Core Modules*:

NM6101 Advanced Theories in Communications & New Media

NM6102 Research Methods in Communications & New Media

NM6770 Graduate Research Seminar

*Students may also be required to take additional courses in other departments as required by their advisor. 



Other graduate electives are:
NM5201 State & Civil Society in the Information Age,
NM5204 Computer-Mediated Environments,
NM5205 Cognition and Media,
NM5206 Emerging Media Interaction Design,
NM5207 ICTs and Development,
NM5209 New Media Arts,
NM5210 Interactive Media Design Research,
NM5211 Serious Games & Learning Media,
NM5212 Theories of Public Relations,
NM5214 Interactive Media to Support Participation,
NM5215 Design Knowledge for Interactive Media,
NM5216 Culture, Communication & Health,
NM5217 Designing for Prosocial Behavior,
NM5660 Independent Study,
NM5771 Networked Society,
NM5881 Topics in Media Studies,
NM5882 Topics in Interactive Media Design,
NM5883 Topics in Communication Management,
NM6101 Advanced Theories in Communications & New Media,
NM6103 Quantitative Research Methods in Communications and New Media
NM6104 Qualitative Research Methods in Communications and New Media
NM6201 Communication and Culture,
NM6202 Technological Embodiments,
NM6203 Culture Centered Approach to Communication,
NM6211 Political Communication,
NM6660 Independent Study, 
NM6770 Graduate Research Seminar and
NM6882 Advanced Topics: Intelligent Interactive Media