The CNM Undergraduate Programme has a very horizontal and flexible curriculum that facilitates creative combinations and course tailoring that fits student needs.

Core Modules

Students wishing to major in CNM are required to complete the following CORE Modules.

  • NM1101E Communications, New Media and Society
  • NM2101 Theories of Communications and New Media
  • NM2103 Quantitative Research Methods
  • NM2104 Qualitative Communication Research Methods
  • NM4102 Advanced Communications and New Media Research (Honours Module) (Note: See *)

(*)  Required for students who are planning to do their Honours.

Modules by Area of Interest

Communication Management

offers a course of study in public relations with emphasis on the use of new media in organisations' strategic communications.

Interactive Media Design

emphasises production and theory, with a focus on interactive media and a strong studio / project component that leads to a design portfolio.

Media Studies

analyses the social, cultural, political and economic dimensions of media, using a broad range of theoretical frameworks, with a focus on new media

NM2201 Intercultural Communication NM2212 Visual Design NM2101 Theories of Communications and New Media
NM2203 Social Media in Communication Management NM2213 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design NM2209 Social Psychology of New Media
NM2219 Principles of Communication Management NM2216 User Centred Design Methodologies NM2301 Persuasive Communication: Theory and Application
NM2220 Introduction to Media Writing NM3205 Digital Culture and Art NM2302 Mobility and New Media
NM3211 News Reporting and Editing NM3209 Designing for Interactivity NM3202 Governance and New Media
NM3214 New Media and Science Communication NM3213 Digital Humanities NM3203 Copyright and New Media
NM3215 Advertising Strategies NM3216 Game Design NM3204 E-Learning
NM3217 Design for Strategic Communications NM3221 Mobile Interaction Design NM3207 Philosophy in Communications and New Media
NM3219 Writing for Communication Management NM3222 Interactive Storytelling NM3210 Cybercrime and Society
NM3232 Strategic Communication: Concepts NM3223 Digital and Interactive Collage NM3224 Culture Industries
NM3233 Strategic Communication: Applications NM3225 Critical Approaches to Interactive Media NM4102 Advanced Communications & New Media Research
NM3234 Leadership, Organisations and New Media NM3226 Location-Based Interactive Experiences NM4202 Transnational Information Producers
NM3235 Corporate Social Responsibility: Research and Practice NM3227 Critical Game Design NM4203 Infocomm Technology Policy
NM3236 Ethics in Communication Management NM3228 Interactive Sequential Art NM4204 Ethical Issues in Emergent Technologies
NM3237 Health Communication NM3229 Data Visualization NM4206 Media and Communications Regulation
NM3880 Topics in Communication Management NM3230 Photographic and Video Storytelling NM4212 Media and Representation
NM4206 Media and Communications Regulation NM3231 Physical Interaction Design NM4213 Digital Economies
NM4207 Managing Communication Campaigns NM3238 Software Studies NM4218 Knowledge Mgmt: Approaches & Critique
NM4208 Designing for an Integrated Communications Environment NM4209 Advanced Game Design NM4223 New Media and Organizations
NM4211 Online Journalism NM4210 User Experience Design NM4229 Cultural Communication and Creative Expression
NM4217 Advanced Communication Campaigns NM4224 Sound and Interaction NM4881A Topics in Media Studies: Social Media
NM4219 New Media in Health Communication NM4225 Design Fiction NM4883B Ethnomethodology for New Media
NM4221 Writing for Health Communication and New Media NM4226 Interactive Media Design Capstone Project NM5201 State and Civil Society in the Information Age
NM4228 Crisis Communication NM4227 Playable Art NM5204 Computer-Mediated Environment
NM4230 Communication for Social Change NM4230 Communication for Social Change NM5205 Cognition and Media
NM4883 Topics in Communication Management NM4882A Special Topics: Playable Worlds NM5207 ICTs and Development
NM4883C Communication and Asian Holistic Healthcare NM5206 Emerging Media Interaction Design NM5881 Topics in Media Studies
NM5212 Theories Of Public Relations NM5209 Interactive Media Arts  
NM5216 Culture, Communication & Health NM5210 Interactive Media Design Research  
NM5883 Topics in Communciation Management NM5211 Serious Games & Learning Media  
  NM5214 Design for Open Science  
  NM5215 Design Knowledge for Interactive Media  
  NM5217 Designing for Prosocial Behavior  
  NM5882 Topics in Interactive Media Design  
NM3550 Communications & New Media Internship & INM3550 Extended Internship
NM4401 Honours Thesis
NM4660 Independent Study (Undergraduate)
NM5660 Independent Study (Graduate)
GEM1036 Globalisation and New Media (Undergraduate)
GES1031 Culture and Communication in Singapore
GES1032 Singapore, the Campaign Nation
GES1032 Who moved my OB Markers
GET1035 Critical Perspective in Advertising
GET1038 Communication in Small Groups
Introduction to Public Speaking (Undergraduate
FMA1203 (Undergraduate)
FMA1204 (Undergraduate)