Our students produce a wide variety of interesting work on an eclectic range of salient and timely topics relating to media, communications and the social aspects of technology. The below are the list of Graduate Conference Papers by our graduates. 

GN Hong Zhan Joel

Gn, J. (2013). ‘The Code of Eros: Writing, Affect and the Dating Game.’International Association for Philosophy and Literature, 3 - 9 June 2013, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Gn, J. (2013). ‘Functional/Dysfunctional Beauty: On the Creation and Commodification of Cuteness.' Inter-discplinary.net, Beauty 3rd Global Conference: Exploring Critical Issues, 13-15 September 2013, Harris Machester College, Oxford, United Kingdom. 

WU Xuan

Wu, X. & Leung, L. (2013). Quality of Life and Internet Usage: An Examination of Motivations, Personality Traits, Media Use, and Leisure Activities among Low-income Internet Users in Urban China. Paper presented to the Community Communication Section, International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland, June 25-29.


Dhanesh, G. (Nov, 2012). Disconnections? Corporate social responsibility and employee commitment in India. Paper presented at the World Public Relations Forum, 18-20 Nov 2012, Melbourne, Australia.

Dhanesh, G. (May, 2012). Dialectics in corporate discourse on CSR in India: Key themes and drivers. Paper presented at the annual conference of the International Communication Association, 24-28 May 2012, Phoenix, Arizona. Selected as one of the five faculty "Top Papers in Public Relations" and won the 2012 Bob Health Top Paper Award.

Dhanesh, G. (May, 2012). Relationship maintenance strategies: Does CSR fit the bill? Paper presented at the annual conference of the International Communication Association, 24-28 May 2012, Phoenix, Arizona.

GN Hong Zhan Joel

Gn, J. (2012). ‘Futures of the floating world – From Ukiyo to contemporary Japanese animation.’ Flux! Mediating Asian Change through Language, Literature and Performance. 27-28 September 2012. Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore.

WU Xuan

Mo, R., Hao, Y.Q., Wu, X., Xi, R., Zhang, S., & Leung, L. (2012). Linking Psychological Attributes and Microblog Usage to Social Capital in Mainland China. Paper presented to the 21st Asian Media and Information Center (AMIC) Conference, Shah Alam, Malaysia, July 11-14.


Dhanesh, G. (June, 2011). Too good to be true: CSR and the postmodern public relations practitioner. Presentation at International PR 2011 Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

Carol SOON

Soon, C. (2010). Activist bloggers and collective action: Collective individualism as a force to contend with. Full paper to be presented at International Communication Association, June 22-26, 2010, Singapore.

Soon, C. (2010). 3Ts in Capturing Spectral Communication: Technology Applications, Technology Use and Time. Panel to be presented at International Communication Association, June 22-26, 2010, Singapore.

Cheryll Ruth R. SORIANO

Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano. (Feb 2010). Resistance, Minorities, and New Media . To be presented at the "Intersections of Area, Cultural and Media Studies" Workshop, Australia National University, (by invitation).

Jodie LUU

Jodie Luu. (July 2009). What Choice for Nonprofit Organizations in Singapore? Paper presented From Social Butterfly to Urban Citizen: A HCSNet Workshop on Social and Mobile Technology to Support Civic Engagement at Queensland University of Technology.

Mohamed Elmie Bin NEKMAT

Nekmat, E. (2009, July). Youth Internet literacy: The relevance of contextual knowledge and inter-personal influences in the search and evaluation of online information. The 4th Asian Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.


Ganga Sasidharan. (August 2009). The View from within: Internal Publics and Corporate Social Responsibility. Paper to be presented to the Public Relations Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication at its annual convention in Boston, U.S.A.

Carol SOON

Soon, C. & Cho, H. (2009). Politics online: Who’s in and who’s out in the network of bloggers, parties and political organizations. Full paper to be presented at AoIR Conference “Internet Research 10.0: Internet – Critical”, October 7-10, 2009, Milwaukee, U.S.A.

Soon, C. (2009). “Politicizing blogging: blogging networks as emerging social movements”. Panel paper to be presented at AoIR Conference “Internet Research 10.0: Internet – Critical”, October 7-10, 2009, Milwaukee, U.S.A.

Soon, C. (2009). “Blogging networks as an emerging social movement: Dynamics in online and offline networks, and implications for engendering change.” Proposal selected for pre-conference workshop at AoIR Conference “Internet Research 10.0: Internet – Critical”, October 7-10, 2009, Milwaukee, U.S.A.

Cheryll Ruth R. SORIANO

Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano. (October 2009). Understanding Democracy in Diversity: Online Deliberative Spaces and the Ethnoreligious Divide in the Philippines. Presented at the Living the Information Society: the Impact of ICTs on People, Work, and Communities in Asia Conference, Manila, October, 2009; Paper also accepted at the APSTN Network Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

Margaret TAN Ai Hua

Promises and Threats: iN2015 Masterplan to Pervasive Computing in Singapore. Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network Conference. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 23-25 Nov. 2009.

ZHANG Lingzi

Zhang Lingzi. (August 2009). News Use and Social Use of the Internet: Testing a Substitution Model in Three Levels. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). August 9 to 12, 2007, Washington, D.C.

BERRY, Rodney

Berry, R., J. Prasad, et al. 2008. Augmented Reality for Non-Programmers. ACM SIGGRAPH. Los Angeles, ACM SIGGRAPH. Late-breaking forum presentation. Presented August 2008.

Berry, R. 2008. Hyper-Augmented Reality: Looking at AR through some old postmodern goggles. In International Symposium on Electronic Art. Singapore: International Society for Electronic Art. Presented July 2008.

Cheryll Ruth R. SORIANO

Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano. (December 2008). Philippine NGO Websites, Usage Patterns, and Implications to State-Civil Society Relations. Paper presented at the Communications Policy Research South Conference 3 Organized by LIRNEasia and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing China.

Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano. (July 2008). Universal Access, Telecenters, and the Question of Policy. Accepted at the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Policy and Regulation Session, Stockholm, Sweden.

Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano. (April 2008). Pinoy NGOs and the Dynamics of Website Use. Paper presented at the Workshop on Information and Communications Technology & Development, National University of Singapore.

FENG Guangchao

Feng Guangchao. (May2008). An empirical study on the blocking mechanisms of China's Internet censorship. Presented at the 2008 conference of International Communication Association (ICA). May 22, 2008. Montreal, Canada.

Lau T.Y., Feng Guangchao, Atkin David and Lin Carolyn. (May2008). Exploring the evolution of digital television in China: An interplay between economic and political interests. Presented at the 2008 conference of International Communication Association (ICA). May 22, 2008. Montreal, Canada.

Alfred LOW

Low, A. (2008). The question concerning pedagogy in E-learning technology integration. Paper to be presented at the APRU/DLI 2008 conference, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Mohamed Elmie Bin NEKMAT

Lim, S. S. and Nekmat, E. (2008, July). The Implications of Multimodal Representation for Media Literacy. Fourth International Conference on Multimodality. Singapore.

Nekmat, E. and Lim, S. S. (2008, July). New Media and Youth: The Motivations And Gratifications Of Online Betting Amongst Youths. 17th Asian Media Information & Communication Centre Annual Conference on Changing Media, Changing Societies: Media and the Millennium Development Goals. Manila.

Nekmat, E. and Lim, S. S. (2008, June). Youth and Online Gambling: Uncovering the propensity for addiction through understanding the motivations and gratifications of online betting. International Research Development Centre Workshop on Internet Addiction Research in Asia. Manila.

Lim, S. S. and Nekmat, E. (2008, April). Learning Through Prosuming: Lessons from media literacies programs in Asia. Science, Technology & Society (STS) Cluster and Communications and New Media Programme, National University of Singapore International Workshop on ICTs and Development: Experiences from Asia. Singapore.

OU Meimin

Ou Meimin. (June 2008). Social networking sites: A Uses and Gratifications perspective. Paper presented at The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) conference, Manila.

PAN Biyun

Pan B & Cho H. (2008). Understanding subgroup identification, team identification, and intergroup relations in global virtual teams. Paper presentated at ICA 2008 Conference. May 22-26, 2008. Montreal, Canada.


Ganga Sasidharan. (July 2008). Corporate social responsibility and marketing: A cause lost in frame alignment? Paper presented at BledCom 2008, 15th Global Public Relations symposium at Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Carol SOON

Soon, C. & Park, H.W. (2008). The emergence of e-research in Asia, its potential and the realities for the social sciences: case studies of Singapore and South Korea. Paper presented at Oxford eResearch Conference, September 11-13, 2008, Oxford,U.K.

Margaret TAN Ai Hua

Organising committee member, co-chair for Wiki Wiki symposium theme and panelist,"Locating Cyberfeminism" conference panel. 14th International Symposium on Electronic Art 2008, Singapore. July 2008. More at www.isea2008.org.

BERRY, Rodney

Berry, R. (2007). Using a 3d Modelling Program as a Musical Controller. In International Computer Music Conference. Copenhagen: ICMA. Presented August 2007. 

Berry, R., and L.P. Demers. (2007). The Earth From Orbit as a Musical Score. In Asian Space Conference (ASC 2007). singapore. Presented April 2007.

FENG Guangchao

Fs Technical Internet Censorship System. Presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). August 9 to 12, 2007, Washington, D.C.


Siti Nurharnani, N. (July 2007) Youth.sg: Sexual Health Information and elaboration likelihood model - A Pilot. Paper presented at Asian Media Iinformation and Communication 17th Conference, Manila, Philippines.

Carol SOON

Soon, C. (2007). Exploring online political communities in Singapore: A hyperlink analysis approach. Paper presented at NUS-Yonsei University Joint Conference, January 31 - Feb 2, 2007, Singapore.

Margaret TAN Ai Hua

Speaker, “Digital Media Technology and New Ways of Living and Communicating in Asia” NUS-Yonsei joint-conference, National University of Singapore. January-February 2007.

Peggy YUAN Jian Ping

Peggy Yuan. (July 2007). Dynamics in the Online Game Industry of China: A Political Economic Analysis of Its Competitiveness. Paper presented at Annual conference 2008, International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) : Media and Global Divides In Stockholm, Sweden. 

Alfred Low

Low, A. & Jarman, J. (2006). Technological integration: a systematic process to map pedagogy and task to learning designs.” Paper presented at the APRU/DLI 2006 conference, Tokyo, Japan.

Low, A. (2004). A discussional framework for integrating technologies into teaching and learning. Paper presented at the ICET 2004 conference, Suntec City convention hall.

Low, A. (2004). Implications on the learning value chain? Linking courseware authoring styles, the conceptions of learning-to-learn and the role of the teacher.” Paper presented at GCEET 2004 conference, Singapore Polytechnic.

Carol SOON

Soon, C. and Kluver, R. (2005). The Internet and online political communities in Singapore. Paper presented at the 55th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, May 26 - 30, 2005, New York City, NY, USA.

Kluver, R. & Soon, C. (June 2003). The Internet in Singapore: Boon, blessing or bane? Paper presented at the ASEAN Information Seminar Series: Social and Cultural Impact of the Internet at ASEAN, Singapore.

Margaret TAN Ai Hua

Speaker, “Arts and Fashion: A Discourse.” Women in Leadership Series, Unifem Singapore. August 2005.

Organiser and panelist, “Exchange 05: Enquiries in Art and Technology.” Art symposium jointly organized by WITA and p-10. July 2005. More at www.witas.org and www.p-10.org

Speaker, “Symposium Fusion 04: Art in the Cultural Environment of Science.” Institute of Cultural Studies in Art, Media and Design, University of Applied Arts Zurich (HGKZ), Switzerland. July 2004.

Panelist, “Art in Conversation with Technology” (First Panel). Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore, September 2003.

Panelist, “Version.03: Integrated Circuit? Embodiment, Difference, Resistance” panel. Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA. March 2003.

Panelist, “very Cyberfeminist International” Old Boys Network (OBN) conference, Hamburg, Germany. December 2001.

Speaker, “Installation Art.” Contemporary Art and Culture Talk Series, Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore. October 2001.

Panelist, “Women, Art & Community” (Third Session). The Substation – Guinness Theatre, Singapore. April 2001.

Speaker, “Histories of Installation Art.” Faculty Talk, University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore. October 2001.

Speaker, “Performance Art.” Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art Series, Singapore Art Museum. December 2000.

Panelist, “A Self of One’s Own.” Feminist Art Workshop and Symposium, BA Gallery, Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts. September 1999.