Current PhD Students

  Name Research Interest
Somrita GANCHOUDHURI (Profile)
  • Health Communication
  • Media Content Analysis
  • Culture-Centered Methodologies to develop Community-driven Communication Soulutions

Thesis title: Media Coverage of Delhi High Court Judgement on Section 377 focuses on how the Delhi High Court verdict of decriminalizing homosexual behavior was framed by different elite English newspapers in India.
Adhvaidha KALIDASAN (Profile)
  • Counterfeit garments
  • Neoliberalization
  • Art and media consumption
  • Tamil film industry
  • Tamil Nadu politics
  • Indian society
CHUA Tiong Seng (Profile)
  • Translation studies
  • Translation in Singapore
Fang-Tze HSU (Profile)
  • Contemporary knowledge formation
  • Cold War aesthetics
  • Memory
  • Philosophies of technology
  • Artistic praxis in everyday life
SHIH Chang (Profile)
  • Museum studies
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Cultural policy studies
WANG Jiabao (Profile)
  • Folk culture
  • Heritage
  • Contemporary art
Marketa DOLEJSOVA (Profile)
  • Critical and Speculative Design
  • Human-Food Interaction
  • Digital Food Cultures
  • DIY Food & Biohacking

Thesis title: Design Research through Edible Speculation
GOH Zhang Hao (Profile)
  • Identifying pro-social behavior in social media

Thesis title: Social Networking Websites– Public Sphere of 21st Century
  • Visual texts/narratives
  • Cultural studies
  • Technology and women's studies
  • Political communication

Thesis title: Mobilization Against Hegemonic Patriarchal Constructs Through New Media: a Case of India.
Satveer KAUR (Profile)
  • Health and Political Communication

Thesis title: Meanings of Heart Health Among the Malay Community in Singapore: A Study of Cardiovascular Risk for the discussion.
Chervin LAM (Profile)
Augustus Ceasar Destura LATOSA (Profile)
Pengxiang LI (Profile)
  • User behaviors in social media
  • Public opinion in social media
  • Health Communication
  • Strategic Communication
Phan Quang Anh (Profile)
  • Video Games and Online Gaming Culture
  • Human-games interaction
  • Impacts of online gaming habits on the youth

Thesis title: To be confirmed
Prashanth Thattai RAVIKUMAR (Profile)
  • System Theory
  • Enactive Cognition

Thesis title: Understand the structure and organisation of autonomous systems through an enactive viewpoint
Smrithi VIJAYAKUMAR (Profile)
  • Health Communication
  • Culture and Health
  • Technology for social change
WANG Yang (Profile)
  • Social impact of new media
  • Mobile phone and family relationship
  • Social media use and identity
  • Public participation on new media platforms

Thesis title: Digital media use by Chinese study mothers: Transnational identity, virtual intimacy, and social relationships
Ma XIAOFEN (Profile)
WU Xuan (Profile)
  • New Media and Quality of Life
  • Media Effects
  • Impact of New Media and Technology on Diverse Groups
  • Personality and New Media Use
  • Social Media Use

Thesis title: Smartphone Usage: An Examination of Motivations, Parent-adolescent Relationship and Academic Performance among Adolescents in China
  • Online activism
  • Crisis communication
  • New media user behavior
  • Networking

Thesis title: TBA
Yuren QIN
  • Social network
  • Immigration

Thesis title: The influence of the adoption of mobile social network sites on the individual social capital of chinese urban migrants.
Dennis ANG (Profile)
  • Game Design
  • Interactive Media Design
Benjamin LOH Yew Hoong

Current Masters Students

  Name Research Interest
Tran Phuong Linh
  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Communication
  • Intertextuality
  • Educational Communication

Thesis title: Communication Strategy of Singapore Contemporary Art Exhibitions: The Interplay Between Local Culture and Globalisation.
Ximing LIU
  • Psychology of communication
  • Political communication

Thesis title: TBA
GUAN Yuxin
  • Public opinion (audience studies)
  • Communication psychology

Thesis title: TBA
Marie Angela Mendiola ORDONEZ (Profile)
  • Utilisation of New Media in Disaster Communication
  • Political Communication
Bernadette LOW (Profile)
  • Social Media
  • Online Communities
  • Social Media Ecology
Tiffany Neo
  • Visual Art and Design
  • Game Design
  • Interactive Storytelling
PHAN Thanh Ha (Profile)
  • Multisensory Interaction
SIM Yuin Theng (Profile)
  • Games
  • Interactive Storytelling