NUS Overseas College (NOC) Programme


NUS Overseas College (NOC) programme aims to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of students. During the programme, students intern in a technology-based start-up company and take up courses part-time in reputable universities.


Students, regardless of major, can apply for the programme if they have completed four semesters of studies and obtained at least 70-80 MC. Students are also required to spend at least one regular semester in NUS upon their return from the programme.


To qualify to read discipline modules, students must obtain a minimum CAP of 3.5 and above. They are to seek permission from the relevant departments on the mapping of discipline modules.


Students can use the internship and entrepreneurial modules only to fulfil either their Major (NM and GL students) or Unrestricted Electives outside the Major requirements.

Further Information

To apply for the programme, please visit the NOC website.