Department Requirements

You will need to meet the entry requirements set by the National University of Singapore. Do visit the website of the NUS Office of Admissions where you can learn about the admissions process and even apply online. Once you've been admitted by NUS, you can then apply to study Communications and New Media.

CNM welcome students who love (or hate) interacting with new media (games, wireless devices, etc.) and want to test their emotions and attitudes to technology through academic rigor and interdisciplinary learning. Students interested in learning effective ways to communicate and who want to be visually creative are also welcome.

Graduation Requirements

For details on the graduation requirements for each programme, please click here.

Bachelor of Arts Programme

 Students wishing to major in CNM are required to complete the following CORE Modules.

  • NM1101E or NM1101FC Communications, New Media and Society
  • NM2101 Theories of Communications and New Media
  • NM2103 Quantitative Research Methods
  • NM2104 Qualitative Communication Research Methods
  • NM4102 Advanced Communications and New Media Research (Honours Module) (Note: See *)

(*) Required for students who are planning to do their Honours.

Honours Programme

To declare an Honours track, students must have completed 110 MCs, including 60 MCs in the Major, with a CAP of 3.5 and above. To qualify for Honours Thesis/Project (15 MCs), students must be on the Honours track. In order to obtain First Class Honours, students must achieve a CAP of 4.5 or higher and at least an 'A-' in the Honours Thesis/Project.

Students may also read a level-4000 Independent Studies Module (NM4660, 5 MCs). The level-4000 ISM carries a prerequisite of 100 MCs completed, including 60 MCs in the Major, with a minimum CAP of 3.5. It precludes the Honours Thesis/Project.