Principal Investigator 

 Project Title

Asst Prof Alexander MITCHELL

  • Exploring Literary Devices for Poetic Interactivity
  • Authoring Paradigms & Representation in Interactive Storytelling Tools
  • Communication Strategies in Real-time Computer-Mediated Creative Collaboration

Asst Prof Anne Marie 

  • Play Environments

Asst Prof Jiyoung CHAE 

  • The Relationship between Media Exposure & Motherhood
  • Development of a New Information Processing Model
  • The Relationship between Media Use & Cancer Worry/ Cancer Fatalism
  • Selfies, Satisfaction with Facial Appearance & Desire for Change

Prof Mohan DUTTA

  • Singapore Health Communication Survey
  • Culturally Centering Health Among Transgender Sex Workers in Singapore
  • Heart Health Among Malay Singaporeans
  • Campaigning, Influence & Development in Post-Conflict West Bengal
  • Culture-Centered Communicaiton Hub for Low-Income Groups in Singapore
  • Culture-Centered Approach to Health Communication

Asst Prof Iccha BASNYAT

  • To understand how commercial sex workers in Kathmandu access health care and maintain their health
  • Use of ICT among Chinese labor migrant workers in Singapore

Assoc Prof LIM Sun Sun

  • Young, Talented & Mobile: Young Migrant SEA Students Use Of ICTs For Negotiating Their Overseas Educational Experiences
  • Excessive Smartphone use: Effects of Parenting Style, Impact on Parent-Adolescent Relationship and Academic Performance amdong Singaporean Adolescents

Asst Prof Elmie NEKMAT

  • Advancing a Source-Individual Online Credibility Evaluation Perspective

Asst Prof Jude YEW

  • Utilizing Social Translucency To Motivate Online Prosocial Behaviour

Assoc Prof CHO Hichang

  • Social Network Sites: A Multinational & Longitudinal Study

Assoc Prof ZHANG Weiyu

  • Deliberating Governance: Developing a Digital Platform