The Minor in Communications & New Media is open to any student who wishes to gain knowledge in the field of communicaiton and new media, in addition to the student's major. Student wishing to study this must complete the following NM modules:

  1. NM1101E or NM1101X
  2. NM2101
  3. 16 MCs, of which a minimum of 8 MCs must be at level-3000 or higher, from the following:
    • NM2103 Quantitative Research Methods
    • NM2104 Qualitative Communication Research Methods
    • NM2201 Intercultural Communication
    • NM2216 User Centred Design Methodologies
    • NM2219 Principles of Communication Management
    • NM3202 Governance and New Media
    • NM3204 E-learning
    • NM3210 Cybercrime and Society
    • NM3215 Advertising Strategies
    • NM3227 Critical Game Design
    • NM3880 Topics in Communications and New Media
    • NM4213 Digital Economies
    • NM4218 Knowledge Mgmt: Approaches and Critique
    • MNO1706X Organisation Behaviour (Recognised as Level 2000)
    • MKT1705X Principles of Marketing (Recognised as Level 2000)

Please click here for the detailed graduate requirements for this minor.