Media Art and a New Renaissance in South-East Asian Traditional Arts

Lionel SNG Kai Lun
The Mobile Panopticon: A Theoretical Exploration of Mobilephone Cameras and the Issue of Privacy in Public Spaces

TAN Meihui
A Study of Interactivity and Product Involvement on Internet Advertising Effectiveness

AY 2006/2007

ANG Yong Jun, Gavin
Towards an Understanding of Cyberbullying: An In-depth Investigation of the Perpetrators, the Victims and their Experiences

CHEN Simin
Power and Representation: Lesbians in Singapore's Media

LEE Pei Juan
The Reconstitution of the Panopticon in the Politics of New Media in Singapore

LEONG Wei Ge, Darryl
The Impact of New Media Technologies on the Future of Oppositional Politics in Singapore

LOH Zi'An, Noelle
Establishing a Legitimate Student Press in Singapore: The Case of the Independent Campus Observer

LUU Tran Huynh Loan
Public Perceptions of Organisation Blogs - A Singapore Perspective

Mohamed Elmie Bin NEKMAT
Online Soccer Betting in Singapore: A Study of User Gratifications and Website Characteristics

NG Chien Hao
Sensation Seeking: A Predictor For Online Gambling Behaviour and Problem Online Gambling

NG Yi Kai, Aaron
Effect of Fear of Authority on the Spiral of Silence

Rosmi Nitasya MOHD IBRAHIM
The Portrayal of Women in Advertisements in Singapore (1960-2006)

PANG Hui Min Yvonne
The Webcomic Effect: An Explanatory Study of Webcomics and its Perceived Effects on the Comic Book Industry

TEH Pei Li
For Our Little Bohemia - Crafting the Creative Economy in Singapore: Policies, Discourses and Perceptions

WONG Chung Hau
A Humanised E-Learning Experience - Avatar Based Learning

WONG Jason
Examining the Social Metaverse: A Study of Motivations in Virtual Communities of Virtual Worlds

WONG Jiahui Alicia
The Online Threat: An Analysis of the Internet Threat to The Straits Times, and its implications for the PAP's ideological hegemony

AY 2005/2006

ANG Yee Zhen
Online Auctions - Why Do They Buy? A Study on the Motivations and Attitudes of Singaporeans using Online Auctions

BOON Bang Yang, Jason
Radio on Demand: Adoption of Podcast Technology by Singaporean Youths

CHEN Chongde, Eugene
Play On! - A Study of the Video Game Industry in Singapore

Brandon Marc FERNANDEZ
'Avatar': Roleplay and Improvisation in Rules-Based Environments

JEW Mei Lin
Singaporean Children's Domestication of Electronic Media for Social Interaction

TAN Ming Yue Charlene
A Study of the Korean Television Drama Phenomenon and its Impact on Tourism: Lessons Learnt for Singapore

Initial Trust in Consumer-to-Consumer E-commerce: A Singapore Study

AY 2004/2005

CHER Jia Wen Eugene
The Mobile Spying Eye: A Study on the Adoption and Uses of Camera Phones and MMS by Singaporean Youths

DADLANI Manohar Seema
Breaking the Silence: The Use of SMS by the Deaf in Singapore Kapoor

Understanding Culture's Influence on Knowledge Sharing Behaviour in Singapore

SAW Su-Fen Kristin
Sex and the City: Manolo Blahnik and Consumer Culture

AY 2003/2004

CAI Qingqing Hannah
Virtual Democracy: A Case Study of the Singaporean Homosexual Community

CHAN Su Fern Jeannie
E-Government in the ASEAN Context: A Conceptual Framework

CHEN Liling
Mobile Payment Services in Singapore: A Study of User Adoption

Past Glories and Future Dreams: The Evolution of Film Exhibition in Singapore

CHON Shi Jiao
Privacy Protection in M-Commerce: A Theoretical Framework

CHONG Singwen
The Intelligent Island: An Invisible Framework of Movement Tracking in Singapore

From Monochronic to "Mobilechronic" - Temporarility in an Era of Mobile Communications

ENG Siok Hwa
The Transnational Flow of Japanese Popular Culture to Singapore: A Cultural Perspective

GAN Kwok Ling
Internet Usage, National Identity and Singaporean Youth

KOI Eng Chew
A Study on the Use of Computer Games for Situation Awareness Development of Fighter Pilots

LEOW Mei Zhi
The Mobile Phone as a Cultural Artifact: A Singapore Perspective

LIM Winnie
Women on Phua Chu Kang: Television Representations and Audience Reception

LOO Wei Yew Desmond
Religion and Electronic Media: The Use of Electronic Media by Singapore's Church Institutions and Church Congregants

LYE Xinli Daphne
"Gamegirl": A Study of Gender and Gaming in Singapore Context

NG Shu Yi Agnes
A Place for the Postcolonial Woman in Theories of New Media: Framing the Singapore Women's Experience

Comprehending the Presumed Homogenisation of a Western Standard of Beauty via the Media: An Audience Research of Singaporean Female Undergraduates

A Mirco-ethical Approach to Surveillance: A Study of Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) in NUS

TAN Lay Ping
An Exploratory Study of Teacher's ICT Usage for Students in Different Streams at the Secondary Level

Shireen Nisha bte THOUFEEKH A
Digital Music: The End of Copyright?

WONG Kok Yoong Darren
Digital Rights Management in Singapore: A Developmental Blueprint

XIE Hui Qun
Singapore Schools in the Knowledge Economy: An Evolution of the Secondary Classroom

YEO Hwee Yong Samuel Selwyn
Towards a Computer Mediated Collaborative Learning Environment in an Institute of Higher Learning: An Inquiry into Users' Perceptions Towards Asynchronous Learning Networks Across Pedagogic Disciplines

YEO Yan Ling Joanna
The Image in Hypermedia: A Conceptual Framework

Internet and Citizen Participation

AY 2002/2003

ANG Shiao Ping, Jillian
A Look at Internet Advertising from the Perspectives of Internet Users in Singapore

Ashanti DEVI
Rethinking Singapore's Internet Content Regulation Policy

Nur Azhar bin AYOB
Older Adults' Perceptions of Information and Communications Technology and their Quality of Life Bertram

Conceptulizing Privacy in the Information Age: A Singaporean Perspective

LIM Joo Lin Julian
An Even Finer Time to be Alive? A Study of Young Singaporeans' Receptivity Towards Local Musicians in the Digital Age

LIM May-Ann
The e-ASEAN Initiative: An Evaluative Study Nurul Asyikin binte

Blogging Life: An Inquiry into the Role of Weblogs in Online Community-building

SENG Hock Chye
Public Service Broadcasting in a Multi-channel Environment: The Singapore Perspective

TAN Ee Teng
Web Usability in the Authoring of Hyperfictions

TAN Lee Wei
An Analysis of Singapore's Status as an Information Society and Future Challenges

TAN Yen Ling
Delving into the Socio-digital Divide: ICTs and their Impact on Family Life in Singapore

Consumer Trust in Internet Banking Security: A Singapore Study

YEO Tien Ee Dominic
From Silicon to Genes: Singapore's Challenge in the Creative Economy