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Joint Minors with University of Toronto

As part of a structured Student Exchange Programme, students may opt to read a Joint Minor (JM) with the University of Toronto. This JM consists of 24 MCs (6 modules) for NUS students and 4.0 FCE (8 courses) for Toronto students. This form of minor is a close minor.

This Joint Minor is only available for students starting from 2009 cohort onwards.

Main Feature: Transfer of Grades

All courses read in Toronto will have their credits and grades transferred back to NUS. The grades that you achieved at Toronto will be counted towards your CAP at NUS.

Similarly, for students at UoT, the modules read at NUS will also have credits and grades transferred back to their academic records at UoT.


For NUS students, you will read at least 2 foundation modules (8 MCs) from the Department offering the minor. And you will complete the JM at Toronto by reading another 4 modules.

As with other minors offered by FASS, students will strictly use the modular credits (MCs) allotted to Unrestricted Electives (outside the major) requirement to satisfy the minor requirements.

As FASS students, you will be also allowed to use up to 8 MCs to meet the requirements for both the minor and a major or another minor, at the same time. However, the credits for these modules are only counted ONCE. You will still need to make-up the MCs required by reading UEs outside major.

For UoT students, you will read 2.0 FCE (4 courses) at UoT and another 2.0 FCE (4 NUS modules or 16 MCs) at NUS to complete this JMP.

There is a fixed basket of courses/ modules at NUS and UoT respectively from which students must choose to read in order to fulfill the requirements of the JM.

How do I do it?

As this minor is a closed one, students will be selected by application only. This is done through OPAS during the 2 rounds of student exchange application; if you are interested in this JM, you must indicate this under your personal statement in OPAS and must select University of Toronto as your first choice for exchange. Please look out for the announcement of the SEP application period on our website as well as through email for your chance to apply for this JM.

If you are succssful in your application to read this minor, the minor will be updated in your academic record by the Dean's Office.If for some reason, you wish to drop the minor, you must also write in to the Dean's Office to officially withdraw from this minor.

Criteria for Application:

Must have read and pass at least 2 designated foundation courses offered by the Department. (Please refer to Geography's website for information)

You must have a minimum CAP of 3.5. Please note that this is a minimum CAP and it is likely that successful applicants may have CAPs higher than that as the number of spaces available for this JM is limited.

You must have read and pass the requisite foundation modules at the end of the semester prior to your exchange. Otherwise your exchange will be deferred or cancelled.

Minors Offered- Curriculum Information


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David Crawford, Geography Major and Nadiah Loh, English Literature Major: 'Joining Forces to Create Citizens of the World'


Pan Zhengqi, Political Science Major: 'Commencement so close, but a world away'


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Requirements for Applications

  • The student must have read and passed the foundation module xx1101E of their intended major.
  • Must have obtained a minimum CAP of 4.0 at the point of application
  • Must pursue Honours.
  • Students will need to stay for a period of 2 semesters at the host university.


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