The Minor in Interactive Media Development will be effective starting AY2013-14 Semester 2.

With almost every aspect of our lives being influenced by interactive media, it is increasingly important for students from all backgrounds to be aware of how these new technologies and designed and developed. The Department of Communications and New Media and the School of Computing are jointly offering a multidisciplinary Minor in Interactive Media Development. It is open to all NUS students with suitable background but preference is given to CNM and Computing Science (CS) students.

For CNM students, this Minor programme is an upgrade from the present loose of CS module offering to a structured programme. For CS students, this Minor programme continues to provide a structured programme for them to take NM modules after B.Comp. (CM) is merged into B.Comp.(CS). For students in other faculties, this Minor programme provides an interdisciplinary training and experience of both NM and CS modules.

Students in NUS may satisfy the Minor in Interactive Media Development as follows:

Complete 24 MCs of modules from the following NM and CS Module Lists, of which at least 12 MCs must be taken from outside the full set of modules which make up the student’s primary major. Up to 8 MCs of modules may be used to meet the requirements of both the Major and Minor programmes. Students must take modules from both the NM and CS Module Lists, with at least 8 MCs from the NM list and at least 8 MCs from the CS List.

Download IMD Minor Brochure here 

NM Module List:                                                                                                                

NM2213 Introduction to Human-computer Interaction Design  

NM2212 Visual Design                                                                         

NM2216 User Centred Design Methodologies                                                                                          

NM3209 Designing for Interactivity                                                                                          

NM3216 Game Design                                                                                                             

NM3221 Mobile Interaction Design                                                                                    

NM3222 Interactive Storytelling                                                                                                 

NM3226 Location-based interactive experiences                                                                              

NM3227 Critical Game Design

NM3228 Interactive Sequential Art

NM3229 Data Visualization

NM3231 Physical Interaction Design

NM4210 User Experience Design

NM4224 Sound and Interaction

NM4226 Interactive Media Design Capstone Project;

 CS Module List:

CS2010 Data Structures and Algorithms II

CS3240 Interaction Design

CS3343 Digital Media Production

CS3283 Media Technology Project I

CS3882 Breakthrough Ideas for Digital Market

CS4249 Phenomena and Theories of Human-Computer Interaction

CS4340 Digital Special Effects


NM Module Prerequisites


Prerequisites for SoC Students

NM4210 User Experience Design

        80 MCs and CAP 3.2 and 
(NM2216 or CS2103 or CS3240 or CS3248)

NM4224 Sound and Interaction

80 MCs and CAP 3.2

NM4226 Interactive Media Design Capstone Project

80 MCs and CAP 3.2


CS Module Prerequisites


New Prerequisites

CS3240 Interaction Design

     SoC students: CS1020 or its equivalent;     Other students: NM2217 or NM3209 or the prerequisites for SoC students

CS3343 Digital Media Production

     SoC students: CS1020 or its equivalent;     Other students: NM2208 or NM2217 or NM3209 or the prerequisites for SoC students

CS3283 Media Technology Project l

SoC students: (CS2103 or CS2103T) and (CS3218 or CS3240 or CS3241 or CS3242 or CS3245 or CS3246 or CS3247 or CS3249 or module approved by Department of Computer Science);
Other students: NM3216 or NM3221 or NM3226 or NM3227 or NM3231 or the prerequisites for SoC students

CS4249 Phenomena and Theories of Human-Computer Interaction

CS3240 or NM2213 or NM2216