Publications of the Month 2011

Publications of the Month showcases recent FASS research papers published in top journals and books published with respected academic publishers. Click here for more recent top publications.


December 2011

Leigh Jenco, Recentering Political Theory: The Promise of Mobile Locality, Cultural Critique


November 2011

Parimal Bag, Match-Fixing under Competitive Odds, Games and Economic Behavior


October 2011

Timothy Amos, Embodying Difference: The Making of Burakumin in Modern Japan (University of Hawai'i Press)


September 2011

Manjusha Nair, 'Differences in Workers' Narratives of Contention in Two Central Indian Towns' International Labor and Working Class History

Leher Singh, 'Rapid reacquisition of native phoneme contrasts after disuse: you do not always lose what you do not use' Developmental Science


August 2011

Parimal Bag, 'Double-Edged Transparency in Teams' Journal of Public Economics

Rahul Mukherji, India Since 1980 (Cambridge University Press)

Alan D. Ziegler, 'Recognizing Contemporary Roles of Swidden Agriculture in Transforming Landscapes of Southeast Asia' Conservation Biology


July 2011

Tilak Abeysinghe, 'Lifetime Income and Housing Affordability in Singapore' Urban Studies

Tim Bunnell, 'Post-disaster economic development in Aceh: Neoliberalization and other economic-geographical imaginaries' Geoforum

Goh Beng Lan, Decentring and Diversifying Southeast Asian Studies: Perspectives from the Region (ISEAS)


June 2011

Thomas DuBois, Religion and the Making of Modern East Asia (Cambridge University Press)

Ryan Hong, 'Personality Vulnerabilities to Psychopathology: Relations between Trait Structure and Affective-Cognitive Processes' Journal of Personality


May 2011

Esther Goh, China’s One-Child Policy and Multiple Caregiving – Raising little suns in Xiamen (Routledge: London)

John Miksic, Old Javanese Gold (Yale University Press: New Haven)

Tomasina Oh, 'The past tense debate: Is phonological complexity the key to the puzzle?' NeuroImage 


April 2011

Yichun Chen, 'The Genericity of Beliefs-Determine-Preferences Models Revisited' Journal of Economic Theory

Hichang Cho, 'Theoretical Intersections Among Social Influences, Beliefs, and Intentions in the Context of 3G Mobile Services in Singapore: Decomposing Perceived Critical Mass and Subjective Norms' Journal of Communication

Daniel Goh, 'State carnivals and the subvention of multiculturalism in Singapore' The British Journal of Sociology

"Aging and Social Welfare in Japan" by Thang Leng Leng (Routledge)


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Publications of the Month 2012

Publications of the Month showcases recent FASS research papers published in top journals and books published with respected academic publishers. Click here for more recent top publications.


December 2012

Malcolm Murfett, Naval Warfare 1919-1945 - An Operational History of the Volatile War at Sea (Routledge)

November 2012

Peter Borschberg, The Singapore Straits in the Latter Middle Ages and Early Modern Period (c.13th to 17th Centuries)' Journal of Asian History

October 2012

Joonmo Son, Social Capital and Institutional Constraints: A Comparative Analysis of China, Taiwan, and the U.S (Routledge)

September 2012

Maurizio Peleggi, The Social and Material Life of Colonial Hotels: Comfort Zones as Contact Zones in British Colombo and Singapore, ca. 1870-1930, Journal of Social History

August 2012

Lim Sun Sun, Managing peer relationships online – Investigating the use of Facebook by juvenile delinquents and youths-at-risk, Computers in Human Behavior

July 2012

Hussin Mutalib, Singapore Malays: Being Ethnic Minority and Muslim in a Global City-State(Routledge)

June 2012

Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied, 'Mediating and Consuming Memories of Violence', Critical Asian Studies

May 2012

Markus Brueckner, 'Oil Price Shocks, Income, and Democracy', The Review of Economics and Statistics

April 2012

Robert Wasson, 'Geomorphic histories for river and catchment management', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A

March 2012

Catherine Tang, 'Gambling-Related Cognitive Biases and Pathological Gambling Among Youths, Young Adults, and Mature Adults in Chinese Societies', Journal of Gambling Studies

February 2012

Maitrii Aung-Thwin, A History of Myanmar Since Ancient Times: Traditions and Transformations (Reaktion Books/University of Chicago Press)

January 2012

John Van Whye, 'A new theory to explain the receipt of Wallace's Ternate Essay by Darwin in 1858',Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

Publications of the Month 2013

Publications of the Month showcases recent FASS academic books and journal articles. Click here for more recent top publications.


December 2013

Zhang Weiyu, Real-time Internet news browsing: Information vs. experience-related gratifications and behaviors, Computers in Human Behavior


November 2013

Jean Yeung, Economic Stress, Human Capital, and Families in Asia: Research and Policy Challenges, Springer



October 2013

Lu Yi, Import Competition and Skill Content in U.S. Manufacturing Industries, Review of Economics and Statistics


September 2013

Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied, Against Multiple Hegemonies: Radical Malay Women in Colonial Malaya, Journal of Social History


August 2013

Karen Lai, The Lehman Minibonds crisis and financialisation of investor subjects in Singapore, Area


July 2013

John van Wyhe, Dispelling the Darkness: Voyage in the Malay Archipelago and the discovery of evolution by Wallace and Darwin, World Scientific Publishing


June 2013

Ted Hopf, 'Common-sense Constructivism and Hegemony in World Politics' International Organization


May 2013

John DiMoia, Reconstructing Bodies: Biomedicine, Health, and Nation-Building in South Korea Since 1945, Stanford University Press


April 2013

Maria Kozhevnikov, 'Neurocognitive and somatic components of temperature increases during g-tummo meditation: Legend and reality' PLoS ONE


 March 2013

Axel Gelfert, 'Before Biopolis: Representations of the Biotechnology Discourse in Singapore' East Asian Science, Technology and Society (EASTS)



February 2013

Terry Nardin, 'From Right to Intervene to Duty to Protect: Michael Walzer on Humanitarian Intervention' European Journal of International Law




January 2013

Goh, E. C. L., & Hsu, C.-Y. S. 'Bilateral parent-child interactions in school-age children's tooth-brushing behaviors' Pediatric Dentistry



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