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Graduate Exchange

FASS has so far concentrated its international activities on undergraduate exchange. As a way to differentiate the graduate programme at FASS and to increase the overseas educational exposure of the programme, we are now putting in place graduate exchanges with reputable partners and encourage our students to spend at least one semester of their studies on exchange.

For graduate students, you will be able to access the library and archive of a partner university, gain more knowledge and perspective from other faculty and go on location for field studies to deepen your research area. You will have a co-supervisor in the partner university to monitor your academic progress and there is constant contact between you, your main supervisor and co-supervisor. You may or may not be reading coursework modules while away.

FASS has signed exchange agreements with several overseas universities that allow our graduate students to spend some time with them.

Please also note that the financial assistance for such graduate student exchange programme has now been curtailed. Students are still expected to apply for approval for such exchange but there will no longer be financial assistance available for the programme.


How to Apply?

There will be a call to inform students on exchange opportunities once a year. You will have to work with your supervisor to prepare these documents and submit them to your Head of Department for approval.

Once your Head of Department has endorsed your application, please submit the application form with all the supporting documents to your Department Graduate Administrators. The Department Graduate Administrators will then forward a copy of the application and supporting documents to the Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies) for information through Ms Catherine Lee, FASS Dean's Office, International Relations and Special Duties Division, AS7 Level 6. 

Items Required:

  1. Graduate SEP Application Form
  2. Written confirmation of mentor/ supervisor from Host University indicating his or her agreement to host and supervise the applicant
  3. Latest transcript
  4. Proposed study plan for coursework and/ or research attachment

Upon Approval
Once you receive your approval for the exchange, you will be given a list of documents and asked to prepare them to be submitted to the International Relations Division for their onward submission to the partner university to complete the exchange cycle. You will be given a deadline to do so and you will need to adhere to the deadline strictly.

For application and/or graduate exchange enquiries, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Overseas Educational Programme

Financial Assistance

Please note this funding has been exhausted and is no longer available for short term graduate-related overseas programmes such as summer schools and other short term academic programmes.

Students are still encouraged to head for such programmes if they are beneficial for their research but will need to fund their expenses with their regular scholarship stipend and other external funding sources.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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