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12-14 May 2008
Perspectives on City Scales and Cosmopolitan Cultures

16 May 2008
Graduate Student Researcher Seminar- British Highly Skilled Migrants Returning From Singapore: A Household Perspective

25-26 September 2008
Workshop on Migration and Diversity in Asian Contexts

13 October 2008
Facets of the Indian Diaspora: A Panel Discussion and Book Launch

2 December 2008
Seminar on 'When World-class Universities Come to Town' by Dr Ravinder Sidhu

15 December 2008
Seminar on 'International Recruitment of Health Professionals to the UK: Will New Europe Replace the Old Empire?' by Prof James Buchan

6 February 2009
Seminar on 'Social Legitimacy, Symbolic Gender Politics and Global Migration Circuits: Twenty-first Century Transitions in Kerala Nurse Migration' by Prof Margaret Walton-Roberts

11 February 2009
Seminar on 'Mainland brides, Taiwanese daughters-in-law or Chinese whores? Politics of cross-strait marriages in Taiwan' by Dr Melody Lu

12-13 March 2009
Pacific Worlds in Motion II: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference on Asian Migrations

9 April 2009
Seminar on 'Return: Migrants, Nation-States and Biopolitics in Asia' by Dr Xiang Biao

17 April 2009
Seminar on 'Ambivalent Marginalities: Literary Activities of Indonesian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong' by Ms Shiho Sawai

4 May 2009
Intensive Graduate Student Workshop for Migration Studies Students with Professor Helga Leitner

24-26 June 2009
Pathways to Cosmopolitanism: Perspectives From Asia (post-event update)

31 July 2009
Seminar on 'The Anxieties of Mobility: Migration and Tourism in Singapore's Borderlands' by A/P Johan Lindquist (post-event update)

10-11 September 2009
Workshop on 'Transnational Mobilities for Care: State, Market and Family Dynamics in Asia'

14 September 2009
Workshop on 'Sexual Intimacies and Marginal Migrations'

17 September 2009
Migration Studies Graduate Student Reading Group with A/P Eithne Luibhéid

18 September 2009
Seminar on 'Sexuality, Migration and the Neo-liberal Reproduction of Privilege' by A/P Eithne Luibhéid

2 October 2009
Roundtable: 'Telling tales of Migrant Lives: Challenges within NGO and International Agency Research, Advocacy and Campaigns'

18 November 2009
Seminar on 'Emotional Capital and Economic Suffering Across the Vietnamese Diaspora' by A/P Hung Cam Thai

1 February 2010
Seminar on 'Young Lao Migrants in Migration Destinations: Negotiating Structures and Positions in the Workplace' by Mr Roy Huijsmans

8-9 March 2010
International Conference on 'Migration Methodologies: Researching Asia'

10 March 2010
Graduate Student Workshop on 'Researching Migration In/Out of Asia'

8 April 2010
Seminar on 'Education, Migration and Singapore's Korean Community' by Dr Hyejin Kim

19 April 2010
Seminar on 'The True Story of Ah Jake: Language and Labour in Nineteeth-Century Sierra County, California' by Prof Mae Ngai

31 May 2010
Seminar on 'The Sri Lankan Communities in Malaysia and Singapore: The Migration of People and Ideas Across the Indian Ocean' by A/P Jeffrey Samuels

2-5 June 2010
Graduate Student Conference on 'Pacific Worlds in Motion III: Mobile Identities'

4-5 October 2010
International Conference on 'Forcing Issues: Rethinking and Rescaling Human Trafficking in the Asia-Pacific Region'

6 October 2010
Working paper discussion on 'Beyond Borders: Exploring Trafficking's Links to Gender, Migration, Labour, Globalisation and Security”

15 November 2010
Seminar on '“Real” Men Migrate!: Work, Migration and Masculinity among Northeastern Thai Taxi Drivers' by Dr Maureen Hickey

25-26 November 2010
2nd Consortium for Asian and African Studies (CAAS) Symposium and Workshop: Migration, Mobility and Globalization

10 February 2011
Seminar on 'Struggling to Sustain Marriages and Build Families: Mobile Husbands/Wives and Mothers/Fathers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City'

21-23 February 2011
Workshop on 'Transnational Engagements'

20 April 2011
Seminar on 'Politicisation of Migration in North Korea: The Place of North Koreans in Asia' by Dr Jiyoung Song

16 August 2011
Seminar on 'Place, Race, Niche & Nation: The Making of Filipinos in Contemporary Global Shipping' by Associate Prof Steven McKay

19-25 September 2011
External Event: 'South Asia Migration Research Network 4th Short Course: Migration, Inequality and Social Change'

22 September 2011
Seminar on 'Birth, Rights and Belonging Among Migrant Mothers and their Foreign-born Children: Preliminary Research in Progress' by Professor Nicole Constable

11 October 2011
Seminar on (Re) Constituting Identities Post Trafficking in Nepal: Markers of 'Doubt' and 'Ordinariness' by Professor Diane Richardson & Professor Nina Laurie

1 November 2011
Seminar on 'Becoming A Local - Taiwanese-Chinese Immigrants in Canada and Guam' by Professor Nora Chiang

14 November 2011
Seminar on 'Trafficking in Women? Or Multicultural Family?: The Contextual Difference of Commodification of Intimacy' by Dr Hyunok Lee

11 January 2012
Seminar on Borders, Babies and Biotechnology: Global Reproductive Travel by A/P Andrea Whittaker

February 2012
Seminar on Migrant Female Sex Workers in Hong Kong: Health Risk and Vulnerability: A Decade of Qualitative Research by Professor Eleanor Holroyd

20-21 February 2012
Asia-Pacific Worlds in Motion IV: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on Asia-Pacific Migrations
Conference report available here

21 February 2012 Asia-Pacific Worlds in Motion IV Post-Conference Roundtable: Fixities and Fluidities: Citizenship Worlds in Motion

15-16 March 2012
International Conference on Internationalizing Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific

Conference report available here


5 September 2012
Spatialising Hiya: The Moral Geographies of Shame in Return from Failed Migration for Trafficked Filipino Fishermen

9 October 2012
Constituting Citizenship(s) in a Culture of Migration: Encounters and Conversations with Skilled Malaysian Diasporas in London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur by Koh Sin Yee

15 October 2012
Migration Habitus and Female Piety: Marriage of Vietnamese Migrants in Hong Kong by Dr Chan Yuk Wah

17-18 October 2012
Global displacements and emplacements: The Forced Exile and Resettlement Experiences of Ethnic Chinese Refugees

31 October 2012
Stepping out of Bounds in a Globalizing World: Sri Lankan Migrant Women Re-Working Normative Sexualities and Masculinities by Dr Monica Smith

11 - 12 March 2013
Workshop on Transnationalism, Gender Hierarchies and Masculinity in Asia

13 March 2013
Seminar on The American University Meets the Pacific Century: Notes from the University of Illinois by Professor Nancy Abelmann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

14 March 2013
Graduate Student Workshop on Migration Methodologies II

15 March 2013
The Moral Economies of Pyramid Subcontracting: Down-Sourcing Risk among Transnational Labourers in Asia by Associate Professor Amanda Wise, Macquarie University

20 March 2013
Imagined Mobility: Migration, Transnationalism & the Indian (Middle Class) Student-Migration by Dr Michiel Baas, International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University

4 April 2013
Everyday Objects: Plastik, Art and Geographies of Materiality by Dr Deirdre McKay, Keele University

11 April 2013
The Most Distant Other, ‘the North Korean Arrival’ in South Korea: the Stranger or Mediator? by Dr Kim Sung Kyung, Institute for East Asian Studies, Sungkonghoe University


Migration Cluster Reading Group

Reading Group Schedule* for AY2014/15 Semester 2 

Week 3 Mon, 26 Jan 12-2pm

Pre-Film Screening Discussion

Theme: Transnational feminism, return migration and continuities and disjunctures of childhood and family life due to migration.

  1. Introduction chapter of Scattered Hegemonies: Postmodernity and Transnational Feminist Practices
  2. Chapter 13 in The experience of return migration : Caribbean perspectives
  3. Introduction chapter of Everyday Ruptures: Children, Youth, and Migration in Global Perspective


GSD Meeting Room, AS7 06-03
Week 6 Mon, 16 Feb 12-2pm

Film screening & Dialogue "My Place"

Click here for details

Venue: FASS Executive Seminar Room, AS7 01-07
Week 9 Mon, 16 Mar 12-2pm

Racial Politics and Immigration

Books to be discussed: Not Fit for Our Society & Culling the Masses


GSD Meeting Room, AS7 06-03
Week 12 Mon, 6 Apr 12-2pm Internal migration (to be facilitated by Samantha)


GSD Meeting Room, AS7 06-03
TBC TBC TBC Transnational Music (Title Tentative)


For enquiries and/or request for designated reading material, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Schedule is subject to changes and updates.

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