Every year, nearly two hundred CNM students go out to complete their internships at companies such as NBC Universal, Mediacorp, Weber Shandwick and various others. Our students have done very well and here are some of the testimonials that we have received from the employers, as well as experiences shared by our internship students!

Archetype Agency, Marketing Communications Intern
Irdina Auni , Bachelor of Arts 

Irdina interned at Archetype Agency. She managed multiple client social media accounts, allowing her to understand the different needs of clients. She also crafted by-line articles and was trained in pitching them to different publications, boosting her writing skills and confidence. 


“It is evident that Irdina takes a lot of pride in what she does and this is consistently demonstrated in the quality of work that she produces. She has a great attitude and is always keen to learn, always raising her hand to try to new things, to expand her horizons and increase her learning here at Archetype.”


Estelle Ang, Bachelor of Arts (Communications and New Media)

Estelle interned at Archetype Agency, where she assisted in accounts such as Siemens, PropertyGuru, Alipay and Trend Micro in terms of crafting social media content and pitching press materials to different local and regional publications. She was also majorly involved in day-to-day responsibilities that allowed her to understand and meet client expectations more adequately.


“Estelle has been a great addition to the team at Archetype over the past few months. She is very detail-orientated, has a fantastic can-do attitude and is always willing to learn and try new things. This gives her the platform to really thrive in her future career in the communications industry.”




Wilhelmsen Ships Service – Ships Agency, Digital Media / Video Production Marketing Intern

Tan Zi Xuan, Bachelor of Arts (Communications and New Media)

Zi Xuan interned at Wilhelmsen Ships Service worked on the following projects: Operations and WASP Month, International Safety At Sea Conference and the Annual Wilhelmsen Ships Service Dinner & Dance.

“Zixuan has a very strong sense of ownership to the projects she has been assigned – she is highly responsible and puts in a lot of effort, going above and beyond to deliver high quality work. No matter how overwhelmed she is, she always has an extremely positive attitude, with a cheerful smile which never fails to brighten up the people around her.”




Building and Construction Authority, Corporate Communications Intern

Yui Seeng, Bachelor of Arts (Communications and New Media)

Yui Seeng interned at Building and Construction Authority. She worked on the following projects: video creation and designing visuals and collaterals for the promotion of the International Built Environment Week (IBEW) and designing social media visuals to raise awareness of green buildings.

“Yui Seeng is very observant and is able to remember in detail situations she has observed. She is able to remind the team to take a step back and consider from a different perspective, how we are performing as individuals and team players. As her supervisor, I am proud of her growth, from the first day she was here up till today.”

Jonathan Tiong, Bachelor of Arts (Communications and New Media)
Intern at GIC Private Limited


“To me was my biggest takeaway from this internship: confidence. In the context of work-related tasks, this refers to the ability to say "Yes, I can" and mean it. I can write articles that people enjoy reading. I can analyse a piece of text, catch mistakes, and make it better. As a disabled person, realising that there are things I can do well is an empowering feeling. It sounds cliched but it's true.”


Koh Kai Ling, Bachelor of Arts (Communications and New Media)
Video Production Intern at The Kettle Gourmet


“This internship has allowed me to grow in ways I had never thought of before. Apart from creating videos, I was also exposed to copywriting and poster designing works, and I am really grateful for these experiences. This internship experience has not only allowed me to gain some technical skills, but also helped me grow as an adult, becoming more independent, self-disciplined and open-minded.”


Neo Weiling, Bachelor of Arts (Communications and New Media)
Intern at Red Shoe Communications


“This internship journey made me appreciate the simplicity of being a student, when the timetable was more flexible and there was more freedom to partake in different activities. It also puts into perspective the stress placed on getting straight As or maintaining a certain GPA. Although it is important to demonstrate our capabilities through our results, it is but a small part of our learning journey, and there are other soft skills, values and experiences that are more significant in defining us as a person. Overall, my time during this internship has allowed for deep self-reflection and personal growth, which I greatly appreciate.”


Su Ra Hye, Bachelor of Arts (Communications and New Media)

Intern at Red Shoe Communications


“Working in Red Shoe has definitely allowed me to learn many values and soft skills that are important in life ­– not just in the workplace, but in my daily interaction with people around me.

I see this internship as an important asset to CNM students like me. This is because CNM students need to find a place to test out the frameworks and skills we have learnt during lectures and the working world is a good place to do so. I strongly recommend this internship programme to the future batch of CNM students.”