Name Designation Research Interest
Gary L KREPS Professor
  • Health communication and promotion
  • Health informatics
  • Information dissemination
  • Information technology
  • Multicultural relations
  • Organisational communication
  • Risk/crisis management
Glenn SPARKS Professor
  • Effects of mass media on people, especially the appeal of violence in media
Harmeet SAWHNEY Professor
  • Telecommunications infrastructure planning and policy
  • Evolution of telecommunications networks
  • Use of metaphors in the design of new technological systems
Howard SYPHER Professor
  • Communication
  • Digital Identity
  • E-Health Web Site Usability
  • Software Diffusion
  • Time and Technology
KYU Ho Youm Professor
  • Analysis of the transnational dimensions of U.S. law in connection with internet communication in a global century
  • Legal research and writing
  • International and comparative media law and digital freedom
  • U.S. communication Law
  • Press freedom theories
Shiv GANESH Professor
  • Gender and entrepreneurship
  • Global social movement
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Non-government and non-profit organisations
  • Processes of organising and globalisation
Teresa L. Thompson Professor
  • Health Communication
  • Disability and Communication
  • Gender Issues
Benjamin BATES Associate Professor
  • Candidate rhetoric and debate
  • Analysis of tactical debating, political communication and public policy
  • Election advertising and messaging
  • American and British foreign policy
CHEN Xiangyu Associate Professor
  • Relationship between Social Resistance and New Media
  • Collective behaviors in Chinese Cyberspace
  • Communication for Social Change
  • Social impact of New Communication Technologies
  • Political Communication
  • Civic Participation Communication
  • Environmental Protest
  • Communication Culture
Gu Jie Associate Professor
  • Media Practice
  • Audience Studies
  • Political Communication
Ho Yueh-Ning Evelyn Associate Professor
  • Health Communication and Culture
  • Language and Social Interaction, Qualitative Research Methods
  • Holistic and Integrative Medicine
  • Asian Pacific American Health
Jeffery, PETERSON Associate Professor
  • Community based participatory research
  • Communication, Culture and Health
  • Diffusion of Innovations
MCGEE, Kevin Associate Professor
  • Interactive Digital Media Design
  • Design of Computer Tools
  • Design of End User Programming Environments
  • Intelligent and Adaptive User Interfaces
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Science
  • Psychology of Partnership, Improvisation, and Play
  • User Studies of Interactive Digital Media
Maria T. SOTO-SANFIE Associate Professor
  • Science Communication
  • Methodology Media Psychology
  • Reception And Audience Studies
  • Media Effects
  • Voice Perception
  • Interactivity
  • Interactive Narratives
  • Narrativity
  • Cross-Cultural Research
  • Interactive Television
  • Accessibility
  • Experimental Research In Communication
  • Audiovisual Perception
  • Audiovisual Language
  • Online Media
  • Online Journalism
  • Gender And Media
Paula CHAKRAVARTTY Visiting Professor
  • Gender and entrepreneurship
  • Global social movement
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Non-government and non-profit organisations
  • Processes of organising and globalisation
Seongsoo BAEG Associate Professor
  • International Collaboration in Media Industry
  • Intercultural Communication in Asia
  • Media system and Media culture in Asian countries
  • Films made by the Korean old comers as a ethnic expression in Japan
Srividya RAMASUBRAMANIAN Associate Professor
  • Scholarship on media effects
  • Social psychology of race and gender
  • Media literacy
Brian SMITH Assistant Professor
  • Public engagement with organizations via digital and online interactive media
  • Organisational response
  • Integrated communication(iComm)
CHELIOTIS, Giorgos Assistant Professor
  • Free Culture and Open source
  • Remix Theory and Practice
  • Internet Economics, Law and Policy
  • Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Online Collective Action
  • Social Media
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Network Science
  • Big Data and Web Mining
HOOFD, Ingrid Assistant Professor
  • Understanding the contemporary relationship between new media activism and onlinepolitics, the aesthetics of new technologies, and neo-liberal globalisation, from a criticaland feminist perspective
  • Using critical frameworks to understand the transformation of Higher Education in Asia on the level of institutional and pedagogical strategies
  • Re-interpreting and -assessing the value of the work of philosopher of technology Jean Baudrillard in light of contemporary feminist theory in the humanities
Nina SPRINGER Assistant Professor
  • Online Communication (User Commentary on Online News Sites)
  • Journalism Studies and Political Communication (Viewpoint Diversity and Conflict in Public Discourse, Media and Migration)
Samarendra DAS Mr
  • Environmentalism and Global Governance
  • Global Bauxite demand
  • Global Civil Society and Corporate Political Activity
  • Local Indigenous Movements
  • Material Flow of Coal, Iron Ore and Bauxite
  • Political Ecology of Social Movements
Sameeo SHEESH Mr
  • Religious Conflicts Sensitivity & Peace Education
  • New Media & Social Movement
  • Use of metaphors in the design of new technological systems
Beverly WELLMAN Research Associate
  • Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM)
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Interprofessional Collaboration
  • Integrative HealthCare
  • Medical Sociology