Our students produce a wide variety of interesting work on an eclectic range of salient and timely topics relating to media, communications and the social aspects of technology. The below are the list of Graduate Publications by our graduates.

GN Hong Zhan Joel

Gn, J. (2014). Addictive Bodies and Hypnopompic Dynamics: New Media Philosophy, forthcoming.


Rao, A. (gone to press, to be published in 2014). Re-examining the relationship between civil society and the internet: Pessimistic visions in India’s ‘IT City’, Journal of Creative Communications,  Sage Publications.  

Hee Jhee JIOW

Journal Article in First Monday:

Jiow, H. J. & Lin, J. (2013). The influence of parental factors on children’s receptiveness towards mobile phone location disclosure services. First Monday, 18(1).

Retrieve from  http://www.uic.edu/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/viewArticle/4284/3384

Journal Article in International Journal of Cyber Criminology:
Jiow, H. J. (2013). Cyber Crime in Singapore: An Analysis of Regulation based on Lessig’s four Modalities of Constraint. International Journal of Cyber Criminology, 7(1), 18-27.

Retrieve from www.cybercrimejournal.com

Paper presented at Global Internet Governance Academic Network 8th Annual Symposium:
Jiow, H. J. (2013, Oct). Perception and Effects of Surveillance in Singapore. Global Internet Governance Academic Network 8th Annual Symposium 2013, Bali, Oct21.


Dhanesh, G.S. & Sriramesh, K. (Forthcoming). Crisis and risk communication research in India. In M. Löffelholz, A. Schwarz and M.W. Seeger (Eds.), The Handbook of International Crisis Communication Research.  Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Dhanesh, G.S. (Forthcoming). A dialectical approach to analyzing polyphonic discourses of corporate social responsibility. In R. Tench, W. Sun and B. Jones (Eds.), Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility: Perspectives and Practice. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Dhanesh, G. (2013). Building communities: The postmodern CSR practitioner as a dialectical activist-agent in India. Public Relations Review. In press, corrected proof available online.

Carol SOON

Soon, C.(Forthcoming). Going digital: Overcoming institutional and micro-structural constraints through technology use for collective action. Journal of eDemocracy and Open Government Paper, 5,2.

Soon, C. & Soh, Y-D. (Forthcoming)  Engagement@web 2.0 between the government and citizens in Singapore: Dialogic communication on Facebook?. Asian Journal of Communication, accepted for publication on April 30, 2013.

Soon, C. & Cho, H. (Forthcoming). OMGs! Offline-based movement organizations, online-based movement organizations and network mobilization: A case study of political bloggers in Singapore. Information, Communication and Society, accepted for publication on 8 March 2013.


Lim, S. S., Basnyat, I., Vadrevu, S. & Chan, Y. H. (2013). Critical Literacy, Self-Protection and Delinquency: The Challenges of Participatory Media for Youths At-Risk.  Learning, Media and Technology, 38(2). [2012 Impact Factor 0.644]

Lim, S. S., Chan, Y. H., Vadrevu, S. & Basnyat, I. (2013). Managing peer relationships online - investigating the use of Facebook by juvenile delinquents and youths-at-risk.  Computers in Human Behaviour, 29(1), 8-15.  [2012 Impact Factor 2.067]

Sreekumar, T. T., & Vadrevu, S. (2013). Subpolitics and democracy: The role of new media in the 2011 General Elections in Singapore. Science Technology & Society18(2), 231-249. [2012 Impact Factor 0.312]

Invited articles:

Vadrevu, S. (2013). Youth in Singapore: Constructing citizen identity. Published in German as “Jugendliche in Singapur: Die Konstruktion einer burgerlichen Identitat”. Sudostasien, 4, 29-30.

Vadrevu, S. (2013).Youth Culture in China: From Red Guards to Netizens. Book review. Journal of Creative Communications. In press.

Hee Jhee JIOW

Paper presented at Conference for eDemocracy and Social Media CeDEM-Asia 2012:

Jiow, H. J. (2012, Nov).Singapore’s Regulation of Cybercrime. Conference for eDemocracy and Social Media CeDEM-Asia 2012, Singapore, 14-15Nov.

Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Geographies of Children, Young People and Families: Jiow, H. J. & Lin, J. (2012, Jul). The influence of parental factors’ on children’s receptiveness towards mobile phone location disclosure services 3rd International Conference on Geographies of Children, Young People and Families, Singapore, 11-13Jul.

Paper presented at 2012 Annual Conference of the International Communication Association: Jiow, H. J. & Lim, S. S. (2012, May). The Evolution of Video Games and Growing Challenges for Parental Mediation Communication and Community: 2012 Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Arizona, 24-28 May.

Journal Article in Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society: Jiow, H. J. & Lim, S. S. (2012)The Evolution of Video Game Affordances and Implications for Parental Mediation. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society,32(6), 455-462. DOI: 10.1177/0270467612469077


Dhanesh, G. (2012). Speaking to a global audience. In L. Schreiber (Ed.) Public Speaking: The Virtual Text.

Dhanesh, G. (2012). Better stay single? Public relations and CSR leadership in India. Public Relations Review, 38 (1), 141-143.

Dhanesh, G. (2012). The view from within: Internal publics and CSR. Journal of Communication Management, 16 (1), 39-58. Outstanding Paper Award 2013.

Carol SOON

Soon, C. & Kluver, R. (Forthcoming). Uniting political bloggers in diversity: Collective identity and web activism. Journal of Computer-Mediated-Communication, accepted for publication on 26 November 2012.


Rao, A. (2012). “Sister-groups” and online-offline linkages in networked collective action: A case study of the right to information movement in India, The Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC), 52, 7, p. 1-17.


Lim, S. S., Vadrevu, S., Chan, Y. H.& Basnyat, I. (2012). Facework on Facebook:  The online publicness of juvenile delinquents and youths-at-risk.  Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media56 (3), 346-361. [2012 Impact Factor 0.603]

Vadrevu, S & Lim, S. S. (2012). Youth, politics and social media in Southeast Asia: Trends, events and implications. In W. Hofmeister (Ed.) Youth: Future agents of change or guardians of establishment? (Panorama 2012/1, pp. 19-28). Singapore: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Vadrevu, S.(2012). Character and Moral Education: A Reader. Book review. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 32 (4), 518-519. 

WU Xuan

Chann, M., Wu, X., Hao, Y., Xi, R., & Jin, T.(2012). Microblogging, Online Expression, and Political Efficacy Among Young Chinese Citizens: The Modeerating Role of Information and Enterainment Needs in the Use of Weibo. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 15(7), 345-349.

GN Hong Zhan Joel

Gn, J. (2011). ‘Queer Simulation: the practice, performance and pleasure of cosplay'.  Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 25 (4): 583-93.

Annu RAO

Rao, A. (2011). Civil society as online community: Examining its role in facilitating collective action towards the effective realisation of the right to information in India, CNM White Paper Series, Communications and New Media Programme, National University of Singapore. 

Carol SOON

Soon, C. (2011). Editorial introduction. In C. Soon, J. Burgess, A. Bruns & H.W. Park (Eds.), Mapping networks of political communication online: A study of six countries (special issue). Social Science and Computer Review29(3), 275-276.

Soon, C. & Cho, H. (2011). Flows of relations and communication among Singapore political bloggers and organizations: The networked public sphere approach. Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 8, 93-109.


Lim, S.S., Nekmat, E. & Vadrevu, S. (2011). Singapore’s experience in fostering youth media production: The implications of state-led school and public education initiatives. In J. Fisherkeller (Ed.) International Perspectives on Youth Media: Cultures of Production & Education. New York: Peter Lang. 


Dhanesh, G. (2010). Kerala-God's Own Country: From backwaters to one of the ten paradises on earth. In Moss, D., Powell, M. & DeSanto, B. (Eds.) Public Relations Cases and Readings: International Perspectives. London: Routledge.

Carol SOON

Soon, C. (Apr/May 2010). Politics as usual? De-equalizing rhetoric of political parties on the world wide web. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 9(1). Available online at   http://www.eastasia.at/documents/carol_.pdf

Lim, S.S. & Soon, C. (2010). The influence of social and cultural factors on mothers’ domestication of household ICTs – experiences of Chinese and Korean women. Telematics and Informatics27(3), 205-216.

BERRY, Rodney

Book chapter: Berry, R., Wyse L.L (2009). The Music Table Revisited – problems of changing levels of detail and abstraction in a tangible representation - in: K. L. O’Halloran (ed.), Multimodal Representation and Knowledge: Routledge Studies in Multimodality Book Series. Routledge: New York (2009).


Dhanesh, G.S. (2009). The view from within: Internal publics and corporate social responsibility. Communications and New Media Programme, white paper series, issue 10/01.

Carol SOON

Lim, S.S. & Soon, C. (2009). The influence of social and cultural factors on mothers’ domestication of household ICTs – experiences of Chinese and Korean women. Telematics and Informatics.

Soon, C. and PARK, H.W. (2009). The rise of e-science in Asia: Dreams and realities for social science research. Case studies of Singapore and South Korea. In N. Jankowski (Ed.) E-research: Transformations for scholarly practice(pp.109-125) New York: Routledge.

FENG Guangchao

Charles G.C. FENG, LAU T.Y., Atkin DAVID and LIN Carolyn (in Press). Exploring the evolution of digital television in China: An interplay between economic and political interests. Telematics and Informatics. Available online 3 June 2008, from doi:10.1016/j.tele.2008.05.002

Margaret TAN Ai Hua

Editorial team for Proceedings of ISEA2008: The 14th International Symposium on Electronic Art. Singapore: SC International, 2008.

Alfred LOW

Low, A. (2007). A conceptual model to guide the use of ICT in teaching and learning” Vol (10) No. 2.   http://www.cdtl.nus.edu.sg/brief/v10n2/sec6.htm

Carol SOON

Soon, C. and Kluver, R. (2007). The Internet and online political communities in Singapore. Asian Journal of Communication, 17(3), 246-265.

SORIANO Cheryll Ruth R

Co-authored with Dr. Emmanuel Lallana, “Towards Universal Internet Access in the Philippines”. Ideacorp, Inc. and Intel Technology Philippines, 2008. Presented at the Communications Policy Research South2 Conference, papers published online, India, Dec 2007.

“Exploring the ICT and Rural Poverty Reduction Link: Telecenters and Rural Livelihoods in China”, Electronic Journal for Information Systems in Developing Countries. Vol 21., 2007.  (To be re-printed by Icfai University Press, India, forthcoming-2008)

Alfred LOW

Low, A. (2005). Technology-mediated learning — the case for Breeze and IVLE Tools. Vol 8, No 3,   http://www.cdtl.nus.edu.sg/brief/V8n3/sec3.htm

Low, A. (2003). Information communication technology mediated learning. Vol 6, No 8,  http://www.cdtl.nus.edu.sg/brief/V6n8/sec2.htm

Low, A. (2002). Understanding strategies of authoring computer courseware, Vol 5 No 3, May 2002, [online]   http://www.cdtl.nus.edu.sg/brief/v5n3/5-3.htm, CDTL, NUS.

SORIANO Cheryll Ruth R

Co-authored with E. Alampay, S. Mendes, and E. Soriano. “Innovative Mobile Applications in the Philippines (Lessons for Africa). A paper sponsored by the Swedish International Development Agency.

“The Challenges of Relief and Rehabilitation in Ongoing Conflict: A Mindanao Case”. Kasarinlan, Philippine Journal of Third World Studies, University of the Philippines Press, 2006 (21)1, pp. 4-33.

Margaret TAN Ai Hua

“Smart Aprons in Singapore and Switzerland” in Artists in Labs: Processes of Inquiry, Jill Scott (ed.). Austria: SpringerWienNewYork, 2006, pp.122-125.

 â€œRe-presenting the Singapore Girl” in Singapore Women Re-Presented, Audrey Chin and Constance Singam (eds.). Singapore: Landmark Books, 2004, pp. 36-39.

Contributer, Vehicle: Contemporary Visual Arts. Issue_10-2003. Singapore: Plastique Kinetic Worms, 2003.

"Strategies and tactics for feminist/cyberfeminist collaborations, collective art practice, contestational culture work, and building networks of solidarity and action" in very cyberfeminist international Reader, Helen von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche (eds.). Berlin: b-books, 2002, pp.66-69.